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by Carlo Collodi & Mary Alice Murray

Follow Pinocchio, a wooden puppet, on his adventure to become a real boy. The mischievous marionette must learn how to be good for his wish to come true. This beloved tale, filled with fairies, talking crickets...

Grandma's Tales

by Mary Pittman

“Grandma Play with My Toys”

Tells the story about a little boy opening his heart and toys to his grandmother. This heartfelt story was inspired by my grandson who wanted to give me something to do in my spare...

The Story of the Christmas Lights

by Gibbs,Janice Harris

Can Christmas lights really talk? Do they have personalities and feelings?? In this fun, easy to read book, The Story of the Christmas Lights, meet Samuel and his family in their small Colorado town as they...

My Pretty Inside

by Baylor,Gerlean Y.

Today there are many images and characteristics of what the world classifies as "pretty." The impact of these images affects how girls see themselves in comparison to these images. If girls do not have features...

Anna Marie and Her Little Brother

by Williams Woods,Kathryn

Anna Marie and her little brother are on their way to the store to buy candy. What lesson will Anna Marie learn when she faces a decision between right and wrong? Will her little brother help her make a good...

Who's Talking on Wishbone Hill?

by Shelly Lerch

Who's Talking on Wishbone Hill is a fictional story about animals and children sharing stories about God's love with each other to encourage us to recognize signs of God's love in our own lives. The artwork...

Hank and the Chrysalis

by Sandra Cambra, Licsw

Support children through grief and loss.

Hank and the Chrysalis is a powerful story told by a ten-year-old boy who shares the loss of his mother on hospice. It is a book designed to support children of all ages...

What Are You Making?

by Tammy Albright-Coreil

When Peter is cooking up a treat, his little sister, Sally, asks what he is making. Peter then teases Sally with various odd concoctions until she begins to cry. In the end, Peter reveals his secret meal-a yummy...

A Cowgirl Princess

by Barbara Seabright Rothfuss

This book will appeal to every member of the family. It's based on a girl and a horse that was love at first sight. It talks about her parents, friends, uncle, and memories of Grandpa. The girl receives a very...

Ben and Ming

by Lamb,Jayne

Ben and Ming is a story about two dogs from different worlds. Ben is a handsome, strong farm dog that herded sheep and lived in the countryside. Ming was a Maltese dog that needed a lot of attention, and she...

Matthew, God, and the Corona Virus

by Hoisl,Andrea D.

Matthew is a curious little boy whose life has changed dramatically! First, his mom and dad bring three baby sisters home from the hospital, which turns his world upside down. People are coming and going every...

Socks for His Feet

by Trish Dotson

For as long as he could remember, she always wanted him to wear his socks. He didn’t really like socks. They crunched his toes. They were baggy, and they twisted around his little ankles.

As he grew, she always...

The Purple Swing

by Danny Hayes

The Purple Swing stories are designed for small children at bedtime. The use of a repeated opening is to bring familiarity and comfort at a time to go to a happy place. Each ending brings a magical end with...

The Tale of Captain Blackstrap Molasses

by C.J. Perkins

In a time of uncertain weather patterns, Captain Blackstrap Molasses and her gingerbread crew set sail on a magnificent voyage from Flour and Salt Island. The captain and crew must navigate their way through...

The Great Gray Day

by Sampson,Denise

The Great Gray Day is a celebration of the innocence of children and the power of friendship, which can survive despite differences. When you combine the colors black and white, you get a beautiful shade of...

Charley, Cara, and the New Puppy

by Emily Acevedo

After the puppy kindergarten graduation, Charley is under his favorite cherry tree and his sister, Cara, runs toward him and tells of the surprise their mom is planning. Charley and Cara do not know what it...

Gaby And The Big Red Firedog

by Houghton,Rebecca

When Gaby moves to the city with her daddy and papa, she is convinced that the sirens she hears are the howling of the Big Red Firedog. Gaby wants so badly to meet the Firedog and to learn about her life in...

The Light of the Moon and Big Brothers

by Stella M De Genova

Stellina was a little girl with a vision disability called retinitis pigmentosa (RP). That didn't stop her and her big brother, Alberto, from having all the fun you could possibly imagine. They did all sorts...


by Janice Alpert

The Red Sticker tells the story of spunky Teddie, a smart girl who sometimes, like all kids, gets angry with her parents. Teddie feels that her parents aren't always listening to her when she shares her feelings,...


by Roberts-Betsch,Linda

Eight-year-old Kiki has a secret that she wants to keep for herself. Because she is a big sister to her brother Kip, age six, she decides to let him in on the secret. Follow Kiki and Kip as they involve their...