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The House Next Door

by Claudine Crangle

Alone on his lot, a sturdy little house has stood for as long as anyone can remember, stoically weathering the storms. But one day, the wind brings change.

One house, then another, is built off in the distance....

Sunny Days Inside

by Caroline Adderson

When the “grownup virus” hits, kids who live in the same apartment building must cope with strange new rules and extended time at home with parents and siblings.

And they survive brilliantly, each in their...

My Day with Gong Gong

by Sennah Yee & Elaine Chen

A day in Chinatown takes an unexpected turn when a bored little girl makes a connection with her grandpa.

May isn't having fun on her trip through Chinatown with her grandfather. Gong Gong doesn't speak much...

The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin’ Groovy)

by Paul Simon & Keith Henry Brown

  • LyricPop is a children's picture book collection by LyricVerse and Akashic Books that launched in June 2020. LyricPop presents your favorite song lyrics by renowned songwriters as illustrated picture books,...

  • 48 Grasshopper Estates

    by Sara de Waal & Erika Medina

    A little girl uses imagination and inventiveness to spread friendship through her community. But will she find a friend of her own?

    Whether it?s a supersonic sandwich maker or a twelve-tailed dragon, Sicily Bridges...


    by Ann E. Burg

    * "Stunning, significant and sorrowful, Ann E. Burg's requiem melts history into prose... Highly recommended." -- School Library Journal, starred review

    "Chillingly effective." -- Bulletin of the Center for Children's...

    Night Walk

    by Sara O'Leary & Ellie Arscott

    A child explores her neighborhood on a late-night walk with her dad, finding delight and comfort in moments of quiet and the warm windows into other people?s lives.

    When a little girl can?t sleep one night, her...

    Maggie’s Treasure

    by Jon-Erik Lappano & Kellen Hatanaka

    When Maggie’s treasure collection grows too big to manage, she finds a creative solution.

    Maggie finds treasure wherever she goes. Whether it’s a button, a feather or a shiny stone, she picks it up and takes...

    Uptown Dragon

    by Marlon McKenney

    In Uptown Dragon, 10-year-old Kamal discovers a baby dragon in the inner city after seeing a mysterious streak of light fall from the sky. Bringing the dragon home and naming him Ziggy, Kamal attempts to teach...

    Our Big Little Place

    by James A. Conan & Nicolle Lalonde

    Big or small, apartment or house, they?re all home.

    Come inside one boy?s high-rise apartment complex, where his backyard is the space between his neighboring apartment buildings, and his basketball net is tucked...

    My Winter City

    by James Gladstone & Gary Clement

    A boy, his father and their dog have a perfect day in a snowy city, illustrated by Governor General?s Literary Award winner Gary Clement.

    A young boy wakes up in the early light of a winter morning, pulls on...

    Owen at the Park

    by Scot Ritchie

    Working with his dad in the park, Owen gets to do his favorite job all by himself. First, he clears the park of picnickers, checkers players, sleepy dogs and geese, and then the magic happens …

    It’s a busy...

    Secret Suffragette

    by Barbara Mitchelhill

    Daisy?s hero is Florence Nightingale, and she hopes to one day become a nurse just like her. But as a girl growing up in the East End of London in 1912, it seems like all her future holds is dropping out of...

    At the Firehouse (A Tinyville Town Book)

    by Brian Biggs

    In Tinyville Town: At the Firehouse, join Dexter and Firefighter Charlie on a guided tour of the Tinyville Town firehouse. See where the firefighters store their gear, where they eat and rest, and find out...

    The Neighbors

    by Einat Tsarfati & Annette Appel

    As a young girl climbs the seven stories to her own (very boring!) apartment, she imagines what?s behind each of the doors she passes. Does the door with all the locks belong to a family of thieves? Might the...

    Mayann prend le train

    by Mayann Francis & Tamara Thiébeaux Heikalo

    Nine-year-old Mayann Francis and her family are travelling from their home in Cape Breton to New York City by train. Everything is exciting to young Mayann, from the beds that fold down to the stop in Montreal...

    Love, Penelope

    by Joanne Rocklin & Lucy Knisley

    Penny is excited to welcome her new sibling, so throughout her mom?s pregnancy she writes letters to it (not it, YOU!). She introduces herself (Penelope, but she prefers ?Penny?) and their moms (Sammy and Becky)....

    I'm a Mail Carrier (A Tinyville Town Book)

    by Brian Biggs

    In Tinyville Town: I'm a Mail Carrier, Rita the mail carrier makes sure everyone gets their mail, rain or shine. 

    The Tinyville Town series is set in a cozy community where the people are kind, everyone says...

    The Incredible Magic of Being

    by Kathryn Erskine

    Some might say Julian is sheltered. But he lives large, and his eternal optimism allows him to see infinite possibilities wherever he looks. Despite his optimism, he is anxious about his stressed family falling...

    The Vegetable Museum

    by Michelle Mulder

    Thirteen-year-old Chloë left her whole life back in Montreal, including her mom and her best friend. Now she's stuck in Victoria with her dad and her estranged grandfather, Uli, who recently had a stroke. When...