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The Skull Measurer’s Mistake

by Sven Lindqvist

Enlightening stories of courageous eighteenth- and nineteenth-century men and women who defied the racial prejudices of their communities

In this unique book, Sven Lindqvist, author of the acclaimed “Exterminate...

An Atlas of Extinct Countries

by Defoe Gideon

Prisoners of Geography meets Bill Bryson: a funny, fascinating, beautifully illustrated—and timely—history of countries that, for myriad and often ludicrous reasons, no longer exist.

“Countries are just...

American Agriculture

by Mark V. Wetherington

American Agriculture tells the story of farming in American from contact between Native Americans and Europeans to the present. Agricultural historian Mark V. Wetherington provide a narrative overview of significant...


by Jeremy B. Jones

Across the Blue Ridge Mountains stretches a world both charming and complicated.

Jeremy Jones and his wife move into a small house above the creek where his family had settled 200 years prior. He takes a job...

Crude Britannia

by James Marriott & Terry Macalister

Taking the reader on a journey through North East Scotland, Merseyside, South Wales, the Thames Estuary and London, this is the story of Britain’s oil-soaked past, present and future. Travelling the country,...

Atomic Tunes

by Tim Smolko & Joanna Smolko

What is the soundtrack for a nuclear war?

During the Cold War, over 500 songs were written about nuclear weapons, fear of the Soviet Union, civil defense, bomb shelters, McCarthyism, uranium mining, the space...

The Sympathetic Consumer

by Tad Skotnicki

When people encounter consumer goods?sugar, clothes, phones?they find little to no information about their origins. The goods will thus remain anonymous, and the labor that went into making them, the supply...

Blood Legacy

by Alex Renton

Through the story of his own family's history as slave and plantation owners, Alex Renton looks at how we owe it to the present to understand the legacy of the past. When slavery was abolished across most of...

The Murders That Made Us

by Bob Calhoun

The 170-year history of the San Francisco Bay Area told through its crimes and how they intertwine with the city?s art, music, and politics

In The Murders That Made Us, the story of the San Francisco Bay Area...

Being German Canadian

by Alexander Freund

Being German Canadian explores how multi-generational families and groups have interacted and shaped each other?s integration and adaptation in Canadian society, focusing on the experiences, histories, and memories...

Houses of the National Trust

by Lydia Greeves

This captivating book, fully revised and updated and featuring more NT houses than ever before, is a guide to some of the greatest architectural treasures of Britain, encompassing both interior and exterior...

The English Way of Life

by Henry Cassell Ruschmeyer

The ethic of a people determines how they act in life situations, requiring right and wrong behavior. It can be seen in their daily activities, by the words they say-whether spoken or written-and by the things...

Summary of The 48 Laws of Power

by Alexander Cooper

Summary of The 48 Laws of Power

The desire for power is a fundamental human behavior. When one feels that he has no power over others or events, he is likely to be depressed. Everyone wants power. Those who pretend...

Challenging China

by Sam Kaplan

Expertly researched and thought-out, yet approachable and witty, this book will immediately draw in anyone interested in global affairs, foreign policy and the future of America's role on the world stage.


Making the World Safe for Dictatorship

by Alexander Dukalskis

Authoritarian states work hard to manage their images abroad. They invest in foreign-facing media, hire public relations firms, tout their popular celebrities, and showcase their successes to elite and popular...

Mysteries and Secrets Revealed

by Loren Ph.D Pankratz

Mysteries and Secrets Revealed uncovers the reality behind mysteries of nature and secrets of frauds that eluded common understanding. The journey begins in the ancient Greek city of Delphi, where priests claimed...

Canada, A Working History

by Jason Russell

A deep exploration of the experience of work in Canada

Canada, A Working History describes the ways in which work has been performed in Canada from the pre-colonial period to the present day. Work is shaped by...

Roumanian Folk Tales

by Frances Browne

Eastern Europe was for a long time a land of bears, wolves and dark forbidding forests. This book is a fantastic compilation of folk tales, perfect for all readers. Many of the earliest books, particularly those...

Of Thee I Sing

by Ben Railton

When we talk about patriotism in America, we tend to mean one form: the version captured in shared celebrations like the national anthem and the Pledge of Allegiance. But as Ben Railton argues, that celebratory...

Peripheries at the Centre

by Machteld Venken

Following the Treaty of Versailles, European nation-states were faced with the challenge of instilling national loyalty in their new borderlands, in which fellow citizens often differed dramatically from one...