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Poetry of the Heart and Mind

by Matthews,C.C.

Poetry of the Heart and Mind is not simply just about loss, love, and pain. It's much more than that. The author wanted to convey simple words to bring out the deepest emotions many people choose not to show...

The Bird of Time

by Sarojini Naidu & Mint Editions

The Bird of Time (1912) is a poetry collection by Sarojini Naidu. Naidu’s second book of English verse is steeped in the Romantic tradition while entirely conscious of the present political strife of her native...

A Collection of Poems and Prose

by Kathleen LaLor

Kathleen LaLor Knows peace and serenity today she is bipolar and has been writing these poems and prose since 1987. She is still alive and taking her medicine. Repenting every day with Jesus as my savior.

The Storm

by Lindsey Kay Atkinson

If you've ever felt heartbreak, depression, confusion, fear, anxiety, sadness or loneliness after a breakup, know that you're not alone. In order to heal, we must first acknowledge the pain and address the wound....

My Pen in the Hands of the Lord

by Milagros Arzola

My Pen in the Hands of the Lord has the goal of conveying my intimate desire to transmit a positive message that nurtures all of my fellow humans in need. This collection of poems is also a song of praise for...

God's Messages of Love

by Wallace,Patricia

God's Messages of Love

Every one cries in their heart, "Please, Love Me."

Even, my Jack Russell dog wants to be loved.

In return, he is happy to see me.

God's Love is what everyone needs for peace

joy and hope...

Curtisy Poetry

by Curtis Cooper

Poetry to inspire, encourage, and motivate you, the reader. Better sit back, relax, and take a break. Today's the day we drift away.


Harut Kostandyan. Literary Works/Յարութ Կոստանդեան. Երկեր

by Harut Kostandyan / Յարութ Կոստանդեան

The following volume of Diaspora series presents the literary works of Harut Kostandyan. It includes the poems, prose, and letters of the French-Armenian writer.

«Սփյուռք» մատենաշարի սույն...

Poems that go beyond what the eye might see.

by Paul,Alexander

I hope you enjoyed reading these poems by Alexander Paul.

From Popping out to Moving out : a Guide to Growing up Good

by Dr. Dickie Marks

Suddenly I’m rudely evicted from Mommy’s moist, dark, but totally protective care. Strangers with blue masks are oohing and aahing. Then they spank me! I can’t talk, but I sure can see what’s going on....


by Kiara Starteri

Continue into a world of emotions and a new chapter of the story with the sequel to Breathe. Dive into the next chapter by looking through a woman's eyes into relationships, new beginnings, and internal and...

Fill My Cup

by Stephanie Pitre-Kirk

Fill My Cup is a series of poems designed to encourage, motivate and strengthen all of us during a time of darkness in the USA and around the world. There are poems about life, family, education, and inspiration...


by Krisha Anant

… These ideas are not truths

And in this world of duality

We are the youths -

We choose our own reality.

Krisha Anant understands the world can be both wonderful and cruel, and that her reactions to events have...


by Georgie Woodhead

Takeaway unflinchingly observes a world where everyone is doing their best to survive, often through a lens of the mealtimes that bring us together and set us apart; whether that's a takeaway eaten in a car...

Have a nice weekend I think you're interesting

by Lucy Holt

Have a nice weekend I think you’re interesting is a collection of poetry about hometowns and distance. It considers relationships, anxieties and sincerity, and is obsessed with hypothetical mothers in law,...

Ugly Bird

by Lauren Hollingsworth-Smith

Ugly Bird is bolshy and funny and unapologetic. With subjects ranging from public nudity and polyamorous dunnocks to women who run with wolves, these tender poems appreciate human relationships and the natural...

Aunty Uncle Poems

by Gboyega Odubanjo

This is a documentation of all the aunties, uncles, cousins (by blood or by choice) for whom London has become home. Here we have arrived, or found ourselves – here we try to belong.

The Complete Poetical Works of Percy Bysshe Shelley Volume II

by Percy Bysshe Shelley & Mint Editions

The Complete Poetical Works of Percy Bysshe Shelley Volume II (1914) compiles some of Percy Bysshe Shelley’s best-known works as a leading poet, playwright, and political thinker of the nineteenth century....

Bronze: A Book of Verse

by Douglas Georgia Johnson & Mint Editions

Bronze (1922) is a collection of poetry by Georgia Douglas Johnson. As Johnson’s second published volume, Bronze is an invaluable work of African American literature for scholars and poetry enthusiasts alike....

Sown at the seams with wildflowers

by Laura Roberts

This book offers to hold your hand when the world goes dark. It speaks from the silence, of a way back home to the luminescent light of the soul.

Containing promises she felt from heaven, and transcribed from...