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The Constitution of the United States and The Declaration of Independence

by Delegates of The Constitutional Convention

"We the people of the United States..." So begins one of the most famous documents in world history, the Constitution of the United States of America. First drafted in 1787 by the Founding Fathers—men like...

The End of Europe?

by Andreas Staab

This book analyzes the causes of five dilemmas that are shaping European integration— populism, migration, the Euro, Brexit, and enlargement. While critical of the responses of European Union actors in handling...

Citizenship in a Connected Canada

by Florian Martin-Bariteau, Elizabeth Dubois, Jonathan W. Penney & Jacquie Burkell et al.

This interdisciplinary edited collection brings together scholars, activists, and policy makers to build consensus around what a connected society means for Canada. The collection offers insight on the state...

Fluid Jurisdictions

by Nurfadzilah Yahaya

This wide-ranging, geographically ambitious book tells the story of the Arab diaspora within the context of British and Dutch colonialism, unpacking the community's ambiguous embrace of European colonial authority...

Africa’s Democratic Despot and Its Transition

by Sulyman Abaya

This play is a dramatic exposé of agelong concerns on why Africa as a continent has not been able to completely break the yoke of military rule. Sulyman Abaya probes the three-pronged anathema of Africa?poverty,...

The Brussels Effect

by Anu Bradford

For many observers, the European Union is mired in a deep crisis. Between sluggish growth; political turmoil following a decade of austerity politics; Brexit; and the rise of Asian influence, the EU is seen...

Speak of the Devil

by Joseph P. Laycock

In 2013, when the state of Oklahoma erected a statue of the Ten Commandments on the grounds of the state capitol, a group calling themselves The Satanic Temple applied to erect a statue of Baphomet alongside...

Environmental Enforcement: Civil and Criminal

by Daniel Riesel

This book, by one of the nation's first environmental prosecutors, is a detailed guide to environmental enforcement for members of the regulated community and their counsel. Environmental Enforcement: Civil...

Two Treatises of Government

by Unknown & John Locke

In this influential book, John Locke outlines his theory of government. In the first part, he refutes the idea that there is any such thing as the divine right of kings. In the second, he argues that nature...

Hanging by a Thread

by Edward Chinhanu

The book is a desperate S.O.S. call by a Zimbabwean peacebuilder, Edward Chinhanu, to the world to help resolve his country?s political conflict, which has spanned 40 years, and has torn it apart. Poverty and...


by Brian C. Kalt

Since the election of President Donald Trump, the Twenty-Fifth Amendment to the Constitution - covering presidential incapacity - has been a frequent topic of public discussion. But few understand how this amendment...

Reorganizing Government

by Alejandro Camacho & Robert Glicksman

A pioneering model for constructing and assessing government authority and achieving policy goals more effectively

Regulation is frequently less successful than it could be, largely because the allocation of...

German Constitutional Law

by Christian Bumke, Andreas Voßkuhle & Andrew Hammel

This revised and fully up-to-date English translation of the 7th edition of the Casebook Verfassungsrecht includes a new outline of the German constitution, the BVerfG Court, and its jurisprudence. It condenses...

U.S. Attorneys, Political Control, and Career Ambition

by Banks Miller & Brett Curry

United States Attorneys (USAs), the chief federal prosecutors in each judicial district, are key in determining how the federal government uses coercive force against its citizens. How much control do national...

Economic Growth or a Debt Trap for Pakistan

by Dr. Shabir Choudhry

With the CPEC, Pakistan may have a new infrastructure on its land, but it is for the Chinese goods and lorries; and to advance the Chinese global agenda. Aim of the CPEC is not to empower Pakistan and its people....

The Tie Goes to Freedom

by Helen J. Knowles

At the ideological center of the Supreme Court sits Anthony M. Kennedy, whose pivotal role on the Rehnquist Court is only expected to grow in importance now that he is the lone 'swing Justice' on the Roberts...

What's Left of the Law of Integration?

by Julio Baquero Cruz

Born from the ashes of the Second World War as one of the most ambitious and successful parts of the plan for the reconstruction of Western Europe, European integration has been immersed in a deep economic and...

The Oxford Handbook of European Legal History

by Heikki Pihlajamäki, Markus D. Dubber & Mark Godfrey

European law, including both civil law and common law, has gone through several major phases of expansion in the world. European legal history thus also is a history of legal transplants and cultural borrowings,...

EU Customs Law

by Timothy Lyons

The third edition of EU Customs Law provides a fully updated treatment of legislation, new treaties and cases in the two courts of the EU especially but also in Member States. This volume also includes commentary...

Impeachment: What Everyone Needs to Know®

by Michael J. Gerhardt

Impeachment: What Everyone Needs to Know® is the step back and deep reflection on the law of impeachment that everyone needs now. Written in an accessible and lively question-and-answer format, it offers a...