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The Little Republican

by Rebecca Hanna

Picked on for being a Republican, the little Republican stands up for what he believes in even when it's not popular. In a country where liberals increasingly own the share of voice, The Little Republican is...

The Ole Man in the Woods

by John Scott Arrington

The Ole Man in the Woods is based on how someone's love, care, faith, trust, and belief can grow them into something giant and awesome. The ole man takes a twelve-year-old little boy on a journey of a lifetime...

The Time-Thief

by Patience Agbabi

It?s mid-summer?s day and thirteen-year-old Elle and her Leapling classmates are visiting the Museum of the Past, the Present and the Future. But on the day of the school trip, disaster strikes, and the most...

The Old Man and the Sea

by Ernest Hemingway

The Old Man and the Sea was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 1953, and the year after, the Nobel Prize in Literature was awarded to Ernest Hemingway in 1954. It was the last major work of fiction written...


by Brenda Lidestri

"Tiny bug, all alone. He just thinks nobody's home." So begins the story of Bug-a-Boo, who thinks his family has forgotten his birthday. The rhymes and rhythms will make this a favorite in your child's collection!...

I See a Leopard

by Elaine Macdonald

I See a Leopard tells the tale of a leopard who goes swimming in order to visit his friend Catfish. When Catfish serves up her favourite dish of wiggly worms, Leopard is distressed to discover that they keep...

The Growing Bed

by Rebecca Linney & Charlie LaVoy

What do roller coasters, monkey bars and water slides all have in common? How about firemen, soccer coaches and teachers? Join Andy in The Growing Bed to learn why sometimes eating all your vegetables just isn?t...


by Kristin McGlothlin

In order to play more music in the future, Gwilym first has to deal with the past.

Thirteen-year-old Gwilym Duckworthy has a supportive family consisting of his dad, stepmom Ferguson, grandma, aunt and uncle,...

Gonna Move, Gotta Bounce, Have to Jumpity Jump!

by Jamaree Stokes & Charli Vince

Through rhyming fun and instructional play, children will learn how to keep jitters at bay.

This energetic book is for kids who feel the unstoppable urge to hip-slippity hop and twirl-bouncy pop but find themselves...

The River of Birds

by Libby Moore & Michael Boardman

"A moving and beautiful tale about a family, a loss, and the natural world that binds us all together. With exquisite tenderness, Moore reveals the persistent, transcendent power of love." ?Lily King, bestselling...


by Muon Thi Van & Victo Ngai

An arresting, poetic journey and a moving reflection on immigration, family, and home, from an acclaimed creative team. Wishes tells the powerful, honest story about one Vietnamese family's search for a new...

I Really Want to Win

by Simon Philip & Lucia Gaggiotti

Perfect for fans of mischievous storytime favorites like Pig the Pug, The Bad Seed, and Eloise comes a winning story about a spunky heroine and her sidekick pup who are ready to WIN!

Today is Sports Day, I can't...

Puppies (Be An Expert!)

by Erin Kelly

Some have long ears. Some are tiny. They are all adorable!

What do you know about puppies like the Chihuahua, the Pug, and the Basset Hound? With this book you can become an expert! Featuring simple sentences...

Ocean Animals (Be An Expert!)

by Amy Edgar

Some are giant. Some give off light. Some have eight arms. They all live underwater!

What do you know about ocean animals like the latern shark, the starfish, and the dolphin? With this book you can become...

Kittens (Be An Expert!)

by Erin Kelly

Some are very furry. Some are hairless. They are all sweet and cute!

What do you know about kittens like the Persian, the Bengal, and the Siamese ? With this book you can become an expert! Featuring simple...

Farm Animals (Be An Expert!)

by Amy Edgar

Some give us wool. Some give us milk. The farmer takes care of all of them!

What do you know about farm animals like cows, chickens, and bees? With this book you can become an expert! Featuring simple sentences...

All About Rocks (A True Book)

by Alessandra Potenza & Gary LaCoste

From their geologic role on Earth to their most common uses in everyday life, everything readers need to know about rocks is covered.

What are igneous, sedimentary, metamorphic, rocks? How are they different...

All About Minerals (A True Book)

by Cody Crane & Gary LaCoste

What are minerals and how do they form?

What do they look like and where are they found? This book answers these questions and many more about magnificent minerals. From their role as the building blocks of...

All About Fossils (A True Book)

by Cody Crane & Gary LaCoste

What kinds of fossils exist, and where are they found?

What are fossils and how do they form? This book answers this question and many more about the fascinating world of fossils. From the discovery of dinosaurs...

All About Crystals and Gems (A True Book)

by Libby Romero & Gary LaCoste

What are crystals and how do they form?

How are crystals related to minerals, and what are their properties? This book answers these questions and many more about cool crystals. From their unique structure...