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The Farmer

by Rich Cole

All old Keith wanted was to live his last days in rural Lakeside with his dog, Booster, and his horse in his empty farm. But sometimes we don't get what we want. We get the opposite...

Keith gets pulled back...

The fence in the Precordium

by Rosario Stefanelli

Theatre. The fence in the Precordium

Marmalade Lies

by Rosario Stefanelli


The Di Matteo family lost their beloved daughter Lare. Colmar, the father, not accepting the disappearance, gave birth to the void. Paula, the wife, has gone along with her husband's choice to see...


by Andrew A. Erish

In Vitagraph, Andrew A. Erish provides the first comprehensive examination and reassessment of the company most responsible for defining and popularizing the American movie. This history challenges long-accepted...

Drafts by Mum

by Rosario Stefanelli


Linda and Alfredo are two brothers. They pursue their mother, who is not very present because of her work, in different ways. The two evoke her, amid imaginations and rages, illusions and fury, hypocrisy...

Primal Dreams

by Hank Fredo

Four college students (Adam, Simon, Mia and Laurene) embark on a journey towards a jungle that turns out to be more than they could’ve ever imagined. The tribe living in the jungle, and its way of living,...

The Shameful Good

by Rosario Stefanelli

Theatre. Alex, sentenced to death for fraud, can fulfil one last wish. He decides to meet some of the people he has made suffer. But his intention is anything but a request for forgiveness.

N o t h i n g  i s  O u r s

by Rosario Stefanelli

Theatre. Rebelling against a script that has already been written is not easy. But when you break your pride and realise that nothing is yours, maybe it is possible. 

'Nothing is ours. Embrace passion action....

Acting Action

by Hugh O'Gorman

“What is it that we’re doing, when we’re acting well?” This is the question famously posed by Earle Gister, the legendary head of the acting department at Yale School of Drama from 1979 to 1999. In Acting...

Historical Dictionary of Modern Japanese Literature and Theater

by J. Scott Miller

With the Meiji Restoration in 1868, Japan opened its doors to the West and underwent remarkable changes as it sought to become a modern nation. Accompanying the political changes that Western trade ushered in...

Even God will have his citizenship income

by Rosario Stefanelli

Theatre. Monologue

Revolution against talent. The talents have been imprisoned to stop the devastating effects of technological development on humanity. Thomas, a former researcher, has offered to watch over...

Wild Nights Out

by Chris Salisbury & Chris Packham

 "A fun, inventive adventure guide about helping children explore nature after dark . . . Its activities are a great excuse to turn off the television, set down smartphones, and explore the rich, mysterious...

The Landlords

by Rich Cole

"The Landlords" is a brief but imaginative story exploring the relations between the modern human race and a group of aliens called The Landlords who reveal to us that we have only been allowed to exist on planet...

Sustainable sh*t

by Hank Fredo

Robert is a successful creative at Publicus and Partners.

For a long time, Robert has been dealing with an inner turmoil, always embracing any new trend. To people around him, his life is perfect.

However, when...


by Rosario Stefanelli

THEATRE. Luana ran away to the tree to escape the adult world. When her father dies, gripped by a sense of guilt for not having been there for him, even though he induced her to be a coward, she decides to face...

L o w r a t e b a s t a r d

by Rosario Stefanelli


Low rates stimulate leverage.Mike, a banker struck by lightning on his way to Central Park, is convinced that they could also stimulate the stupidity of many entrepreneurs.  That's why he decides...

Memories stink

by Rosario Stefanelli


Abel tries to win back his loved ones by annihilating the past. The illusion of making up for lost time and the stubbornness of an impossible goal will push him to raise the stakes beyond all limits....

The usufructuary of my intestine

by Rosario Stefanelli


False certainties cannot last forever. Sooner or later the intermediary arrives who frees unheard voices so as not to suffer. This will happen to Goffredo in his relationship with his sick father.

F o r g i v e n e s s  i s  l i k e  a  t r a n s p l a n t

by Rosario Stefanelli

Theatre. Drama in three acts. Six characters



JOSH, son-in-law of Anselmo

TINA, daughter of Anselmo



BENJAMIN, son of Tina and Josh

'Room in a therapeutic centre for psychological...

Mr Skill

by Rosario Stefanelli

Theatre. MisterAbilia 

'ANASTASIO He is the sun. As long as he is there, everyone can retreat into his own individuality and flow undisturbed with his fantasies. It needs to eclipse so that you can embrace and...