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Creative Play-Based DBT Activities for Children and Their Caregivers

by Kellie Giorgio Camelford, Krystal Vaughn & Erin Dugan

Children feel emotions in many ways. At times, the intensity of children’s emotions can create difficulties at school, home, and social settings, and obstruct children’s relationships with others in their...

Outcry Response

by Kathleen Davis

Outcry Response is a book about sexual abuse for educators and administrators of all private and public learning institutions, organizations, and nontraditional settings. How to listen, respond, report, and...

Psychiatric Casualties

by Mark Russell & Charles Figley

The psychological toll of war is vast, and the social costs of war’s psychiatric casualties extend even further. Yet military mental health care suffers from extensive waiting lists, organizational scandals,...

Sin Sick

by Joshua Pederson

In Sin Sick, Joshua Pederson draws on the latest research about identifying and treating the pain of perpetration to advance and deploy a literary theory of moral injury that addresses fictional representations...

Disturbing Spirits

by Beverly A. Tsacoyianis

This book investigates the psychological toll of conflict in the Middle East during the twentieth century, including discussion of how spiritual and religious frameworks influence practice and theory.

The concept...

Decoding Madness

by Richard Ph.D Lettieri

Dealing with some of the most heinous crimes imaginable, forensic neuropsychologist and psychoanalyst Dr. Richard Lettieri gives a behind-the-scenes look at criminal psychology through case studies from his...

That's Not What I Meant!

by Leah Sefor

What if you could learn a new way of communicating that could instantly improve all of the relationships in your life? If you are fighting with your partner, feeling disconnected from your family, getting frustrated...

Summary of The God Equation

by Alexander Cooper

Summary of The God Equation

Chapter 1: The same year Galileo Galilei died a broken man in his prison cell, another legend was born in London. For Kaku, Isaac Newton is the greatest scientist who has ever lived,...

Running, Thinking, Writing

by Jackie Hoermann-Elliott

For the creative fulfillment of writers who identify as runners, walkers, or movers, Running, Thinking, Writing: Embodied Cognition in Composition unveils the varied understandings of the relationship between...

Are we born to drive?

by Marco Mazzocco

Compared to a vehicle, our brain processes data at a speed of about 8 km/h (approx. 5 mi/h), even if we are driving at 130 km/h (approx. 80 mi/h). We often underestimate the complexity of the act of driving....

The Happiness Revolution

by Andy Cope & Paul McGee

A new book by two of the biggest powerhouses in positive psychology and personal development – Dr Andy Cope and Professor Paul McGee

Happiness. We chase it, we crave it…it’s so in demand… yet so scarce...

Complete Hypnotism

by A. Alpheus

Theories explaining what occurs during hypnosis. Altered state theories see hypnosis as an altered state of mind or trance, marked by a level of awareness different from the ordinary conscious state. Nonstate...

Best Herbal Medicine and Healing Food From Nature to Prevent Insomnia Plus Make Sleep Better English Edition

by Jannah Firdaus Mediapro

Best Herbal Medicine and Healing Food From Nature to Prevent Insomnia Plus Make Sleep Better English Edition Ebook Version

Insomnia is characterized by an inability to obtain a sufficient amount of sleep to feel...

Healing with Nature

by Rochelle Calvert & Mark Coleman

Reconnect with Your Body and Nature to Heal from Trauma

As psychologist and mindfulness teacher Rochelle Calvert explores in this powerful book, one of the greatest sources of healing from trauma is all around...


by Jason Schnittker

Anxiety is not new. Yet now more than ever, anxiety seems to define our times. Anxiety disorders are the most common psychiatric disorders in the United States, exceeding mood, impulse-control, and substance-use...

The Way Out

by Peter T. Coleman

The partisan divide in the United States has widened to a chasm. Legislators vote along party lines and rarely cross the aisle. Political polarization is personal, too—and it is making us miserable. Surveys...

It’s Your Attitude

by Chris Thurman

Your attitude makes or breaks you in life. We all have attitudes that are toxic and damaging to our lives, and we all have healthy attitudes that help us to experience life in full. Have you ever wondered what...

Literacy Heroines

by Alice S. Horning

Literacy Heroines is about twelve amazing women who lived and worked in the period 1880-1930 who used their literacy abilities to address major issues in the country in those years, including some we still face...

The Machinery of the Mind

by Dion Fortune

ORIGINALLY given as a popular lecture course, this little book does not pretend to be a contribution to the formidable array of psychological literature. It is intended for those who have neither the time nor...

A Handbook of Mathematical Methods and Problem-Solving Tools for Introductory Physics (Second Edition)

by Joshua F Whitney & Heather M Whitney

This is a companion textbook for an introductory course in physics. The purpose is to thoroughly link the theories students learn in class with actual problem-solving techniques. In other words, it addresses...