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Visibility and Control

by Jeff Heydon

Visibility and Control: Cameras and Certainty in Governing addresses the ways in which camera-produced images are used to support governmental authority. The text begins by examining some of the basic levels...

The Unique Family Law in the State of Israel

by Yitshak Cohen

  • Explores the following issues:
    • Issues subject to modification in family law
    • The right of a minor to independent status
    • Extramarital relationships and the theoretical rationales for the joint property rules
    • Property...

Policing China

by Suzanne E. Scoggins

In Policing China, Suzanne E. Scoggins delves into the paradox of China's self-projection of a strong security state while having a weak police bureaucracy. Assessing the problems of resources, enforcement,...


by Francisco Valdes & Steven W. Bender

Examines LatCrit’s emergence as a scholarly and activist community within and beyond the US legal academy

Emerging from the US legal academy in 1995, LatCrit theory is a genre of critical outsider jurisprudence—a...

A Descending Spiral

by Marc Bookman

Breakout Author: Author's essays have received the "notable" distinction in seven editions of Best American Essays, including in 2019. This is his first book.

Blurbs/endorsements: Author is mining his connections...

Stitching the 24-Hour City

by Seo Young Park

Stitching the 24-Hour City reveals the intense speed of garment production and everyday life in Dongdaemun, a lively market in Seoul, South Korea. Once the site of uprisings against oppressive working conditions...

Groundwater Geochemistry

by Sughosh Madhav & Pardeep Singh

This book contains both practical and theoretical aspects of groundwater resources relating to geochemistry. Focusing on recent research in groundwater resources, this book helps readers to understand...

Negotiate Without Fear

by Victoria Medvec

The tools you need to maximize success in any negotiation, at any level

With Negotiate Without Fear: Strategies and Tools to Maximize Your Outcomes, master negotiator, Kellogg professor, and accomplished CEO...

The Panoptic Sort

by Oscar H. Gandy Jr.

The Panoptic Sort was published in 1993. Its focus was on privacy and surveillance. But unlike the majority of publications addressing these topics in the United States at the time that were focused on the privacy...

The People Who Run Law Firms

by Bill Knight

This Special Report contains candid interviews with managing and senior partners of law firms large and small, from Europe and the City to the high street and Africa. We do not hear enough about running law...

THE AGILE LAW FIRM                    DG

by Chris Bull

Following a relatively slow start to embrace the direct application of concepts that have revolutionised the tech and manufacturing sectors, law firms are increasingly placing ‘Agile’ – described as “the...

Legal Practice Transformation Post-COVID-19

by Jonathan Fortnam & Stuart Weinstein

For most legal teams operating in the COVID-19 age, the focus on near-term survival has passed, and attention has turned to what the ‘new normal’ might be. With the pandemic overhauling the traditional way...

A Lawful Conviction

by Fred Shearer

A Lawful Conviction is a quickly paced story that finds sixteen year old Jamaal Compton lawfully convicted and sentenced as an adult for the accidental death of his mother's abusive boyfriend. He is ushered...

Contracts Explained

by Stuart Hill

Most contracts are “simple contracts” that can be created by any adult without legal guidance. But that doesn’t mean you can overlook risks. Consumer law tends to automatically manage common risks to consumers,...

The Law of Succession

by Richard Hedlund

This textbook, which incorporates Wills and Intestacy, Probate and Administration, and Taxation, is designed to meet the needs of students studying on the LLB, GDL or SQE by introducing them to succession law...

The Love Challenge

by Elisa Jimenez

In a violent world with an increase of family violence there is also correlated an increase of school violence, substance abuse and sexual abuse. Like never before the schools are implementing changes for the...

Better Capitalism

by Aaron E. Hedges, Paul E. Knowlton & David P. Gushee

Sometime in your business life you've looked up from the task or person in front of you, paused before your head explodes, and thought to yourself, "There's got to be a better way!" This book offers you that...

Conversations About Law

by Howard Burton

Conversations About Law includes the following 5 carefully-edited Ideas Roadshow Conversations featuring leading researchers. This collection includes a detailed preface highlighting the connections between...

The Constitution of the United States and The Declaration of Independence

by Delegates of The Constitutional Convention

"We the people of the United States..." So begins one of the most famous documents in world history, the Constitution of the United States of America. First drafted in 1787 by the Founding Fathers—men like...

Roe v. Wade

by N. E. H. Hull & Peter Charles Hoffer

Few Supreme Court decisions have stirred up as much controversy, vitriolic debate, and even violence as Roe v. Wade in 1973. Four decades later, it remains a touchstone for the culture wars in the United States...