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Ancient History of Fiji Islands

by Collection, N. E. Gabel & B. Thomson

This book deals with the ancient history of Fiji.

The Fiji is an island country in the South Pacific Ocean that gained its independence in 1970. This former British colony consisting of an archipelago, the most...

Mixed-Race Identity in the American South

by Julia Sattler

This interdisciplinary investigation argues that since the 1990s, discourses about mixed-race heritage in the United States have taken the shape of a veritable literary genre, here termed “memoir of the search.”...

Refuge Must Be Given

by John F. Sears

Refuge Must Be Given details the evolution of Eleanor Roosevelt from someone who harbored negative impressions of Jews to become a leading Gentile champion of Israel in the United States. The book explores,...

Bullets Not Ballots

by Jacqueline L. Hazelton

In Bullets Not Ballots, Jacqueline L. Hazelton challenges the claim that winning "hearts and minds" is critical to successful counterinsurgency campaigns. Good governance, this conventional wisdom holds, gains...

The Power to Divide

by Timothy W. Crawford

Timothy W. Crawford's The Power to Divide examines the use of wedge strategies, a form of divisive statecraft designed to isolate adversaries from allies and potential supporters to gain key advantages. With...

Liberation and Authority

by Nicholas Thorne

Liberation and Authority: Plato's Gorgias, the First Book of the Republic, and Thucydides provides a comparative treatment of Plato’s Gorgias, the first book of the Republic, and Thucydides’ History, arguing...

Black Rodeo in the Texas Gulf Coast Region

by Demetrius W. Pearson

Black Rodeo in the Texas Gulf Coast Region: Charcoal in the Ashes provides an in depth sociocultural and historical analysis of the genesis and contemporary state of affairs regarding African American rodeo...

Forged in War

by R. David Lankes

Many of what we think of as Information Age tools and media --- computers, cell phones, the internet, encryption, and more --- evolved directly out of modern warfare. These tools started with World War I (which...

The Picaresque and the Writing Life in Mexico

by Jorge Téllez

This book studies picaresque narratives from 1690 to 2013, examining how this literary form serves as a reflection on the material conditions necessary for writing literature in Mexico.

In The Picaresque and...

The Floating Pool Lady

by Ann L. Buttenwieser

Why on earth would anyone want to float a pool up the Atlantic coastline to bring it to rest at a pier on the New York City waterfront? In The Floating Pool Lady, Ann L. Buttenwieser recounts her triumphant...

The Future Conditional

by Eric S. Henry

In The Future Conditional, Eric S. Henry brings twelve-years of expertise and research to offer a nuanced discussion of the globalization of the English language and the widespread effects it has had on Shenyang,...

The Tsar's Happy Occasion

by Russell E. Martin

The Tsar's Happy Occasion shows how the vast, ornate affairs that were royal weddings in early modern Russia were choreographed to broadcast powerful images of monarchy and dynasty. Processions and speeches...


by Joseph D. Kearney & Thomas W. Merrill

How did Chicago, a city known for commerce, come to have such a splendid public waterfront?its most treasured asset? Lakefront reveals a story of social, political, and legal conflict in which private and public...

From Country to Nation

by Gideon Fujiwara

From Country to Nation tracks the emergence of the modern Japanese nation in the nineteenth century through the history of some of its local aspirants. It explores how kokugaku (Japan studies) scholars envisioned...

Opening the Great Depths

by Norman Polmar & Lee J. Mathers

?We were certainly pioneers as the Trieste was one of only two such vehicles in the world?the French Navy?s bathyscaphe FNRS-3 was the other. It meant that we had to ?write the book? about deep submergence operations...

Germany, Poland, and the Danzig Question, 1937–1939

by Rashid A. Halloway, Elfa Halloway & John Shosky

Germany, Poland, and the Danzig Question, 1937—1939 explores the events that led to the Nazi occupation of Danzig, which was the catalyst of World War II. In this book Rashid A. Halloway sheds light on German,...

Soviet Science Fiction Cinema and the Space Age

by Natalija Majsova

This book interrogates the relations between nostalgias of today and past utopias in the context of the space age of the 20th century and its cinematic representations in the USSR and in post-Soviet Russia....

200 Years of American Financial Panics

by Thomas P. Vartanian

From 1819 to COVID-19, 200 Years of American Financial Panics offers a comprehensive historical account of financial panics in America. Through a meticulous dissection of historical events and the benefit of...

D-Day General

by Noel F. Jr. Mehlo, Joseph Balkoski & Maj. Gen. John Jr. Raaen

Omaha was the make-or-break Allied beach on D-Day—in (perhaps) the make-or-break campaign of World War II. If American soldiers couldn’t gain a foothold there, then D-Day was unlikely to succeed. On June...

Exploring the American Civil War through 50 Historic Treasures

by Julie L. Holcomb

Exploring the American Civil War through 50 Historic Treasures brings together historic objects, documents, artwork, and the natural and built environments to tell the full story of this important event in American...