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Unabashed Women

by Marlene Wagman-Geller

Well Behaved Women Seldom Make History

A thrilling journey into the badass women whose non-conventional lives left their DNA on history. Discover words of wisdom from the women who found their voices, inspiring...

Bella Ciao

by Giancarlo Rossini

Multilingual Version EN This book tells very briefly in Italian, English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and German the origin of the famous song "Bella Ciao" which has become famous all over the world with the...


by Libio Amaury Matos

Lemba was a symbol of American antislavery struggle that, with his skill and courage under fire, was able to maintain rebellion for almost fifteen years. His image appears in all the studies on the history of...

The Road to Wigan Pier

by George Orwell

Orwell's graphically unforgettable descriptions of social injustice, cramped slum housing, dangerous mining conditions, squalor, hunger and growing unemployment are written with unblinking honesty, fury and...

Historic Doubts Relative to Napoleon Buonaparte

by Richard Whately & Isaac Mclellan

Richard Whately (1787?1863) was an English rhetorician, academic, logician, philosopher, theologian, and economist. Written when he lived in Oxford, his tract ?Historic Doubts Relative to Napoleon Buonaparte?...

An Alternative History of Pittsburgh

by Simon

Ed Simon tells the story of Pittsburgh through this collection of explorations of its hidden histories—one of Newsweek's "21 Best Books to Read This Spring."

The land surrounding the confluence of the Allegheny,...

Execute the Office

by Colin Rafferty

Forty-seven essays: one essay per president plus a preamble and outro

first serial publications in Brevity (ed. Dinty W. Moore), Los Angeles Review (ed. Ann Beman), Evansville Review (ed. Rachel Wyatt), Fourth...

The Village Gods of South India

by Henry Whitehead

The worship of the ?village gods? is the most ancient form of Indian religion. Participants believed (and some still do), that the world was populated by a multitude of spirits, good and bad, who were the cause...

God and Mammon

by Lance Morrow

Award-winning essayist Lance Morrow writes about the partnership of God and Mammon in the New World?about the ways in which Americans have made money and lost money, and about how they have thought and obsessed...

Walden, And  On The Duty Of Civil Disobedience

by Henry David Thoreau

With a little more deliberation in the choice of their pursuits, all men would perhaps become essentially students and observers, for certainly their nature and destiny are interesting to all alike. In accumulating...

America Awakened

by Ida B. Wells-Barnett & Taylor A. Marrow

A classic of investigative journalism, the pamphlets of Ida B. Wells-Barnett shine a light on the evils of racism in the United States. With a contextual introduction and useful footnotes, this book gives students...

The Souls of Black Folk

by W. E. B. Du Bois

When The Souls of Black Folk was first published in 1903, it had a galvanizing effect on the conversation about race in America—and it remains both a touchstone in the literature of African America and a beacon...

San Antonio 365

by David Martin Davies & Yvette D. Benavides

  • Strong local sales and media for San Antonio, TX, and regional Texas/Austin/Houston
  • Cross Promotion on Texas Public Radio; local and statewide
  • Market ripe for books on San Antonio
  • Online video campaign will...

  • Dreamers of the Ghetto

    by Israel Zangwill & J. A. Hammerton

    ?Dreamers of the Ghetto?, the 1898 novel by British author Israel Zangwill, is a series of fictionalised biographies of notable Jewish thinkers including Spinoza and Heine. In ?Dreamers of the Ghetto?, Zangwill...

    The Anti-Federalist Papers

    by Patrick Henry

    Between the first proposals of a federal Constitution in 1787 and the document?s 1789 ratification, an intense debate raged among the nation's founding fathers. The Federalist Papers ? authored by James Madison,...

    A Tramp's Philosophy

    by Bart Kennedy

    A discovery in Feral House’s Tramp Lit Series, Bart Kennedy’s 1908 A Tramp’s Philosophy is Kennedy’s late work distilling his life and experiences into a concept for living. He includes insights on everything...

    The Spy of the Mohawk

    by William W. Campbell

    This article, "The Spy of the Mohawk" by William W. Campbell, from the 1847 Knickerbocker magazine, tells stories of colonial America. 

    The Builders

    by Joseph Fort Newton

    Written and published for the first time in 1914, this book is internationally considered a classic of Masonic literature and one of the most readable introductions to Masonic history and philosophy. A book...

    Reflections on the origin of Freemasonry

    by Nicola Bizzi

    It might seem unbelievable or unlikely, and in some way even paradoxical, that an initiatory institution such as Freemasonry – which has several centuries of glorious history and a widespread diffusion all...

    The History of the World in Fifty Dogs

    by Mackenzi Lee & Petra Eriksson

    An illustrated collection of stories about dogs that knew how to sit, stay, and witness history


    Most dog lovers know Fido and Laika, but how about Martha, Paul McCartney's Old English Sheepdog? Or Peritas,...