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Bible Studies 101 and 102

by Steven Sprague

When God declared that He had told us all things, it doesn't even begin to describe all the information awaiting us between the covers of the Bible. Each of the selected subject matters in this book is a condensed...

The Caring Congregation Ministry Implementation Guide

by Karen Lampe & Melissa Gepford

Pastors and church leaders genuinely want to care for people in their congregations and communities. But pastors cannot care for an entire church, and most laypersons don't have the training to do it. The Caring...

Common Ground - Women's Bible Study Guide with Leader Helps

by Amberly Neese

Learn to live at peace with others even when you disagree by studying biblical stories of rivalries in Common Ground by Amberly Neese.

Whether it is in politics, the professional world, a party, or a pew, we...

Running in Good Faith?

by Alan D. Krinsky

Could a religiously observant Jew, in good conscience, run as a libertarian candidate, promoting a libertarian platform? Or, would doing so betray fundamental Jewish values? Running in Good Faith? Observant...

God Will Make a Way

by Kenneth H. Jr. Carter

In God Will Make a Way, Bishop Ken Carter shares reflections from his journey from the 2016 General Conference, through his leadership in The Way Forward, his role as Presiding Bishop, into the special 2019...

For the Love of Sam

by David A. Brown

This book is a collection of stories. One story, "For the Love of Sam," takes up more than half the book. Sam is the story of a journey into faith by a young woman named Amanda and then her walk with the Lord...

In the Beginning

by Richard Coon

In the Beginning is the result of a semi-annual study of Genesis in which God revealed interesting concepts that were organized into a series of Bible studies.

As the book of beginnings, it introduces us to...

Finding Your Place as a Leader in the Body of Christ

by Dr. R. Michael Baldock

If you are struggling to find your place in any leadership capacity. And if you have questions concerning your ability or lack thereof within the "The Body of Christ" (The Church). The leader who rises above...

Prayer Dictionary

by Yoli S. Linz

Break FREE from hauntings, torment, oppression, harassment and fear from negative and evil sources. Bring multiple BLESSINGS and protection into your life and your loved ones!

"Keep on asking, and you will receive...


by Brooke Neal Freeman

Brooke Neal Freeman grew up exploring the woods and creeks around her house with her sister and the kids from next door. A basket of rubber "creeking boots" in the Neal garage found daily use with all the kids....

Mustard Seed Faith in Church Planting and Evangelism

by Gary Morris

The cover picture and the title go hand in hand. The person who goes out and casts seed has in him the hope that the kingdom of God will be expanded. He possesses at minimum, faith the size of a mustard seed....

This is How I Roll

by Jim Hardy

The college years are the prime of most young people's lives. During this time, people experience new adventures, new friends, and a multitude of other exciting things. But what happens when tragedy strikes?...

Walking in the Garden

by Kim Carroll

Walking in the Garden comes from the heart and was written by Kim with her own relationship with Jesus in mind and how this has helped her in her life to overcome life's obstacles and trials through a strong...

Carlo Acutis

by Nicola Gori

Carlo Acutis, born May 3, 1991, fully embraced the gift of life. Known as a computer whiz, he also liked to play soccer, video games, and the saxophone. He enjoyed watching his favorite police dramas and making...

31 Days of Encouragement for the Believer

by Rev. Yolanda T. Batiste

For the saint who knows they've been redeemed by the precious blood of the Lamb, yet the struggle seems unbeatable?

This is a reminder of what God has done, can do, and will do to continue to assure you of the...

Philosophical Exigencies of Christian Religion

by Maurice Blondel & Oliva Blanchette

Philosophical Exigencies of Christian Religion is a translation of two of Maurice Blondel?s essays. Blondel?s thinking played a significant role in the deliberations and arguments of the Second Vatican Council....

Faith, Nationalism, and the Future of Liberal Democracy

by David M. Elcott, C. Colt Anderson, Tobias Cremer & Volker Haarmann

Faith, Nationalism, and the Future of Liberal Democracy highlights the use of religious identity to fuel the rise of illiberal, nationalist, and populist democracy.

In Faith, Nationalism, and the Future of Liberal...

Ready, Set, Plant

by Bener Agtarap & Curtis Brown

When one reads through the New Testament, it's evident that the practice of planting churches began two thousand years ago. Today's culture, community, and connections differ greatly from the churches Peter...

Antigone's Sisters

by Lenart Skof

An original and innovative exploration of Antigone, femininity, and love in various cosmological, philosophical, and theological contexts.

In Antigone's Sisters, Lenart ?kof explores the power of love in our...

God Calling for Morning and Evening

by Compiled by Barbour Staff & A. J. Russell

Find out why millions have read and loved God Calling for more than 85 years. . .

. . .with this beautiful edition that includes a devotional sequel, God at Eventide! This powerful volume combines two beloved...