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The Book of Talismans Amulets and Zodiacal Gems

by William Thomas & Kate Pavitt

Symbolism of precious stones study. How they have been used as magical objects through the ages, both intrinsically, and as a vehicle for symbolic engravings. The book covers Hindu, Jewish, Chinese, Egyptian,...

The Magic of Astrology

by Sasha Fenton

Are you an emotional Scorpio who needs to pour out your latest drama to your friends and relatives? Perhaps you’re an uptight Capricorn who keeps all your feeling to yourself? Are you a flirtatious Libran,...

The Ultimate Guide to Astrology

by Tanaaz Chubb

The Ultimate Guide to Astrology is a modern and appealing approach to the most popular aspects of astrology—the signs and the planets—from leading astrologer Tanaaz Chubb of the wildly popular Instagram...

Astrology:  Its Worldview & Implications

by Joseph Howard Tyson

J. H. Tyson writes that astrology is neither a science nor pseudoscience. It falls into the category of crafts which somehow work, though science can?t fathom why. In that respect it resembles acupuncture and...

The Complete Guide to Astrological Self-Care

by Stephanie Gailing

The keys to wellness are written in the stars. In The Complete Guide to Astrological Self-Care, astrologer Stephanie Gailing shares a modern-day approach to the ancient healing art of medical astrology. 


Mindful Astrology

by Monte Farber & Amy Zerner

In Mindful Astrology, best-selling master astrologers Monte Farber and Amy Zerner teach you how to use the essentials of astrology to more mindfully navigate your life and your relationships.

Ever wonder what’s...

The Apocalypse of the Aquarian Age

by Albert Amao Soria Ph.D.

Humanity has stepped at the beginning of the Water-Carrier Age?s threshold. Its influence is gradually being felt in all areas of life. This is the time for spiritual renewal and the turning point for the shifting...

Write Your Own Horoscope

by Jane Struthers

Become the master of your own life and destiny with Write Your Own Horoscope.

  • learn why you behave in the way you do
  • improve decision making
  • flourish in the workplace
  • discover your best love matches
  • cultivate more...

The Kybalion

by Three Initiates

We take great pleasure in presenting to the attention of students and investigators of the Secret Doctrines this little work based upon the world-old Hermetic Teachings. There has been so little written upon...

The Mysteries of Magic - A Digest of the Writings of Eliphas Levi

by Arthur Edward Waite

?The Mysteries Of Magic? is a 1927 work by A. E. Waite that explores the life and work of Éliphas Lévi Zahed (1810 ? 1875), a French occult author and ceremonial magician. Arthur Edward Waite (1857 ? 1942),...

The Astrology Fix

by Theresa Cheung

Heal and flourish with The Astrology Fix. Bestselling astrology and dreams author Theresa Cheung answers daily dilemmas with expertly-crafted cosmic cures.

Are you stressed and overwhelmed? Lost and seeking...

Horary Astrology

by Giampiero Tirelli in arte Antares Stanislas

Horary astrology is a branch of astrology that answers detailed questions in a prompt, simple and reliable way. Horary astrology is more and more appreciated by people who feel passion for this sector and generates...

Myths and Legends of the Navagraha

by Nesa Arumugam

Nesa Arumugam writes with passion about themes she chooses. Added to this, her meticulous research and careful scholarship make her a trustworthy author of non-fiction. Her books have an easy literary style...

10-Minute Moon Rituals

by Simone Butler

10-Minute Moon Rituals is a brief, accessible, and practical introduction to ancient moon worship, the moon signs, moon phases, and guidance on working with each sign as the moon passes through it.

Moon Magic

by Aurora Kane

Harness the power of the magical, mystical, glorious Moon with more than 100 spells, chants, and rituals, along with Esbat celebrations for the Full Moon.

The Moon is one of our most prominent and ancient symbols....

Astrology For Dummies

by Rae Orion

What can the starry skies tell you about yourself and others? More than you might imagine. 

For over four thousand years, people have watched the skies, correlating the movements of the Sun, the Moon, and the...

Nasty Astrology

by Richard MacDonald

Exploring exactly what hidden demons lurk within other people’s psyches, Nasty Astrology reveals all the unspoken truths about people’s star signs.

Aren’t you bored with all the astrology books that tell...

War Impulse Pattern

by Wayne A. Moody

Astrology provides intelligence to forecast and plan our actions in all manner of day-to-day concerns and I believe that major collective concerns, like seasons in the economy and war, benefit from the same...

The Zodiac and the Salts of Salvation

by George W. Carey

First published in 1932, ?The Zodiac and the Salts of Salvation? is a thorough introduction to homeopathy and astrology written by George Washington Carey and Inez Eudora Perry. Dr. Carey was born in 1845 and...

Cosmic Crystals

by Ashley Leavy

Cosmic Crystals shows you how to work with the phases and signs of the moon to energize and amplify the power of your crystals.

Living in sync with the rhythm of the lunar cycle is a powerful way to stay aligned...