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Hungary between Two Empires 1526–1711

by Géza Pálffy

The Hungarian defeat to the Ottoman army at the pivotal Battle of Mohács in 1526 led to the division of the Kingdom of Hungary into three parts, altering both the shape and the ethnic composition of Central...

Invisible Enlighteners

by Federica Francesconi

Federica Francesconi writes the history of the Jewish merchants who lived and prospered in the northern Italian city of Modena, capital city of the Este Duchy, during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries....

Conversations About Philosophy, Volume 2

by Howard Burton

Conversations About Philosophy, Volume 2, includes the following 5 carefully-edited Ideas Roadshow Conversations featuring leading researchers. This collection includes a detailed preface highlighting the connections...

The Bookseller of Florence

by Ross King

The Renaissance in Florence conjures images of beautiful frescoes and elegant buildings—the dazzling handiwork of the city’s skilled artists and architects. But equally important for the centuries to follow...

The Measure of Man

by Lawrence Rothfield

It was one of the most concentrated surges of creativity in the history of civilization. Between 1390 and 1537, Florence poured forth an astonishing stream of magnificent artworks. But Florentines did more during...

Living by the Sword

by Kristen Brooke Neuschel

Sharpen your knowledge of swords with Kristen B. Neuschel as she takes you through a captivating 1,000 years of French and English history. Living by the Sword reveals that warrior culture, with the sword as...

Reading Jewish History in the Renaissance

by Nadia Zeldes

Using the Hebrew Book of Josippon as a prism, this study analyzes the dialogue surrounding Jewish history among Renaissance humanists. Notwithstanding its focus on the Renaissance, the author’s analysis extends...

Quest for Freedom - A Conversation with Quentin Skinner

by Howard Burton

This book is based on an in-depth filmed conversation between Howard Burton and intellectual historian Quentin Skinner, Barber Beaumont Professor Emeritus of the Humanities at Queen Mary University of London....

The Patrons and Their Poor

by Debra Kaplan

A pregnant mother, a teacher who had fallen ill, a thirty-year-old homeless thief, refugees from war-torn communities, orphans, widows, the mentally disabled and domestic servants. What this diverse group of...

Early Modern Aristotle

by Eva Del Soldato

A reassessment of how the legacy of ancient philosophy functioned in early modern Europe

In his Nicomachean Ethics, Aristotle affirms that despite his friendship with Plato, he was a better friend of the truth....

Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy

by Jacob Burckhardt

The Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy is an 1860 work on the Italian Renaissance by Swiss historian Jacob Burckhardt. Together with his History of the Renaissance in Italy (1867) it is counted among the...

The Persian Mirror

by Susan Mokhberi

The Persian Mirror explores France's preoccupation with Persia in the seventeenth century. Long before Montesquieu's Persian Letters, French intellectuals, diplomats and even ordinary Parisians were fascinated...

The Wisdom of the Renaissance

by Michael K. Kellogg

An overview and appreciation of Renaissance literature for lay readers that takes account of major intellectual trends, various genres, and key historical figures of the period.

This engaging survey of important...

Cultures of Diplomacy and Literary Writing in the Early Modern World

by Joanna Craigwood & Tracey A. Sowerby

This interdisciplinary volume explores core emerging themes in the study of early modern literary-diplomatic relations, developing essential methods of analysis and theoretical approaches that will shape future...


by Michael Wert

The idea of the sword-wielding samurai, beholden to a strict ethical code and trained in deadly martial arts, dominates popular conceptions of the samurai. As early as the late seventeenth century, they were...

The Renaissance

by Edith Sichel

The intellectual basis of the Renaissance was its version of humanism, derived from the concept of Roman Humanitas and the rediscovery of classical Greek philosophy, such as that of Protagoras, who said...

Europe in the 16th Century

by Arthur Johnson

THE division of history into periods may be very misleading if its true purport be not understood. One age can no more be isolated from the universal course of history than one generation from another. The ideas,...

Unknowing Fanaticism

by Ross Lerner

We may think we know what defines religious fanaticism: violent action undertaken with dogmatic certainty. But the term fanatic, from the European Reformation to today, has never been a stable one. Then and...

The Rise of the Spanish Empire

by Roger Bigelow Merriman

The Spanish Empire, historically known as the Hispanic Monarchy and as the Catholic Monarchy, was one of the largest empires in history. From the late 15th century to the early 19th, Spain controlled...

The Cambridge Modern History Collection

by J.B. Bury, Mandell Creighton, R. Nisbet Bain & G. W. Prothero et al.

The Cambridge Modern History is a comprehensive modern history of the world, beginning with the 15th century Age of Discovery. 

The first series was planned by Lord Acton and edited by him with Stanley...