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Australia’s American Constitution and the Dismissal

by David Long

David Long traces the cause of the 1975 constitutional crisis to the influence of English legal positivism, a theory which isolates the meaning from the political scheme the text was framed to support. He shows...

Daniels v. Canada

by Nathalie Kermoal & Chris Andersen

In Daniels v. Canada the Supreme Court determined that Métis and non-status Indians were ?Indians? under section 91(24) of the Constitution Act, 1867, one of a number of court victories that has powerfully...

Francisco de Vitoria and the Evolution of International Law

by Amaya Amell

Francisco de Vitoria and the Evolution of International Law: Justifying Injustice is a reconstruction of the philosophical and legal theories of Fray Francisco de Vitoria, hailed by many as one of the primary...

The Handbook of International Humanitarian Law

by Dieter Fleck

The Handbook of International Humanitarian Law sets out a black letter text of international humanitarian law accompanied by case analysis and extensive explanatory commentary by a team of distinguished and...

The Law of War and Peace

by Gina Heathcote, Emily Jones, Sheri Labenski & Sara Bertotti

  • An innovative analysis of gender, conflict and international law, which moves the debate beyond the traditional framework of the WPS resolutions.
  • Applies an intersectional approach incorporating transnational...

Divorce in China

by Xin He

Why are women still at a disadvantage in Chinese divorce courts?

Despite the increase of gender consciousness in Chinese society and a trove of legislation to protect women, why are Chinese women still disadvantaged...

Proportionality in International Humanitarian Law

by Amichai Cohen & David Zlotogorski

The principle of proportionality is one of the corner-stones of international humanitarian law. Almost all states involved in armed conflicts recognize that launching an attack which may cause incidental harm...

Civil Rights in America

by Daniel H McLinden

Here American history and American law merge into one. Key historical events and landmark legal cases fill the pages of this book. American ideals of ?All men are created equal? and ?Equal justice under law?...

Lawmaking under Pressure

by Giovanni Mantilla

In Lawmaking under Pressure, Giovanni Mantilla analyzes the origins and development of the international humanitarian treaty rules that now exist to regulate internal armed conflict. Until well into the twentieth...

White Lawyer, Black Power

by Donald A. Jelinek & John Dittmer

Inspired by a colleague's involvement in the Mississippi Summer Project of 1964, Wall Street attorney Donald A. Jelinek traveled to the Deep South to volunteer as a civil rights lawyer during his three-week...

Covid-19 in Asia

by Victor V. Ramraj

This is a book for an extraordinary time, about a pandemic for which there is no modern precedent. It is an edited collection of original essays on Asia's legal and policy responses to the Covid-19 pandemic,...

The International Distribution Agreement

by Marco Mastracci

With the ever-increasing interconnection between markets, businesses and individuals from all over the globe, professionals are asked to develop a greater interest in the international implications of contracts....

Improving Human Rights - A Conversation with Emilie Hafner-Burton

by Howard Burton

This book is based on an in-depth, filmed conversation between Howard Burton and Emilie Hafner-Burton, the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Professor of International Justice and Human Rights at UC San Diego...

European Union Law

by Christian Dadomo & Noëlle Quénivet

European Union Law is written for students on LLB and GDL courses and aims to reflect developments in legal education. The book fully explores the core areas of European Union law, whilst setting them in a contextual...

Corporate Environmental Accountability in International Law

by Elisa Morgera

This fully updated second edition of Corporate Accountability in International Environmental Law examines systematically all international sources of corporate accountability standards with specific reference...

Jurisdiction in International Fisheries Law. Evolving Trends and New Challenges

by Simone Vezzani

Through the ages, international fisheries law has been characterized by a dialectic between flag States and coastal States. The institution of the Exclusive Economic Zone marked a milestone in the seaward extension...

Africa and the Backlash Against International Courts

by Peter Brett & Line Engbo Gissel

  • The first book-length investigation into the increasingly high-profile backlash against international courts by African states; a phenomenon that could transform the entire practice of international law.

  • The...

And Justice For All

by Stephen Ellmann

And Justice For All: Arthur Chaskalson and the Struggle for Equality in South Africa is a biography of a remarkable life lived in service both to law and to the struggle for social change and justice. The social...

Suppression Of Terrorist Financing

by Hamed Tofangsaz

In the last few decades, there has been a considerable effort, mainly from Western liberal countries, to create, develop, and diffuse into domestic laws, an internationally harmonized counter-terrorist financing...

Abortion in Latin America and the Caribbean

by Ligia De Jesús Castaldi

Abortion in Latin America and the Caribbean is the first major book to analyze the abortion laws of the Latin American and Caribbean nations that are parties to the American Convention on Human Rights. Making...