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The Perfect Vagina

by Lindy McDougall

In the West, a specific ideal for female genitalia has emerged: one of absence, a "clean slit," attained through the removal of pubic hair and, increasingly, through female genital cosmetic surgery known as...

Case Studies in Clinical Practice with Trans and Gender Non-Binary Clients

by lore m. dickey & Marsha Botzer

Exploring clinical examples of the lived experiences of trans people across the lifespan, this unique and authoritative book addresses topics such as attending school, puberty, employment issues, suicide, bullying,...

Summary of The Art of Seduction

by Alexander Cooper

Summary of The Art of Seduction

Charm, persuasion, and the ability to create illusions are some of the main attributes of a Seducer, the intriguing character who is able to deceive, manipulate and give pleasure...

Tantric Sex & Osho quotes on sexuality

by Davesh Narayanaswami

“Tantra is a great yea-sayer; it says yes to everything.”

Tantra promotes a complete sensual and sexual experience with awareness of the value of space and retreat to exploit and desire for access. Note that...

A psychotherapy? No... A Lifetime...

by Madeline Bosio

Sometimes the therapeutic journey brings up a strong need to “fix” its most significant stages. So it happens that the person discovers a poetic vein in speaking and narrating. It’s owing to this, that...

Short-Circuit and betrayal in child sexual abuse

by Madeline Bosio

The book describes a research in the field of child sex abuse. The intent is to point out specific aspects which will lead to a complete psychological recovery from trauma using the “Experiential Model”...


by Madeline Bosio

The book explains and describes the pathways leading to neurotic behaviours, beginning from early years of life, when we set up behavioural patterns that turn out to be fallatious, as regard our needs as well...

Leonardo da Vinci

by Sigmund Freud

When psychoanalytic investigation, which usually contents itself with frail human material, approaches the great personages of humanity, it is not impelled to it by motives which are often attributed to it by...

Delusion and Dream

by Sigmund Freud

Jensen’s brilliant and unique story of Gradiva has not only literary merit of very high order, but may be said to open up a new field for romance. It is the story of a young archæologist who suffered a very...

A General Introduction to Psychoanalysis

by Sigmund Freud

Freud sets forth with a frankness almost startling the difficulties and limitations of psychoanalysis, and also describes its main methods and results as only a master and originator of a new school of thought...

The Myth of Desire

by Carlos Domínguez-Morano & Veronica Polo Torok

In The Myth of Desire: Sexuality, Love, and the Self, Carlos Domínguez-Morano draws on psychoanalysis to explore the broad and complex reality of the affective-sexual realm encompassed by the term desire, a...


by Gigi

Born Perlé van Schalkwyk, into a strict Jehovah Witness family, after studying drama at Stellenbosch University, Perlé quickly realises that acting is not going to buy her that house on the hill. And so erotic...


by Naomi Wolf

From New York Times bestselling author Naomi Wolf, Outrages explores the history of state-sponsored censorship and violations of personal freedoms through the inspiring, forgotten history of one writer?s...


by Naomi Wolf

From New York Times bestselling author Naomi Wolf, Outrages explores the history of state-sponsored censorship and violations of personal freedoms through the inspiring, forgotten history of one writer?s...

Penis Enlargement

by Gordon H. Stephen

Are You In Search Of A More Bigger, Longer, Thicker, And More Powerful Penis?

INTERESTINGLY, throughout the century man's search for happiness and fulfillment have always leaps boundaries and defies many norms!...

Hot Blooded

by Karin Grace Wares

Hot Blooded combines an unexpected personal odyssey with frank social commentary, shining new light into old places to reveal the truth and the lies about sex. Discussing female sexuality in depth, offering...

A Ray of Light

by Ray Howard

The script is a story of overcoming obstacles of gigantic proportions to create a person of courage and convictions. I grew because of three distinct personal impediments to a normal child growing up. I was...

The Vagina Tightening Manual

by Phoebe Belinda Reynolds

A lot of women have become stressed out from worrying about the loose state of their vagina. Vaginal rejuvenation usually costs between 5,000 to 8,000 dollars. In addition to the fact that this is over the...

The Task of Social Hygiene

by Havelock Ellis

?The Task of Social Hygiene? is a 1912 work by American writer Havelock Ellis. Social hygiene refers to the protection and improvement of the family as a social institution, specifically through the elimination...

Queering Law and Order

by Kevin Leo Yabut Nadal

Throughout US history, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) people have been pathologized, victimized, and criminalized. Reports of lynching, burning, or murdering of LGBTQ people have been...