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All Things New

by Erin McCole Cupp

It?s time to break the cycle.

Not every family is the perfect model of Catholic family life. Some of us approach parenting still wounded by childhood experiences that were less than ideal. When we start our...

Day by Day

by Joanna Griffin

The impact of finding out your child is disabled can be wide ranging. The author?s experience as a psychologist and parent of a disabled child informs this book which focuses on what helps, and hinders, parent-carers?...

Talking Back

by Rowland G. Hazard

Talking Back delivers tools for rebuilding an active life and enjoying the benefits of wellness, even if you cannot get rid of your chronic back pain.

Talking Back brings the reader into the classroom with people...

Gen Z

by Regina Luttrell & Karen McGrath

Explores how Gen Z is a generation to be admired and celebrated for their superhero qualities.

From the authors of The Millennial Mindset: Unraveling Fact from Fiction, comes this thought-provoking in-depth consideration...

Does It Hurt When I Do This?

by Mark Salamon

Get moving on that injury with this humorous guide to rehabilitation from the comfort of your home!

Does it Hurt When I Do This? is designed to educate readers on the workings of the human body, how to keep...

Change Your Life's Direction

by Jim Taylor, PhD

Jim Taylor explores how to harness the four forces that can control our “life-inertia” and propel our lives in the direction of our OWN choosing: values, self-esteem, ownership, and emotions.

Many people...

Steroids Stole My Summer

by D. P. John

Prepare for the unpredictable. While steroids can effectively treat many conditions, they can have devastating physical and psychological side effects.

Ryan had not been sleeping normally for three weeks, due...

Got Cancer Yet?

by Eric R. Broome

Got cancer yet? Is a story of my life written by me from memory, based on my life story from childhood until now. Some of the beginning of the story was told to me by my parents, uncles, and aunts, and the only...

Find Out How To Stay In Peace With Annoying Relatives Always

by Ray Melody

It is now becoming a culture in the society to have annoying relatives and controlling them is challenging, even resulting to the feeling of uncomfortable situations. Ideally, we’d love all our family members...

The Best Way To Put Up With Painful Relationships

by Ray Melody

Is there supposed to be pain in relationship? When pain is all you seem to receive in your relationship, does it worth it? Can it be that the love is incomplete? Alternatively, you have found out what the pain...

Top Secrets To Solving Problems In The Workplace And Your Personal Life

by Ray Melody

When a matter or situation is not welcome in your life, it becomes a problem. Issues like financial crises, health crises, career pressure, marriage, relationship or family matters are among the many things...

Mind & Body

by Life of School The & Alain Botton

A practical and playful guide to balancing and maintaining physical and mental harmony.

The modern world can present the body as a machine that just needs to be regularly exercised. However, it is a remarkably...

Life's A Beach

by Portia MacIntosh

Sun, sea and inescapable exes...

Peach is excited to hear that her sister, Di, is getting married. Of course, she would have preferred her little sister to be engaged to someone she's known longer than a week...

YES, I WANT. YES, I CAN. Essential tips to prosper economically in your life.

by Joan Pont GalmÉS

Dear friend, in 2017, with a salary of $1,150 per month, I managed to trade $1,200,000 in the stock market.

How is that possible?

In this book I will explain the secrets to change your social status and prosper...

What Every Parent Should Know About Education

by Chris Atherton & Stuart Kime

  • What do you really know about how children learn?
  • How helpful are different types of assessment and what do the results mean?
  • Is homework necessary and how you can you encourage your child at home?
  • Will ability...

After Party

by Drew Charles

Many people struggle with substance abuse in the shadows feeling ashamed, alone, and inadequate. You are not alone. Many of us keep up appearances while at the same time kicking ourselves every time we stumble...

So Many Babies

by Md Susan Landers

So Many Babies describes one overworked physician-mother as she journeys through medicine and motherhood raising three children.

While practicing medicine in the NICU full time for over thirty years, Susan Landers,...

Life Literacy

by Matt Young, Nelson Soh & Stan Peake

It has become almost cliché to say that the world has changed.

The pace of technology change, the increasing number of new businesses, and growing global workforce has made the world a more competitive place....

God Promised Me Wings to Fly

by Janet V. Grillo

God Promised Me Wings to Fly is a heartfelt expression of the many traumas Janet Grillo has faced in her life. She writes from her heart and shares with women how her Christian beliefs helped her survive and...

Beyond the Pale

by Matthew Turner

Ferdinand Foy is a mid-twenties Silicon Valley success story. Very successful, in fact. ?On the fast-track to becoming a billionaire? kind of successful. He assumes he knows what he wants and wakes up each day...