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My Body Is My Body

by Allison Schmitt & Neris Naranjo

My Body is MY Body is a simple rhyming book for preschool and school-age children that creates a safe space for parents and families to begin the conversation about sexual abuse. It teaches children that they...

Summary of The Wim Hof Method

by Alexander Cooper

Summary of The Wim Hof Method

The Wim Hof Method by Wim Hof will describe a method that combines breathing exercises, cold training, and commitment. The method is named after Wim Hof, as he is the one who brought...

Gut Garden

by Katie Brosnan

'An effective combination of clear science writing and entertaining illustrations. A great addition to any children?s library or as a complementary text for science classes studying the microbiome'. -- SCHOOL...

Natural Detox Strategies

by Veronica Fomia

Detoxing your body of harmful chemicals and years of built-up toxins is imperative for a healthy and happy body. The human body has a built-in detoxification process, but today, it is rarely enough. 


The Sister Who Snuck

by Autumn Rose Hacker

Sadie is an ornery girl who is always getting in trouble for hitting her sister, sneaking candy from the cabinet and even the keys to the car! Although her mommy does her best to teach Sadie right from wrong,...

Natalie Bug

by Jessica Rachels

My name is Natalie Rachels; I am fourteen years old.I was born affected by the Cytomegalovirus.This is my story about my life?the good, bad, and ugly.This book also touches on how to interactwith people like...

Summary of Codependent No More

by Alexander Cooper

Summary of Codependent No More

Thank you for purchasing the “Codependent No More” book summary! If you like this summary, please purchase and read the original book for full content experience!

The author...

Summary of The Case for Keto

by Alexander Cooper

Summary of The Case for Keto

The Case for Keto is the latest of a number of books by Gary Taubes dealing with nutrition and how we approach the problems of obesity. As a journalist with a scientific background,...

My Magical Three That Sets Me Free

by Dr. Arezoo Khanzadeh, John Benedict & Nevin Benedict

Amir experiences anxiety most of the day. It seems like his brain is constantly overthinking everything. To make it worse, his heart is racing, his hands are shaking, and the room is spinning. Amir feels all...

The Humor-Laden Book of Germs for Kids

by Christopher McKay

Did you know brownyotalitus is a germ that makes brownies hard, like a rock? You can?t remove them from their cooking pan or eat them. Have you heard about bluedaisyhue? It?s a germ that makes kids insist daisies...

Are You Fertile?

by Tony Weschler

Are you fertile? is a book written for couples finding it difficult to conceive. This book comes with supportive tips and practical steps on how to make simple changes to your lifestyle and diet to improve your...

Oh, the Things You Can Do

by Kara Lea Fleming & Anchal Gupta

Through simple rhyme and beautiful illustrations, this uplifting book encourages children to create their own happiness. (ages 0-11; preschool-grade 6) Many children experience big emotions and scary events...

What Kids Did

by Erin Silver

In the spring of 2020, the Covid-19 virus changed the world and made daily life much more challenging. We had to stay apart, away from work, school, and our normal routines. But, all around the world, kids came...

A Glimpse into Time

by A.R. Smith

A Glimpse into Time celebrates some of the most interesting African Americans who?ve made a difference throughout history.

All of the high achievers in this book were ahead of their time. They include:

? Rebecca...

Dial Alice’s Nurse

by Josie Christine

Dial Alice?s Nurse is a spin on Dialysis Nurse. The plot of the story is based on true events and is a phenomenal educational and motivational book for all children who may or may not have experience with a...

Cardiology for Babies

by Dr. Haitham Ahmed

Written by a doctor, Cardiology for Babies offers a perfect introduction to the wonders of the human body. This interactive board book teaches little ones about the heart, one of the body?s most vital organs,...

Neurology for Babies

by Dr. Haitham Ahmed

Written by a doctor, Neurology for Babies offers a perfect introduction to the wonders of the human body. This interactive board book teaches little ones about the brain, one of the body?s most vital organs,...

These Bees!

by Neely Ciarcia & Bright Jungle Studios

Sam has always thought bees were the coolest insects on earth, so one Summer he decides to keep some in his own backyard! He really loves his new bees and cares for them by planting lots of flowers and carefully...

Coronavirus loses the battle

by Olga Markova

Coronavirus wants to conquer the world. Fortunately, Phagocyte and Lymphocyte are there to defend the body.

Produced in partnership with Institut Curie | Association Actine, Fondation Ipsen, and Editions du...

The Character Virtues

by Ryan Lee Nevins & Michael John Bishop

No matter who you are, you are God?s special child. He has provided you with gifts and virtues to use. If you rely on those virtues to take you to the right road, then you can discover all the wonderful things...