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Blest Be the Tie

by Joann White

In a world fractured by dividing lines of politics, economics, gender, and race, we are hungry for connection and community, for places where we are loved and accepted in all our frailty. Tubby has a broken...


by ,DiVine

Have you ever been lost? Have you ever wandered into unknown territory just to find yourself desperately looking for a way back home? Then you'll understand when five strangers from different walks of life are...

In All Thy Ways

by Evans,Michael

During a routine night run, a bus breaks down in the middle of the desert in front of an abandoned gas station. However, nothing is routine about the bus or the fate of the passengers. They soon discover that...

The Path of Kindness

by Mueller,David

A kindness thread weaves through this story. It disappears and appears when least expected. Its path moves in time, in places, and in society, with surprises, but always with faith and caring. The characters...

The Lies

by J. Michael Koppen

The fragrance of the gun mixed with the pungency of the Crown Royal in his glass almost nauseated him as much as the lie he had sold out to. Holden Jeffries has all he has ever dreamed, yet lately it is hollow....

Remember Your Dreams in Life

by Sheila Askins

Remember Your Dreams in Life is inspired from an event that occurred from someone associated with the Author.  Luanne Canton is a young and naive girl who finds herself in a true dilemma after discovering a...

The Second Killing of Christ

by Morris,Rod

The Second Killing of Christ is a chillingly conceivable tale of a small group of retired US Special Forces so frustrated over the general indifference to the persecution and purging of Christians in Syria and...

Yosemite Summer

by John C. Owens

Yosemite Summer details the spiritual challenge to a group of young men who unexpectedly encounter supernatural evil in series of powerful events dealing with a missing girl. Former detective Lou Decker and...

The Second Chance

by Joseph R. Lange

Throughout the history of humanity, God, as we have known him, or a greater power yet unknown to us, has been prayed to for all manner of wants and perceived needs.

God's plan is never understood. Who has the...

Sons of the Song

by Meg Duly

In the next verse of the song, Christopher greets his father with mixed feelings, gratitude over his saving Chris's and Marty's life and anger over being abandoned by this father as a boy. Michael Powell and...

One Second Past Midnight

by Baetsle,Janie

One Second Past Midnight by Janie Baetsle


Dreams Come True

by William McNulty

God blessed Joe Mallory with the ability to run at speeds that defied human capabilities. He used his gift of speed to represent the USA in the next Olympic games. While vacationing in Hawaii, a freelance reporter...

Out of Time

by James S. Barney

Journalist Stuart Thomas has just received an email telling him he is out of time. Not recognizing the sender, he deletes the message only to meet the sender later that morning.Out of Time is a story about the...

Out of Time

by James S. Barney

Journalist Stuart Thomas has just received an email telling him he is out of time. Not recognizing the sender, he deletes the message only to meet the sender later that morning.Out of Time is a story about the...

The Way

by McIntire,Lucas Gorton

In Lucas' second novel, he steps back from the world of telepathy, energy projections, and mental manipulation, as fun and exciting as it was for him to fabricate, to focus on the real world. Though the story...

Coral's Pathway

by Luttrell,Patricia Anderson

Coral lifts her eyes to look out the window. Outside, displayed in its full glory, is Coral's garden. If asked to describe her garden in three words Coral would easily say love, peace, and life.From a young...

Learning To Live Again

by Randy Getrost

Retired Sheriff John Young returned to the plantation he grew up on in South Carolina to find it filled with memories and history that he had to face. He, along with Sheriff Cassie Quince and his mentor Retired...

Take Flight

by T.E. Price

Within Take Flight, readers follow Hallie McClain as she is faced with numerous fight-or-flight decisions in her attempt to escape her abusive husband, Jonathan McClain.

Hallie has made the decision to leave...

The Secrets on the Eleventh Floor

by Mary Josephs

After his wife is killed in a hit and run, Sal tries to cope with the grief and loneliness of his new, unwanted life. While wrapping up his wife's financial affairs, he turns to Sister Catherine to find a purpose...

A Convenient Storm

by Arlene Akin

A leak from the head of the New York Federal Reserve bank thrusts a rookie White House correspondent into investigating a looming financial crisis. The story follows Rachael Warren as she discovers the dark...