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Prescribing Together

by Warren A. Kinghorn & Abraham M. Nussbaum

What if, rather than acting only as dispensers of medication, mental health clinicians and primary care clinicians treating mental disorders were also collaborators with patients in the prescribing relationship?...

Essential Psychiatry for the Aesthetic Practitioner

by Evan A. Rieder & Richard G. Fried


Aesthetic practice requires an understanding of human psychology, yet professionals across cosmetic medicine and related fields receive no formal training...

Reading Our Minds

by Daniel Barron

What is Psychiatry and How Can We Improve It?

In the last hundred years, most of the medical sciences have progressed in immense and unforeseeable ways?except for psychiatry, which has somehow remained immune...

Transference-Focused Psychotherapy for Adolescents With Severe Personality Disorders

by Lina Normandin, Karin Ensink, Alan Weiner & Otto F. Kernberg

Transference-Focused Psychotherapy for Adolescents With Severe Personality Disorders offers clinicians a comprehensive, compassionate presentation of this specialized psychodynamic psychotherapy. Like the transference-focused...

Science Over Stigma

by Daniel B. Morehead

Recent surveys have found that the vast majority of the public believes that mental illness is real and treatable. And yet, fewer than half of people with diagnosable mental illnesses get treatment in any given...

First Episode Psychosis Services Fidelity Scale (FEPS-FS 1.0) and Manual

by Donald Addington

The First Episode Psychosis Services Fidelity Scale (FEPS-FS 1.0) is a highly reliable scale that assesses the degree to which mental health teams deliver specialized evidence-based care to people experiencing...

Oxford Textbook of Migrant Psychiatry

by Dinesh Bhugra

Migrant psychiatry is an evolving subdiscipline within cultural psychiatry that deals with the impact of migration on the mental health of those who have migrated and those who work with these groups and provide...

In the Aftermath of the Pandemic

by John C. Markowitz

In the Aftermath of the Pandemic is an accessible treatment manual enabling psychotherapists to use Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT) to address the psychological consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic and other...

Reflections of a Psychiatrist

by Shailja Chaturvedi

This book illustrates one of the most significant phases of international development of psychiatry with emphasis on Australian psychiatry and its recognition as the fundamental branch of medicine. Every sensation...


by William Breitbart, Phyllis Butow, Paul Jacobsen & Wendy Lam et al.

Originally published in 1998, Psycho-Oncology was the first comprehensive text in the field and remains the gold standard today. Previously led by Dr. Jimmie C. Holland, the founder of the field, this new edition...

Prenatal Alcohol Exposure

by Mansfield Mela

Prenatal Alcohol Exposure: A Clinician's Guide provides comprehensive, clinically relevant information for mental health practitioners and professionals in educational, vocational, legal, child welfare, and...

Psychiatric Ethics

by Sidney Bloch & Stephen A. Green

Ethical issues inherent in psychiatric research and clinical practice are invariably complex and multi-faceted. Well-reasoned ethical decision-making is essential to deal effectively with patients and promote...

University and Public Behavioral Health Organization Collaboration in Justice Contexts

by Kirk Heilbrun, H. Jean Wright, Ii, Christy Giallella & David DeMatteo

Public behavioral health organizations serving those involved in the criminal justice system, such as problem-solving courts, correctional facilities, and parole or probation, often lack the necessary resources...

Anoreksija, neizrekljiva praznina

by Ignac Schmidt

Anoreksija je najbolj smrtonosna duševna bolezen, zapiše avtor v prvem poglavju. Vprašanja so se mu vselej zdela pomembnejša kot odgovori, ki so ne glede na to, ali so bili to?ni ali napa?ni, vedno znova...

The Pathophysiology of Psyche

by Darko Pozder

Mental health is ever changing and vibrant; this book looks at various aspects of depression, borderline personality disorder, narcissism, posttraumatic stress disorder and schizophrenia. Chapter 1 begins by...

Psychiatry Reborn: Biopsychosocial psychiatry in modern medicine

by Will Davies, Julian Savalescu, Rebecca Roache & J. Pierre Loebel

Psychiatry Reborn: Biopsychosocial Psychiatry in Modern Medicine is a comprehensive collection of essays by leading experts in the field, and provides a timely reassessment of the biopsychosocial approach in...

The Maudsley Practice Guidelines for Physical Health Conditions in Psychiatry

by David M. Taylor, Fiona Gaughran & Toby Pillinger

Learn to improve your assessment, investigation, and management of physical health conditions in people with severe mental illness 

The Maudsley Practice Guidelines for Physical Health Conditions in...

Treatment of Stress Response Syndromes

by Mardi J. Horowitz

Stress is a universal condition. However, severe stress related to loss, trauma, and/or terror necessitates an integrated approach, one that was pioneered nearly 20 years ago with the publication of Treatment...

Oxford Textbook of Neuropsychiatry

by Niruj Agrawal, Rafey Faruqui & Mayur Bodani

A survey of over 900 trainees at the Royal College of Psychiatrists (RCPsych) in the United Kingdom showed that over three-quarters of psychiatry trainees desired some knowledge and training in the field of...

Mental Health Ontologies

by Janna Hastings

Mental health presents one of the defining public health challenges of our time. Proponents of different conceptions of what mental illness is wage war for the hearts and minds of patients, practitioners, policy-makers,...