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Anoreksija, neizrekljiva praznina

by Ignac Schmidt

Anoreksija je najbolj smrtonosna duševna bolezen, zapiše avtor v prvem poglavju. Vprašanja so se mu vselej zdela pomembnejša kot odgovori, ki so ne glede na to, ali so bili to?ni ali napa?ni, vedno znova...

Creating Change for Vulnerable Teens

by Tish Feilden & Jonathan Dimbleby

Creating Change for Vulnerable Teens tells the story of Tish Feilden and Jamie's Farm - a network of therapeutic farms dedicated to transforming the lives of disadvantaged children.

Documenting Tish's experiences...

Creating Change for Vulnerable Teens

by Tish Feilden & Jonathan Dimbleby

Creating Change for Vulnerable Teens tells the story of Tish Feilden and Jamie's Farm - a network of therapeutic farms dedicated to transforming the lives of disadvantaged children.

Documenting Tish's experiences...

Understanding ADHD - A Conversation with Stephen Hinshaw

by Howard Burton

This book is based on an in-depth, filmed conversation between Howard Burton and Stephen Hinshaw, Professor of Psychology at UC Berkeley. Stephen Hinshaw is an expert in the fields of clinical child and adolescent...

The Adulteration of Children’s Sports

by Kristi Erdal

The Adulteration of Children’s Sports explores current behavioral and physiological research about how children’s organized sport has changed; how adults’ goals and needs are at the heart of those changes;...

I Am Not a Juvenile Delinquent

by Sharon Charde

Letting It Go—A Bereaving Mother, Delinquent Girls, and the Power of Rehabilitative Poetry Therapy

"Anyone who has suffered and cares about our world (that probably includes everyone) will be moved and changed...

Dream Psychology

by Sigmund Freud

Sigmund Freud was an Austrian neurologist and the founder of psychoanalysis, a clinical method for treating psychopathology through dialogue between a patient and a psychoanalyst. Freud was born to Galician...


by Anne Kim

Winner of the 2020 Goddard Riverside Stephan Russo Book Prize for Social Justice

A deeply affecting exposé of America's hidden crisis of disconnected youth, in the tradition of Matthew Desmond and Adrian Nicole...

The Incredible Teenage Brain

by Jane Gilmour, Bettina Hohnen, Tara Murphy & Douglas Broadley et al.

This book is a must read for anyone parenting, teaching or supporting teens, who wants to empower them to reach their potential. Written by a team of clinical psychologists, it leads you through tried and tested...

Pause and Reset

by Nancy M. Petry

Over 90% of children and adolescents play electronic or computerized games, and 25% play for three hours a day or even longer. Although some degree of video game playing is normal, excessive playing can negatively...

Healing Self-Injury

by Janis Whitlock & Elizabeth E. Lloyd-Richardson

Subtle scars disappearing up a shirt sleeve, unexplained bruises, burn marks. As many as one out of every four young people engage in non-suicidal self-injury, defined as the deliberate destruction of body tissue...

Who Stole My Child?

by Carl Pickhardt

Expert guidance for parents on growing up their kids

Psychologist Carl Pickhardt offers insight from his thirty years of experience counseling caregivers on how to navigate the adolescent development process?from...

The Oxford Handbook of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology

by Thomas H. Ollendick, Susan W. White & Bradley A. White

At the founding in 1896 of the first psychological clinic dedicated to children and adolescents, the study of the psychological treatment of young people lagged behind that of adults, and the basic psychopathology...

Developing the Whole Person

by Tom Mccarthy

Using the professional life of psychologist-educator Thomas N. McCarthy as a touchstone, Developing the Whole Person: A Practitioner?s Tale of Counseling, College, and the American Promise explores the achievements...

Great Myths of Adolescence

by Jeremy D. Jewell, Michael I. Axelrod, Mitchell J. Prinstein & Stephen Hupp

A research-based guide to debunking commonly misunderstood myths about adolescence

Great Myths of Adolescence contains the evidence-based science that debunks the myths and commonly held misconceptions concerning...

Children and Crime

by Connie M. Tang

Children and Crime offers a multidisciplinary and research-based approach to the study of child maltreatment and juvenile delinquency. Connie M. Tang first examines children as victims of maltreatment, exploring...

Minnesota Symposia on Child Psychology

by Jed T. Elison & Maria D. Sera

Social relationships play a central role in the evolution and development of human culture and cognition. Volume 39 of the Minnesota Symposium on Child Psychology (Development of the Social Brain) adresses the...

Cracking the Boy Code

by Adam Cox

Learn the secret language of boys and how to reconnect

All too quickly, talkative, affectionate young boys seem to slip away. Adolescents may be transformed overnight into reclusive, seemingly impenetrable young...

Difficult Boys

by Madison J. Taylor

The difficult boy stands clearly differentiated in my mind from the backward-minded or irresponsible boy, although there are grounds on which they may become merged. The difficult boy, as I conceive him, is...

Handbook of Adolescent Development Research and Its Impact on Global Policy

by Jennifer E. Lansford & Prerna Banati

Of the 1.2 billion adolescents in the world today, 90% live in low- and middle-income countries. These adolescents face many challenges in their lives. Enrollment in secondary schools is still low in many parts...