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by Buckley F.H.

Curiosity is the instinct that prompts us to act, and a book about curiosity should tell us how to live. This is the first to do so, with its twelve rules for life.

While a fatal sin in Eden, curiosity is a necessary...

Handbook on the State of the Art in Applied Psychology

by Peter Graf & David J. A. Dozois

Learn the most up-to-date developments in applied psychology with one authoritative collection

The Handbook on the State of the Art in Applied Psychology delivers 19 state-of-the-art addresses on a selected...

A psychotherapy? No... A Lifetime...

by Madeline Bosio

Sometimes the therapeutic journey brings up a strong need to “fix” its most significant stages. So it happens that the person discovers a poetic vein in speaking and narrating. It’s owing to this, that...

Short-Circuit and betrayal in child sexual abuse

by Madeline Bosio

The book describes a research in the field of child sex abuse. The intent is to point out specific aspects which will lead to a complete psychological recovery from trauma using the “Experiential Model”...


by Madeline Bosio

The book explains and describes the pathways leading to neurotic behaviours, beginning from early years of life, when we set up behavioural patterns that turn out to be fallatious, as regard our needs as well...

The Wiley Encyclopedia of Health Psychology

by Lee Cohen

Organized thematically as an A to Z reference encyclopedia across 4 volumes, this comprehensive resource on health psychology provides a concise overview of the ever-expanding interdisciplinary field. 


Quiet Is a Superpower

by Jill Chang

“A must-have book for today's quiet warriors.”

—Susan Cain, New York Times bestselling author of Quiet and Quiet Power and cofounder of Quiet Revolution 

How does a self-described "extreme introvert" thrive...

The Psychology of Global Citizenship

by Iva Katzarska-Miller & Stephen Reysen

In The Psychology of Global Citizenship: A Review of Theory and Research, Stephen Reysen and

Iva Katzarska-Miller provide a theoretical and empirical overview of global citizenship and

related concepts. The...

Rules of Reason

by Bo PhD Bennett

Weak claims are responsible for a significant amount of deception resulting in smart people believing things that aren't true.

Claims are constantly being made, many of which are confusing, ambiguous, too general...

AP®  Psychology Crash Course, For the New 2020 Exam, Book + Online

by Larry Krieger

For the New 2020 Exam!

AP® Psychology Crash Course®

A Higher Score in Less Time!

At REA, we invented the quick-review study guide for AP® exams. A decade later, REA?s Crash Course® remains the top choice...

Find Your Flow

by Sarah Gregg

Flow is an optimal mental state that you can control, create, and experience every day. Once you learn how to master flow, your happiness will flow quickly and effortlessly as you use strategies to gain control...

Losing Reality

by Robert Jay Lifton

A definitive account of the psychology of zealotry, from a National Book Award winner and a leading authority on the nature of cults, political absolutism, and mind control

In this unique and timely volume Robert...

Mental Health among African Americans

by Erlanger A. Turner

In Mental Health among African Americans: Innovations in Research and Practice, Erlanger A. Turner presents a new theoretical framework for understanding mental health disparities that emphasizes the need for...

The Psychology of Relaxation

by George T.W. Patrick & Hamilton W. Mabie

This book treats of the psychology of relaxation and the methods to escape from Stress of the modern life.

“Some of us manage to escape neurasthenia, but few of us are free from fatigue, chronic or acute....


by Travis Christofferson

Smart metrics, slow thinking, off-label drugs, and a ?Moneyball? prescription for fixing modern medicine--by the author of Tripping Over the Truth

The United States is fast becoming the sickest nation in the...

Rewriting Psychology

by David Y. H. Ho

Of what use is psychology if it does not help to solve the pressing problems of the day at the individual and collective levels? This is no less a pointed question to the reader as it is to the author that sets...

Patanjali's Yogasutra

by K. Ramakrishna Rao

About the Book

Patan?jali’s Yogasu?tra: A Psychological Study is an attempt at an English translation of Patan?jali’s Yogasu?tra with commentary rendered in current psychological idiom. It features an extensive...

Master Your Motivation

by Susan Fowler

If you want to accomplish what's important to you, discipline and willpower won't get you where you need to go. In this iconoclastic new book, Susan Fowler reveals compelling insights and actions to help you...

The Psychology of Family Law

by Eve M. Brank & Linda J. Demaine

Bridges family law and current psychological research to shape understanding of legal doctrine and policy

Family law encompasses legislation related to domestic relationships?marriages, parenthood, civil unions,...

Fifteen Paths

by David Weitzner

Prescriptions for imaginative living in today?s noisy and ever-narrowing world

Our social conversation has gone awry. We have allowed the wrong people to lay claim to substantial amounts of social, political...