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Stolen Motherhood

by Anne Maree Payne

The removal of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children from their families gained national attention in Australia following the Bringing Them Home Report in 1997. However, the voices of Indigenous parents...


by Joseph D. Kearney & Thomas W. Merrill

How did Chicago, a city known for commerce, come to have such a splendid public waterfront?its most treasured asset? Lakefront reveals a story of social, political, and legal conflict in which private and public...


by Alain Lempereur, Jacques Salzer, Aurelien Colson & Michele Pekar et al.

When negotiation fails, mediation avails other moves for an amicable resolution. Whether you are a current or future mediator or a party to a conflict, this is your essential companion to the theory, concepts,...

Discussions in Dispute Resolution

by Art Hinshaw, Andrea Kupfer Schneider & Sarah Rudolph Cole

While arbitration was robust in colonial and early America, dispute resolution lost its footing to the court system as the United States grew into a bustling and burgeoning country. And while dispute resolution...

Baby Boomer Survival Guide, Second Edition

by Barbara Rockefeller & Nick J. Tate

Fully updated and revised, this new edition of The Baby Boomer Survival Guide is the premier roadmap to retirement for anyone focused on financial security. This is a comprehensive, easy-to-understand guide...

New Jersey Arbitration Handbook 2021

by William A. Dreier & Robert E. Bartkus

New Jersey Arbitration is a firsthand guide to arbitration for practitioners and arbitrators alike, written from the perspective of what an experienced arbitrator looks for in the hearing process. Judge Dreier,...

The Humanitarian Civilian

by Rebecca Sutton

In international humanitarian law (IHL), the principle of distinction delineates the difference between the civilian and the combatant, and it safeguards the former from being intentionally targeted in armed...

The Versatility of the Real Estate Asset Class -  the Singapore Experience

by Kim Hin David Ho

Chapter 1 takes a close look at two types of heterogeneous investors (momentum and disposition) to form a unique difference model, to interpret housing price dynamics. Three parameters are crucial, namely, auto-correlation,...

Data Protection and the New UK GDPR Landscape

by Frank Suttie

With the United Kingdom?s exit from the European Union now confirmed, this new Special Report provides a practical explanation of data protection laws as they will exist in a post-EU environment. GDPR will continue,...

The Fight for Free Speech

by Ian Rosenberg

A user?s guide to understanding contemporary free speech issues in the United States

Americans today are confronted by a barrage of questions relating to their free speech freedoms. What are libel laws, and do...

Pure America

by Elizabeth Catte

Between 1927 and 1979, more than 8,000 people were involuntarily sterilized in five hospitals across the state of Virginia. From this plain and terrible fact springs Elizabeth Catte?s Pure America, a sweeping,...

On Property

by Rinaldo Walcott

From plantation rebellion to prison labour's super-exploitation, Walcott examines the relationship between policing and property.

That a man can lose his life for passing a fake $20 bill when we know our economies...

Blackstone's Civil Practice 2021

by Stuart Sime & Derek French

Blackstone's Civil Practice 2021 provides detailed commentary of unrivalled quality on the process of civil litigation. This acclaimed civil work adopts a narrative approach based on the chronology of a claim....

Divorce in China

by Xin He

Why are women still at a disadvantage in Chinese divorce courts?

Despite the increase of gender consciousness in Chinese society and a trove of legislation to protect women, why are Chinese women still disadvantaged...

Freedom From the Market

by Mike Konczal

The progressive economics writer redefines the national conversation about American freedom

“Mike Konczal [is] one of our most powerful advocates of financial reform‚ [a] heroic critic of austerity‚ and...

Civil Rights in America

by Daniel H McLinden

Here American history and American law merge into one. Key historical events and landmark legal cases fill the pages of this book. American ideals of ?All men are created equal? and ?Equal justice under law?...

Living Apart Together

by Cynthia Grant Bowman

Argues for legal reforms to protect couples who live apart but perform many of the functions of a family

Living Apart Together is an in-depth look at a new way of being a couple and ?doing family??living apart...

Children and the European Court of Human Rights

by Claire Fenton-Glynn

The European Convention on Human Rights is one of the most influential human rights documents in existence, in terms of its scope, impact, and jurisdiction. Yet it was not drafted with children, let alone children's...

Forensic Musicology and the Blurred Lines of Federal Copyright History

by Katherine M. Leo

Drawing on interdisciplinary research methods from musicological and legal scholarship, this book maps the historical terrain of forensic musicology. It examines the contributions of musical expert witnesses,...

Pennsylvania Commercial Litigation Seventh Edition (2021)

by Harry F. Kunselman

Pennsylvania Commercial Litigation is an important resource for the general practitioner that addresses procedural and substantive issues encountered in commercial litigation. In addition, it serves as a primer...