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Sara's Happy Tears

by Pendziwiatr,Bill

Sara is a sweet seven-year-old girl. She is sick. Her family has moved to a house near a hospital. Sara is sad. She misses all her friends in her old neighborhood. Every day she sits and waits, hoping she can...

Charlie & Mouse Lost and Found

by Laurel Snyder & Emily Hughes

It's puppy love! This latest continuation of the award-winning Charlie & Mouse early chapter book series will delight newly independent readers. Lost and Found is full of relatable trials (a lost blanket), surprises...

Mommy Will Be Back

by Erica Argos

Mommy Will Be Back takes readers to when Zelma Jo was a toddler. One day, her Mommy tells her she will start going to day care. Zelma Jo learns to rely on her smarts to help her overcome a new challenge. She...

The Growing Bed

by Rebecca Linney & Charlie LaVoy

What do roller coasters, monkey bars and water slides all have in common? How about firemen, soccer coaches and teachers? Join Andy in The Growing Bed to learn why sometimes eating all your vegetables just isn?t...

When Mom's Away

by Layla Ahmad & Farida Zaman

Things are changing for one little girl whose mom is a busy doctor. When her mom has to be in quarantine?sleeping on a cot in their garage to keep the family safe from the virus?the girl does her best to be...

Pippin No Drippin’

by Layne Ihde & Linda Pierce

Pippin No Drippin' encourages the use of children?s imaginations and that with a little bit of ingenuity, anyone can create something fun to do.

Pippin the cat can't go outside because it's raining and it's making...

The Lettuce Family

by Felito Feliz

The Lettuce Family was inspired by Feliz's daughter, Linda. That was many years ago, but she did learn to enjoy many kinds of delicious and healthy plants. Feliz wants to encourage many more children to improve...

Good Morning, Sam

by Marie-Louise Gay

"I'll help you get dressed," said Stella.

"No," said Sam. "I can do it by myself."

But Sam takes a roundabout route to getting dressed and, as usual, his big sister Stella is there to help … but this time Sam...

I Do Not Want To Be Without A Cell Phone

by A.P. Hernández

Martin wants a cell phone. All his classmates have a cell phone, all his teachers have a cell phone, and even his parents have a cell phone. So why can't he have a cell phone? Martin makes a determination: he...

Jumping Jungle Joey

by K.S. Newlin

Have you ever found something that you enjoy so much that you want to do it all day, every day? Jumping? Dancing? Singing? Our story starts off with a young frog who likes one thing and then another and then...

Bread, Butter, Eggs, and Milk

by France Adams & Bertrand Nayet

No school today! Thanks to the snowstorm, Sophie gets the day off ! Her mother takes the opportunity to entrust her with an important errand?buying bread, butter, eggs, and milk from the grocery store. Sophie...

Owen at the Park

by Scot Ritchie

Working with his dad in the park, Owen gets to do his favorite job all by himself. First, he clears the park of picnickers, checkers players, sleepy dogs and geese, and then the magic happens …

It’s a busy...

My Brother Otto

by Meg Raby & Elisa Pallmer

This engaging picture book shows everyday life with little crow siblings when one of them is on the autism spectrum. 

My Brother Otto is a child-friendly, endearing, and fun picture book for children about the...

The Biggest Puddle in the World

by Mark Lee & Nathalie Dion

Sarah and Charlie hunt down the biggest puddle in the world with their grandfather in this fun introduction to the water cycle, perfect for young readers.

When Sarah and her younger brother Charlie go to stay...

The Overworked Shoes

by Barbie Randall

Michael and Stacey Weaver's busy lifestyle left very little quality family time for them and their ten-year-old daughter, Lauryn. Little did they know Lauryn's strange encounter one Saturday evening would change...

Vampire Trouble (Monster Itch #2)

by David Lubar

Just when Alex is getting close to the kickball home-run record at school, he starts getting hit with awful sneezing fits, completely messing up his game. He's allergic to a vampire! And the vampire won't leave....

Charlie & Mouse

by Laurel Snyder & Emily Hughes

Four hilarious stories, two inventive brothers, one irresistible story! Join Charlie and Mouse as they talk to lumps, take the neighborhood to a party, sell some rocks, and invent the bedtime banana. With imagination...

Don't Get Lost, Odysseus! (Mini Myths)

by Joan Holub & Leslie Patricelli

When Odysseus goes shopping with his mom, she tells him to stay close, and he does—until he is tempted by The Odyssey–inspired play area in the mall and wanders off. He has fun at first, but when he can’t...

Aubrey and the Terrible Yoot

by Horatio Clare

Aubrey is a rumbunctious boy who tries to run before he can walk and has crashed two cars before he's old enough to drive one. But when Aubrey's father, Jim, falls under an horrendous spell, Aubrey is determined...

Make a Wish, Midas! (Mini Myths)

by Joan Holub & Leslie Patricelli

Midas wants everything to be his favorite color—yellow! He chooses yellow clothes, eats yellow foods, and uses only the yellow paint at his easel. But when he impulsively paints his beloved green Dinoboo,...