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Drafts by Mum

by Rosario Stefanelli


Linda and Alfredo are two brothers. They pursue their mother, who is not very present because of her work, in different ways. The two evoke her, amid imaginations and rages, illusions and fury, hypocrisy...


by Rosario Stefanelli

THEATRE. Luana ran away to the tree to escape the adult world. When her father dies, gripped by a sense of guilt for not having been there for him, even though he induced her to be a coward, she decides to face...

L o w r a t e b a s t a r d

by Rosario Stefanelli


Low rates stimulate leverage.Mike, a banker struck by lightning on his way to Central Park, is convinced that they could also stimulate the stupidity of many entrepreneurs.  That's why he decides...

Memories stink

by Rosario Stefanelli


Abel tries to win back his loved ones by annihilating the past. The illusion of making up for lost time and the stubbornness of an impossible goal will push him to raise the stakes beyond all limits....

F o r g i v e n e s s  i s  l i k e  a  t r a n s p l a n t

by Rosario Stefanelli

Theatre. Drama in three acts. Six characters



JOSH, son-in-law of Anselmo

TINA, daughter of Anselmo



BENJAMIN, son of Tina and Josh

'Room in a therapeutic centre for psychological...

Mr Skill

by Rosario Stefanelli

Theatre. MisterAbilia 

'ANASTASIO He is the sun. As long as he is there, everyone can retreat into his own individuality and flow undisturbed with his fantasies. It needs to eclipse so that you can embrace and...

T h e g u n c u m l a u d e

by Rosario Stefanelli


Matteo Giuseppe, a lifelong student and model young man, returns home after his umpteenth university exam. In front of his anxious parents, he places a pistol on the dining room table.

I will kill the pain

by Rosario Stefanelli

Theatre. For Adelchi, pain is a business, for Charlie it represents his roots, for Cecilia it is a cage from which to escape as soon as possible, for Giorgio it is a necessary consolation to keep going for hours...

T h e r a i n b o w o n t h e a l t a r

by Rosario Stefanelli

Theatre. Welcoming is embodied in the host's ability to offer opportunities. Where there is closure and fear, a slow, patient and understanding listening process is needed

RENATO Your life, dear Don, cannot be...

The Guardian of Degrees

by Rosario Stefanelli



WILLIAM, Lighthouse keeper

GLANDER, Bishop, former Schutzstaffel


DON VALERIO, Entrepreneur thirsty for profitable business

RAMONA, Don Valerio's carer

MIKE, Don Valerio's priest son

ASIM, mutilated...

T h e ' O u t s i d e r s ’

by Rosario Stefanelli

Theatre. The 'Outsiders' have fire inside. Only if they embrace a high and noble sense will they have the ardour to spit it out.

T h e  N o b l e  B e t r a y a l o f a  B a r b a r i a n  J u m p

by Rosario Stefanelli


Vin, a dancer accused of high treason by his homeland, for having repaired to other territories, is kidnapped and taken to a disused train carriage. The kidnapper is a former dancer, who one day had...

A dream doesn't have these hands, its heart doesn't beat as fast and it doesn't even have that desperation that makes you jump from thirty feet

by Rosario Stefanelli

Theater. 'A dream doesn't have these hands, its heart doesn't beat as fast, and it doesn't even have that desperation that makes you jump from a hundred feet.'

If he hands you a gun, don't turn his stupidity into an act of supremacy

by Rosario Stefanelli

Theater. Dedicated to all women victims of a permanent genocide

Crumbs of Glory on three thousand kites

by Rosario Stefanelli

Theater. Any choice, from the family man to the priest, from the fundamentalist artist to the single woman for life, acquires value if it is carried out in a noble way. Otherwise one drowns in misery, despite...

Dramatism and Musical Theater

by Kimberly Eckel Beasley & James P. Beasley

Dramatism and Musical Theater: Experiments in Rhetorical Performance is an innovative workbook for both students and teachers in advanced communication performance. Meeting at the nexus of English composition,...

Supraconscious—The Genius Within You

by Maria Olon Tsaroucha

This book is the core textbook of a quantum science of acting on stage and in life. At a time when the arts and sciences converge more than ever, PAD speaks about a contemporary, tangible meta-physics, fusing...

Playwriting in Schools

by John Newman

John Newman invites teachers to take their students on a playwriting voyage in Playwriting in Schools. The book examines how students who learn to write plays and work with a professional playwright in residence...

All Quiet on the West End Front

by William Rycroft

War Horse is the most successful show in the National Theatre’s history. After two seasons at the NT it transferred to London’s West End and it was here that William Rycroft joined the company for what he...

Australian Theatre, Modernism and Patrick White

by Denise Varney & Sandra D'Urso

In the early 1960s the board of governors of the Adelaide Festival of Arts in Australia rejected two Patrick White plays, The Ham Funeral in 1962 and Night on Bald Mountain in 1964. Australian Theatre, Modernism...