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Old Buddies, New Battles (Pokémon Alola Chapter Book)

by Scholastic Inc.

Gotta catch this action-packed adventure about Ash and Pikachu! This illustrated chapter book features the cool Alola Pokémon from Nintendo's hit games for Nintendo DS, Pokémon Sun & Moon.

Time for some field-trip...

Adventure on Treasure Island (Pokémon Alola Chapter Book)

by Jeanette Lane

The new Pokémon are here, and kids gotta catch 'em all! This title features the cool Alola Pokémon from Nintendo DS games, Pokémon Sun & Moon.

There's so much to explore in Alola! Ash and Pikachu are visiting...

Battle for the Z-Ring (Pokémon Alola: Chapter Book)

by Jeanette Lane

Catch the new Alola Pokémon! This is the second illustrated chapter book featuring characters from the latest Nintendo game release, Pokémon Sun & Moon.

Ash can't wait to complete the next step of his Pokémon...

The Pokémon School Challenge (Pokémon: Alola Chapter Book)

by Jeanette Lane

Gotta catch this action-packed adventure about Ash and Pikachu! This illustrated chapter book features the cool Alola Pokémon from Nintendo's hit games for Nintendo DS, Pokémon Sun & Moon.

Ash has reached the...

A New Beginning (Pokémon: Galar Chapter Book #1) (Media tie-in)

by Rebecca Shapiro

Gotta catch this action-packed adventure about Ash and Pikachu! This illustrated chapter book features the cool, brand-new Galar Pokémon from the latest Nintendo Switch games, Pokémon Sword and Shield!


Humble and Kind

by Lori McKenna & Katherine Blackmore

Award-winning songwriter Lori McKenna's iconic song--as popularized by Tim McGraw--is the perfect basis for a picture book that celebrates family and togetherness.

Hold the door, say please, say thank you


(Sittin' on) The Dock of the Bay

by Otis Redding, Steve Cropper & Kaitlyn Shea O'Connor

Otis Redding and Steve Cropper's timeless ode to never-ending days is given fresh new life in this heartwarming picture book.

Sittin' in the mornin' sun

I'll be sittin' when the evening comes

Watching the ships...

The Vanished (Shuri: A Black Panther Novel #2)

by Nic Stone

Shuri, the Princess of Wakanda (and sister to the Black Panther), sets out to save a group of kidnapped girls in this all-new, original middle-grade novel by New York Times bestselling author Nic Stone!


The Edge of Great (Julie and the Phantoms, Season One Novelization)

by Micol Ostow

After the passing of her mom, Julie has lost her passion for music and is on the verge of being kicked out of her performing arts high school. That is, until she makes the ultimate comeback with her new band,...

Puzzle Master (Hello Neighbor)

by Carly Anne West & Tim Heitz

The pulse-pounding original prequel series based on the stealth horror video game Hello Neighbor continues!

Aaron Peterson feels like he's trapped in a recurring nightmare. After moving halfway across the world...

Move the Crowd

by Eric Barrier, William Griffin & Kirk Parrish

Innovative illustrator Kirk Parrish brings the iconic song "Move the Crowd" to life for the first time as a children's picture book.

With knowledge of self, there's nothing I can't solve

At 360 degrees I revolve...


by Otis Redding & Rachel Moss

Otis Redding's classic song "Respect"--as popularized by Aretha Franklin--becomes an empowering picture book exploring the concept of mutual respect through the eyes of a young girl.

"[Respect's] art, by Rachel...

We Got the Beat

by Charlotte Caffey & Kaitlyn Shea O'Connor

An exuberant celebration of dance and play in picture book form, based on Charlotte Caffey's joyful classic made famous by the Go-Go's.

See the people walking down the street

Fall in line just watching all their...

These Boots Are Made for Walkin'

by Lee Hazlewood & Rachel Moss

Lee Hazlewood's tough-talkin' hit song (popularized by Nancy Sinatra) is adapted into a playful children's book about the inner life of a jealous cat.

These boots are made for walking

And that's just what they'll...

Orientation (Marvel: Avengers Assembly #1)

by Preeti Chhibber & James Lancett

Kamala Khan was an average middle school kid. That is, until a cloud called a Terrigen Mist swept through the New Jersey waterfront and activated her super powers! After taking on the persona of Ms. Marvel,...

Grave Mistakes (Hello Neighbor #5)

by Carly Anne West

As construction begins on the Golden Apple Amusement Park, Aaron Peterson is becoming increasingly worried about his father. Working late nights in his study, Aaron's dad seems to be fraying at the edges-pushing,...

The Dark Deception (Daphne and Velma YA Novel #2) (Media tie-in)

by Morgan Baden

It's the classic girl detectives like you've never seen them before! Daphne Blake and Velma Dinkley have a terrifying new mystery to solve and this time, the culprit is far more frightening than any man in...

Good Vibrations

by Mike Love, Brian Wilson & Paul Hoppe

Mike Love and Brian Wilson's world-famous song, gloriously illustrated by Paul Hoppe, will bring smiles to the faces of children and parents alike.

I'm pickin' up good vibrations

She's giving me the excitations...

We're Not Gonna Take It

by Dee Snider & Margaret McCartney

This picture book of Dee Snider's classic song of empowerment and self-determination will strike a chord with kids everywhere.

Oh we're not gonna take it

No, we ain't gonna take it

Oh we're not gonna take it anymore...


by Peter Tosh & Rachel Moss

A beautiful children's picture book featuring the lyrics of Peter Tosh's global classic celebrating children of African descent.

So don't care where you come from

As long as you're a black man, you're an African...