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CT Teaching Manual

by Matthias Hofer

Ideal for residents starting in radiology and radiologic technologists, this concise manual is the perfect introduction to the physics and practice of CT and the interpretation of basic CT images. Designed as...

All Things New

by Erin McCole Cupp

It?s time to break the cycle.

Not every family is the perfect model of Catholic family life. Some of us approach parenting still wounded by childhood experiences that were less than ideal. When we start our...

Day by Day

by Joanna Griffin

The impact of finding out your child is disabled can be wide ranging. The author?s experience as a psychologist and parent of a disabled child informs this book which focuses on what helps, and hinders, parent-carers?...

Creative Polymer Clay

by Heidi Helyard

  • The only contemporary book on polymer clay jewellery, which has moved on considerably in recent years.
  • Includes simple techniques and designs that can be made easily at home with a domestic oven ? a perfect...

Talking Back

by Rowland G. Hazard

Talking Back delivers tools for rebuilding an active life and enjoying the benefits of wellness, even if you cannot get rid of your chronic back pain.

Talking Back brings the reader into the classroom with people...

Exploring American Girlhood through 50 Historic Treasures

by Ashley E. Remer & Tiffany R. Isselhardt

Who are the girls that helped build America?

Conventional history books shed little light on the influence and impact of girls’ contributions to society and culture. This oversight is challenged by Girl Museum...

Riding History to Death

by Karol MODZELEWSKI, Irena Grudzinska Gross & Frank L. Vigoda

This powerful memoir traces the life of Karol Modzelewski, one of the preeminent Polish dissidents of the twentieth century. With humor and perception, Modzelewski describes his formative years. Born in 1937...

Gen Z

by Regina Luttrell & Karen McGrath

Explores how Gen Z is a generation to be admired and celebrated for their superhero qualities.

From the authors of The Millennial Mindset: Unraveling Fact from Fiction, comes this thought-provoking in-depth consideration...

Exploring Utah's Bears Ears and Cedar Mesa

by Andrew Weber

Explore Bears Ears and Cedar Mesa is a comprehensive guide to 25 of the best destinations within one of America’s newest national monuments. Whether you’re a hiker or backpacker looking for the route that...

Resounding the Sublime

by Miranda Eva Stanyon

What does the sublime sound like? Harmonious, discordant, noisy, rustling, silent? Miranda Eva Stanyon rereads and resounds this crucial aesthetic category in English and German literatures of the long eighteenth...

Does It Hurt When I Do This?

by Mark Salamon

Get moving on that injury with this humorous guide to rehabilitation from the comfort of your home!

Does it Hurt When I Do This? is designed to educate readers on the workings of the human body, how to keep...

Change Your Life's Direction

by Jim Taylor, PhD

Jim Taylor explores how to harness the four forces that can control our “life-inertia” and propel our lives in the direction of our OWN choosing: values, self-esteem, ownership, and emotions.

Many people...

Our Father Who Art in Heaven

by Veronica Ame

The first response to God's desire was the creation of man. The first response to God's need was the creation of woman. Men were created as god. He created them in the express image of Himself, a lover. The...

The Door Is Open

by Darlene Gaston

Jesus opened the door for the whole world, the entire human race, for all time, and invited all of us to live in God's portion.

When we know that we know for 100 percent surety, within our core values, that God...

Steroids Stole My Summer

by D. P. John

Prepare for the unpredictable. While steroids can effectively treat many conditions, they can have devastating physical and psychological side effects.

Ryan had not been sleeping normally for three weeks, due...

What Is the New Jerusalem?

by David Jensen

We all know about how we were taught that when we die we will stand before Peter at the pearly gates and he holds a book determining if we are worthy of entering the gates of heaven. We were told we will be...


by Edward L. Wallace B.Ed. Msc.

Omniflex is a unique training system that incorporates five kinds of muscle contractions, five classes of muscle fibers, combined with time under load, tonnage, intensity, and periodization. Current Eastern...

Got Cancer Yet?

by Eric R. Broome

Got cancer yet? Is a story of my life written by me from memory, based on my life story from childhood until now. Some of the beginning of the story was told to me by my parents, uncles, and aunts, and the only...

Treasure Buried in the Field

by Dick Walters

Bible prophecy is fast fulfilling. Daniel 12:1 tells us that there is

coming "---a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a

nation even to that time---"

A Christian author, Ellen White, years ago wrote,...

Around the World in Seventy-Two Days

by Bly & Frances E. Willard

First published in 1890, ?Around the World in Seventy-Two Days? is a chronicle of Elizabeth Seaman's record-breaking trip around the world in the footsteps of Jules Verne's fictional character Phileas Fogg....