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The Unique Family Law in the State of Israel

by Yitshak Cohen

  • Explores the following issues:
    • Issues subject to modification in family law
    • The right of a minor to independent status
    • Extramarital relationships and the theoretical rationales for the joint property rules
    • Property...

The People Who Run Law Firms

by Bill Knight

This Special Report contains candid interviews with managing and senior partners of law firms large and small, from Europe and the City to the high street and Africa. We do not hear enough about running law...

THE AGILE LAW FIRM                    DG

by Chris Bull

Following a relatively slow start to embrace the direct application of concepts that have revolutionised the tech and manufacturing sectors, law firms are increasingly placing ‘Agile’ – described as “the...

Legal Practice Transformation Post-COVID-19

by Jonathan Fortnam & Stuart Weinstein

For most legal teams operating in the COVID-19 age, the focus on near-term survival has passed, and attention has turned to what the ‘new normal’ might be. With the pandemic overhauling the traditional way...

Contracts Explained

by Stuart Hill

Most contracts are “simple contracts” that can be created by any adult without legal guidance. But that doesn’t mean you can overlook risks. Consumer law tends to automatically manage common risks to consumers,...

The Law of Succession

by Richard Hedlund

This textbook, which incorporates Wills and Intestacy, Probate and Administration, and Taxation, is designed to meet the needs of students studying on the LLB, GDL or SQE by introducing them to succession law...

Conversations About Law

by Howard Burton

Conversations About Law includes the following 5 carefully-edited Ideas Roadshow Conversations featuring leading researchers. This collection includes a detailed preface highlighting the connections between...

Detecting Forgery

by Joe Nickell

Detecting Forgery reveals the complete arsenal of forensic techniques used to detect forged handwriting and alterations in documents and to identify the authorship of disputed writings. Joe Nickell looks at...

Australia’s American Constitution and the Dismissal

by David Long

David Long traces the cause of the 1975 constitutional crisis to the influence of English legal positivism, a theory which isolates the meaning from the political scheme the text was framed to support. He shows...

Building your Professional Profile

by Rebecca Harding

This Special Report will show you how to build a stronger public, professional profile in order to attract opportunities, enhance career progression and win new business. At the end of the report, you will have...

Litigation Story

by Stephanie Cousins

Filing a lawsuit or a claim is a big decision, but you can successfully navigate the legal process with the knowledge and skills in this legal guide.

Stephanie Cousins, a veteran freelance court reporter, walks...

Medical Malpractice Litigation

by Bernard S. Black, David A. Hyman, Myungho Paik & William M. Sage et al.

"Drawing on an unusually rich trove of data, the authors have refuted more politically convenient myths in one book than most academics do in a lifetime."

?Nicholas Bagley, professor of law, University of Michigan...

A Legal Dictionary for Museum Professionals

by Heather Hope Kuruvilla

Presented in an easily digestible format, this go-to desktop reference guide provides explanations and clarifications on a variety of legal issues and concerns facing today’s museum professional in over 200...

Power Relations and Judicial Corruption in the Islamic Republic of Iran

by Mehdi Khosravi

In order to understand the political structure and stability in the Islamic Republic of Iran, the nature of the Islamic judicial system in the country must be analysed. This book undertakes this responsibility...

The Agenda

by Ian Millhiser

"Ian Millhiser offers a perfect short read for a key moment in U.S. constitutional history." -- The Guardian

"A cogent, timely warning about the fragility of American democracy." -- Kirkus Reviews

What will a...

Trouble at the Bar

by Clifford Winston, David Burk & Jia Yan

Deregulating the legal profession will benefit society by improving access to legal services and the efficacy of public policies.

Lawyers dominate a judicial system that has come under fire for limiting access...

Your Role as General Counsel

by Ian White & Simon McCall

The role of General Counsel has never been more demanding: cuts on spending and doing more for less; a demanding board and Executive Committee; and a plethora of law and regulation. This Special Report, by Ian...

Building Enduring Client Loyalty

by Susan Saltonstall Duncan

Client loyalty is increasingly difficult to earn and sustain. Furthermore, heightened focus by clients on efficient, cost effective and innovative service delivery ? while trying to do more in-house and through...

Fat Chance

by Rick Christman

During the early 1990s, the diet drugs fen-phen and Redux achieved tremendous popularity. The chemical combination was discovered by chance, marketed with hyperbole, and prescribed to millions. But as the drugs'...

Data Protection and the New UK GDPR Landscape

by Frank Suttie

With the United Kingdom?s exit from the European Union now confirmed, this new Special Report provides a practical explanation of data protection laws as they will exist in a post-EU environment. GDPR will continue,...