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A Short History of Charleston

by Robert N. Rosen

A Short History of Charleston?a lively chronicle of the South's most renowned and charming city?has been hailed by critics, historians, and especially Charlestonians as authoritative, witty, and entertaining....

The Best Little Baseball Town in the World

by Gaylon H. White

The Crowley Millers were the talk of minor league baseball in the 1950s, with crowds totaling nearly 10 times Crowley’s population and earning Crowley the nickname of “The Best Little Baseball Town in the...

Cole City

by Hundley,Garry

Cole City was an unforgiving and evil place where the refuse of Southern society was locked away, out of sight, by the wealthy and powerful.In the 1890s, convicts leased from the state of Georgia to the coal...

Pirates and Buried Treasures of Florida

by Jack Beater

A timeless collection of pirate stories from Florida originally written in the late 1950s, this book includes stories of well-known and lesser known pirates and buccaneers and the treasure they left behind.


A Weary Land

by Kelly Houston Jones

In the first book-length study of Arkansas slavery in more than sixty years, A Weary Land offers a glimpse of enslaved life on the South?s western margins, focusing on the intersections of land use and agriculture...

Generations of Freedom

by Nik Ribianszky

In Generations of Freedom Nik Ribianszky employs the lenses of gender and violence to examine family, community, and the tenacious struggles by which free blacks claimed and maintained their freedom under shifting...

Red Hills and Cotton

by Ben Robertson & Lacy K. Ford

Red Hills and Cotton is suffused with Ben Robertson's deep affection for his native Upcountry South Carolina. An internationally known and respected journalist, Robertson had a knack for finding the interesting...

Masters and Slaves in the House of the Lord

by John B. Boles, Robert L. Hall, Larry M. James & Randy J. Sparks et al.

Much that is commonly accepted about slavery and religion in the Old South is challenged in this significant book. The eight essays included here show that throughout the antebellum period, southern whites and...

Jazz and Blues Musicians of South Carolina

by V Benjamin Franklin

From Jabbo Smith, Dizzy Gillespie, and Drink Small to Johnny Helms, Dick Goodwin, and Chris Potter, South Carolina has been home to an impressive number of regionally, nationally, and internationally known jazz...

Yearning to Breathe Free

by Andrew Billingsley & James E. Clyburn

On May 13, 1862, Robert Smalls (1839-1915) commandeered a Confederate warship, the Planter, from Charleston harbor and piloted the vessel to cheering seamen of the Union blockade, thus securing his place in...

Haunted by Slavery

by Gwendolyn Midlo Hall & Pero G. Dagbovie

The memoir of Gwendolyn Midlo Hall offers today's activists and readers an accessible and intimate examination of a crucial era in American radical history.

Born in 1929 New Orleans to left-wing Jewish parents,...

Fat Chance

by Rick Christman

During the early 1990s, the diet drugs fen-phen and Redux achieved tremendous popularity. The chemical combination was discovered by chance, marketed with hyperbole, and prescribed to millions. But as the drugs'...

The Lost State of Franklin

by Kevin T. Barksdale

In the years following the Revolutionary War, the young American nation was in a state of chaos. Citizens pleaded with government leaders to reorganize local infrastructures and heighten regulations, but economic...

The Outer Banks Gazetteer

by Roger L. Payne

The rich history of North Carolina's Outer Banks is reflected in the names of its towns, geographic features, and waterways. A book over twenty years in the making, The Outer Banks Gazetteer is a comprehensive...

South Carolina and the American Revolution

by John W. Gordon & John Keegan

An estimated one-third of all combat actions in the American Revolution took place in South Carolina. From the partisan clashes of the backcountry's war for the hearts and minds of settlers to bloody encounters...

Pure America

by Elizabeth Catte

Between 1927 and 1979, more than 8,000 people were involuntarily sterilized in five hospitals across the state of Virginia. From this plain and terrible fact springs Elizabeth Catte?s Pure America, a sweeping,...

Avidly Reads Passages

by Michelle D. Commander

"What is the value of Black life in America?"

In Avidly Reads Passages, Michelle D. Commander plies four freighted modes of travel?the slave ship, train, automobile, and bus?to map the mobility of her ancestors...

From Preaching to Meddling

by Francis Walter

For years Southern minister Francis X. Walter was silent about the injustices of Jim Crow, blinded by the status quo, until the violent killing of a fellow priest during the civil rights movement. From Preaching...

Live at Jackson Station

by Daniel M. Harrison

The smoke was thick, the music was loud, and the beer was flowing. In the fast-and-loose 1980s, Jackson Station Rhythm & Blues Club in Hodges, South Carolina, was a festive late-night roadhouse filled with people...

Monumental Harm

by Roger C. Hartley

In recent years, the debate over the future of Confederate monuments has taken center stage and caused bitter clashes in communities throughout the American South. At the heart of the debate is the question...