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Tales of a Young Rider

by Patrice Engle Spyrka

Tales of a Young Rider is a book based on the adventures of a young girl, Leah, who grew up at the YMCA of the Rockies, Snow Mountain Ranch. Leah kept her horses with Rudy and Clara Belle Just, who were original...


by Letkeman,Marissa

"Alexandra Hope, come downstairs," Dad called up to me.His voice was so serious I felt like throwing up. I snatched my phone, put it in my pocket, and ran downstairs.Before I rounded the corner, I overheard...

Billie the Unicorn

by Brianne Drouhard

  • A comparable concept, "My Little Pony", is a major brand for Hasbro Toys which first introduced it to young girls in 1983 and reintroduced in 2003.

  • Since the brand's re-launch, more than 20 million ponies have...

  • Got Carrots? Rescued Horse

    by Patti Dammier

    Patti Dammier is an educator of horses and riders and has written her fourth children?s book. The series Got Carrots? Rescued Horse revolves around two young girls whose love of horses and adventure again brings...

    HORSE TALES FOR CHILDREN - Four Illustrated Horse Tales

    by Mary Boyle

    HORSE TALES for CHILDREN is an illustrated 1925 classic by Mary Boyle and contains 4 stories about horses, especially written for children.

    The First story is about GENTLE SALLY who lives on John Dobbin’s well...

    This Way, Charlie

    by Caron Levis & Charles Santoso

    From the award-winning team behind Ida, Always comes a story about a friendship that grows between a blind horse and a gruff goat


    All the animals at the Open Bud Ranch can see that Jack likes keeping his...

    The Truth About Wind

    by Hazel Hutchins, Gail Herbert & Dusan Petricic

    A vividly imagined story about the importance of telling the truth, even if it means losing something you love.

    When Jesse finds a toy horse and makes it his very own, his imagination runs wild. This horse is...

    The Story of Noah

    by Christine Wiedemann

    "Noah," his master whispered in his ear, "there's a storm coming." This is the beginning of a story birthed from the imagined plight of the animals who survived the floods from Hurricane Katrina. From the first...

    There is a Battleship in My Milkshake

    by Urquhart,Debra

    Duncan could hardly wait until the two people he most admired and would spoil him to no end to arrive. To his surprise, when he walked into the kitchen for breakfast, Gramps and Granny were already there. After...

    SKEWBALD - The New Forest Pony

    by Allen W Seaby

    Everyone who has journeyed from Southampton to Bournemouth by road or rail, knows a great part of the forest is open heath or moorland; but, unlike the barren wilds of the Scottish Highlands, the New Forest...

    National Velvet

    by Enid Bagnold

    "The book is one that horse lovers of every age cannot fail to enjoy." ? The New York Times

    "Humorous, charming, National Velvet is a little masterpiece." ? Time

    "Put on your not-to-be-missed list." ? The...

    Fight to the Finish (Free Rein #2)

    by Catherine Hapka

    An original novel based on the hit Netflix show!

    The one and only Poppy Addison is headed to Bright Field Stables! Poppy, a famous rider, is hosting an exclusive clinic at Bright Fields. There will be a contest...

    The Steeplechase Secret (Free Rein #1)

    by Jeanette Lane

    An original novel based on the hit Netflix show!

    Fifteen-year-old Zoe is finally getting the hang of life at Bright Field Stables. She's ready to take it easy and enjoy some downtime with her family, her best...

    River Creek Stables

    by Jessica K. K. Gillespie

    Natasha's year is going to be great-until Carl Paulson arrives. When Carl arrives at River Creek, he's an obnoxious, rude know-it-all treating Natasha like she knows nothing about the racing world. Day after...

    Rocket the Race Horse

    by Albertus,Mark

    Rocket the Racehorse started out as a bedtime story the author told his daughter nightly. He wanted to preserve the story so that many young children could be entertained and inspired by the story.

    Lizzy ‘N Dizzy

    by Joyce Lambert & Jan Metzger-Hartwig

    Elizabeth Epona Pendergass lives a privileged life. She attends a strict private school, is driven by a chauffeur, and takes riding lessons. Grandmother and Grandfather Pendergass were from one of the oldest...


    by Denise Gosliner Orenstein

    Things are hard for eleven-year-old Yonder. Her mother died and her father has sunk into sadness. She doesn't have a friend to her name . . . except for Dirt, the Shetland pony next door.

    Dirt has problems of...

    Wild Animals I Have Known

    by Ernest Thompson Seton

    Wild animals I have known (1898) by Ernest Thompson Seton, illustrated with 200 drawings.

    THESE STORIES are true. The animals in this book were all real characters. They lived the lives depicted here, and showed...

    Let It Glow (Enchanted Pony Academy #3)

    by Lisa Ann Scott

    Riding fun at the Enchanted Pony Academy!Electra loves to be outside, running as fast as she can--and she's fast! So now that it's time to learn to ride with the children at Enchanted Pony Academy, Electra couldn't...

    Dreams That Sparkle (Enchanted Pony Academy #4)

    by Lisa Ann Scott

    Welcome to the Enchanted Pony Academy, where glittery ponies learn how to use their magic!Belissima is the prettiest pony at the Enchanted Pony Academy -- everyone says so. The problem is, no one seems to see...