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Nordic War Stories

by Marianne Stecher-Hansen

Situated on Europe?s northern periphery, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden found themselves caught between warring powers during World War II. Ultimately, these nations survived the conflict as sovereign...

Blood, Fire, Death

by Ika Johannesson & Jon Jefferson Klingberg

In the early 1990s, Swedish death metal revolutionized the international music scene. Suddenly, the mild-mannered Scandinavian country found itself at the forefront of a new movement with worldwide impact thanks...


by J G Edgar

The author has endeavoured to tell the events preceding and of the Norman Conquest in a popular manner, and to give an idea of the principal personages who figured in England at the period when that memorable...

Koine Formation and Society

by Randi Neteland

Massive in-migration to a new town leads to socio-cultural and linguistic contact and—inevitably--change. Which linguistic features are preferred in the new dialect? Why do these features prevail? And how...

Norse in the North Atlantic

by Ryan Sines

Horned helmets. Pirates. Murderers. The Vikings are often depicted as fierce invaders who straddle the line between barbarians and civilized people. However, the Norse spread throughout Europe and Asia during...

Sweden's Dark Soul

by Kajsa Norman

Reporter Chang Frick grew up dark-haired in a nation of blonds. Ostracized as a child, in adulthood he set out to expose the hypocrisy of Swedish society. When he revealed the cover-up of mass sexual assaults...

Beyond the Border

by Tobias Haimin Wung-Sung

In the nineteenth century, the hotly disputed border region between Denmark and Germany was the focus of an intricate conflict that complicates questions of ethnic and national identity even today. Beyond the...


by Bragi Ólafsson & Lytton Smith

A thirty-something aspiring writer, G., encounters a former romantic rival at the post office, a man he once wished didn?t exist. On a whim, G. begins trailing the man throughout Reykjavik. What starts as an...

Two Homelands

by Odd Lovoll

Odd S. Lovoll has spent his career chronicling the stories of Norwegian immigrants to the United States and Canada. He, too, was an immigrant at a young age, and like many international migrants returned to...

History of the Life of Gustavus Adolphus

by Harriet Monroe

In giving this sketch of the life of Gustavus Adolphus, no attempt has been made to present a complete life of the great king.

It is a history difficult for young people to understand, and for that reason only...

Ivar the Viking

by Paul Chaillu

The story of "Ivar the Viking" depicts the actual life of Norse chiefs who ruled at the period therein described, and also gives the customs, religion, life, and mode of thinking which prevailed among the people....

Gustavus Adolphus

by John Stevens

Among the persons whose genius, heroism and force of character influenced events, and won commanding game, in the seventeenth century, Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden is justly regarded of the first. The War of...

A Trip around Iceland

by Louis P. Gratacap

The study of islands, whether the attention of the visitor is directed to their structure or their inhabitants, yields a peculiar pleasure. They are quite definite and unique units. They reveal interesting relations...

Sacred to the Touch

by Thomas A. DuBois

With near-mythical forests of birch and pine, the Nordic and Baltic countries boast a rich tradition of religious wood carving that is in many ways emblematic of their cultures. Sacred to the Touch examines...

Origins of the Lombard people

by King Rotari & Fatima Immacolata Pretta

Origo Gentis Langobardorum - Versione 2.0 

This Mini eBook contains the English and Latin text of Origo Gentis Langobardorum. It's the legend about the origin of the Lombards peoples originary to Scandinavian....


by Robert Ferguson

Scandinavia is the epitome of cool: we fill our homes with Nordic furniture; we envy their humane social welfare system and their healthy outdoor lifestyle; we glut ourselves on their crime fiction; even their...

Danish Reactions to German Occupation

by Carsten Holbraad

For five years during World War II, Denmark was occupied by Germany. While the Danish reaction to this period of its history has been extensively discussed in Danish-language publications, it has not until now...

The Warrior’s Barrow

by Henrik Ibsen

"The Warrior’s Barrow" (or, "The Burial Mound") was Henrik Ibsen's second play and his first play to be performed. Written in 1850 when Ibsen was 22 years old, the play was first performed at the Christiania...

Saga Six Pack 3 (Annotated)

by Various Artists

Ice duels. Twin gods. Slayers and Saviors. An unbreakable sword.

Saga Six Pack 3 presents another scintillating sextet of Scandinavian superhero stories:

The Story of Burnt Njál

The Saga of Magnus the Good


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