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Dorothy the Sheepdog And her Dreamland Adventures Present:

by Sellers,Carole

Dorothy is a Sheepdog with a big heart and an even bigger imagination. She can't wait to go to sleep to discover her next big adventure in Dreamland.

Dream Weaver

by Gary Wright & Rob Sayegh Jr.

Gary Wright's hit song is reimagined as a fantastical picture book to delight dreamers of all ages.

"Oo-hoo dream weaver

I believe you can get me through the night

Oo-hoo dream weaver

I believe we can reach the...

Hunter’s Days in a Week

by Maria Varela Espino

Hunter?s Days In A Week Hunter is curious to learn new things everyday of the week. However, Hunter finds himself in a bit of trouble. He confides in his friend Lucas, an acorn woodpecker. Will Hunter be able...

The Growing Bed

by Rebecca Linney & Charlie LaVoy

What do roller coasters, monkey bars and water slides all have in common? How about firemen, soccer coaches and teachers? Join Andy in The Growing Bed to learn why sometimes eating all your vegetables just isn?t...

Sonata for Fish and Boy

by Milan Pavlović

Music inspires friendship and a life full of dreams and adventure in this wordless picture book from Milan Pavlović.

When a fish hears the singing of a violin, it is drawn out of the water and into the world...

Late Leaf Lucy

by Fishburne,William

Late Leaf Lucy is a book of hope, encouragement, and assurance of the spirit of God's words and the depth which he will go to make his word come through in your life regardless of who you are, where you are,...

The Magic of Twins

by Katrina Jaxson & Ekatrerina Voytes

When a mommy discovers she is pregnant with not just one baby but two, she feels afraid. Will there be enough room for them to grow inside her belly? But soon, she is about to discover that twins are magical,...

The Land Of Sleep

by Edna Buckle

The Land of Sleep is a place that we all go to every night. Learn more about the wonderful cities in this magical land!

Where Do Dreams Come From?

by Schmidke,Mike

Johnny, a little boy who, for his first five years, lived in the city apartment complex across the street from an elementary school. A week before he was going to start school, his parents told him they were...

Stars of the Night

by Christen Newby

Let Stars of the Night take you on an imaginative adventure of what you see when you look up at the night sky. The beautiful watercolor illustrations pull you into the story. A perfect read for bedtime and a...

Stars of the Night

by Christen Newby

Let Stars of the Night take you on an imaginative adventure of what you see when you look up at the night sky. The beautiful watercolor illustrations pull you into the story. A perfect read for bedtime and a...

Good Dream, Bad Dream

by Juan Calle & Serena Valentino

  • bilingual in Spanish

  • colorful superhero comic book art style

  • successfully funded Kickstarter campaign (December 2013)

  • appeal of legendary and mythic heroes around the world

  • It's So Quiet

    by Sherri Duskey Rinker & Tony Fucile

    Make some noise! Bestselling picture book stars Sherri Duskey Rinker and Tony Fucile invite you on a rollicking cumulative read-aloud perfect for bedtime or storytime!

    It's time for bed, but one little mouse...

    My Adventurous Tales

    by Eugene Harvey

    During my career in education, I taught English, English grammar, poetry, British literature, and, of course, spelling. After retirement, and when visiting grandchildren, I was challenged to put my English skills...

    The Flea and the River

    by Hareena Kaur

    Get ready to step into a magical world where a tiny flea can drink an entire river and a crow can make a man go bald. Bedtime stories are close to my heart. My father used to tell me bedtime stories when I was...

    Frankie’s Bedtime Dance

    by Che Ruddell

    Frankie's Bedtime Dance is designed to help your child look forward to bedtime, with a fun bedtime routine. As parents we know that a bedtime routine helps our little one's wind down from the day and get ready...

    Gerald the Short-Necked Giraffe

    by Caren Panizzo & Donna Levandowski

    Gerald is a typical giraffe, who loves playing and roaming on the African savanna. There is only one thing that sets Gerald apart from the other giraffes, he has a short neck. For Gerald this poses some problems...

    Baltazar and the Flying Pirates

    by Oliver Chin & Justin Roth

    Legendary buccaneers need a youngster?s help to find a long lost treasure! It?s like if the Pirates of the Caribbean let loose to search Disneyland!

    Ages ago, Greybeard hid his treasure chest from fellow...

    In Your Dreams

    by Louisa Jerry

    Dreaming is a fascinating part of people’s lives, regardless of age. Scientists have suggested different functions of dreams: organizing one’s thoughts, coping with challenges, and plain creativity when...

    Fariy Tales From Afar

    by Mardus Öösaar

    Do you remember a Fairy Tale that you still think of fondly? If you want your kids to have the same fuzzy feeling, then keep reading...

    The Fairy Tales that our children read and hear are the very stories that...