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The Elimination of Words

by Giuseppe Cristiano

Sometime in the future when thinking for oneself is prohibited, a devoted soldier to the NWO government begins to question his loyalty after the public execution of a famous elite politician. This execution...

My name is Ofelia

by Marzia Stella

Ophelia, a young lady in her early twenties finds love in the eyes of a local writer, Edward Turner. She is attracted to his art, and he to her name. Their love quickly blossoms as Ophelia and Edward move in...

Secret Passages of the Heart

by Reed,Deborah

Grief is something that cannot be described or understood at times.

My father was a quiet but honest man. During his last days, he truly lived for God. When I was grieving during his last days, he truly lived...

The Harsh Truth

by Tenor,Paul

In 2015, God gave me knowledge and wisdom about many things. I struggled with just what to do with all of that. In 2018, God took all of the distractions out of my life and then told me to write a book and tell...

A Comet's Tale

by Densmore,Don

"A Comet's Tale, Quite Tickety-boo and So True"

It is an adventure like no other in space and time. Join Calvin for a fantastic trip through our solar system from the fall reaches in the universe beginning in...

Turn To Me

by Reed,Tom

Turn To Me is a 365-day devotional book saturated in Scripture. This book is a sequel to it. The sequel is a continuation of devotionals formatted as a trilogy. The first section looks at bit players or unnamed...

Messy Missy

by Curiel,Belinda

Most little girls like to wear dresses, have tea parties, play with dolls, and dress up like their favorite princess. Missy is not the typical little girl.

Missy is not like most little girls, as far as she's...

Grandma's Love

by Adeleine "Addie" Mayo

Take a trip with Addie down memory lane to capture a glimpse of frequent weekend stays with one of the family's unsung heroines in Grandma's Love.

Through the eyes of her granddaughter Addie, observe the beauty...

Jesus the Good Shepherd

by Debra Chigbu

This book, Jesus the Good Shepherd, is a songbook. It is about Jesus our Shepherd based on Psalm 23. A shepherd is a person who tends a flock of sheep. He guides the sheep. He makes sure they have plenty to...

The Kid's Guide to Camping

by Eileen Ogintz

From Kampgrounds of America (KOA) comes the ultimate guide to camping, bringing kids and families together in the outdoors. Whether hitting the KOA playground or discovering the joys of kayaking, fishing, biking,...

City of Water

by Andrea Curtis & Katy Dockrill

The second book in the ThinkCities series explores water as a precious, finite resource, tracing its journey from source, through the city, and back again.

Living in cities where water flows effortlessly from...

My Body Is My Body

by Allison Schmitt & Neris Naranjo

My Body is MY Body is a simple rhyming book for preschool and school-age children that creates a safe space for parents and families to begin the conversation about sexual abuse. It teaches children that they...

Someone I Love Has Gone to Heaven

by Carmody,Karen

"I saw Papa after he died. He looked like he was sleeping. Mommy told me that Papa was in heaven now. I didn't understand because I could still see him lying there."

Confused after the death of his grandfather,...

The fruit of the Spirit

by Amy Brooks

Many people might call themselves a "Christian" but, the truth is, they don't even know who Jesus is, or, display any of His characteristics.

"The Fruit of the Spirit" (Galatians 5:22-23) is a biblical phrase...


by Maggie Ann Engel & Johnny Dame

Angels, A Sweet and Simple Introduction for Everyone, gives readers, of all ages, an opportunity to meet some of the more well known Archangels and and their guardian angel. The book provides guidance on how...

This Is Me

by Zion Olajide

This book is an enlightening read on the world view of a nine year old, determined to share her life and view points on topics like siblings, career, COVID impact and education.

New Grammy Country Song Lyrics

by Santiago Alexander Polito

This book is about one?s ability to quickly or slowly enter into into the world of Grammy singing.

Kids' Principle of Life

by Pitts,Deborah

This book is to help first and second grade little men understand themselves as an individual little man, also to help the mother and father to be more understanding, giving them a chance to spend more quality...

Paislee Anne

by Dee Sewell & Van Thang

It is time! With the liberal agenda moving U.S. tax dollars toward funding abortions globally, believers need quality books to help teach their children to stand firm on biblical principles. This children's...

Anxious Annie

by Cali Werner & Fer Peralta

Running races was Annie?s favorite pastime until her anxiety got the best of her. Annie?s fear and anxiety began taking away the joy for the sport she once loved. Annie?s number one goal was to make everyone...