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The Buddha Was a Psychologist

by Arnold Kozak

In The Buddha Was a Psychologist: A Rational Approach to Buddhist Teachings, Arnold Kozak argues for a secular and psychological interpretation of the Buddha’s wisdom, with a particular focus on his mind model...

Reclaiming Rural

by Allen T. Stanton

As rural America continues to undergo massive economic and demographic shifts, rural churches are uniquely positioned to provide community leadership. Leading a rural congregation requires a deeper understanding...

An Yves R. Simon Reader

by Yves R. Simon, John W. Carlson, Anthony O. Simon & Michael D. Torre

An Yves R. Simon Reader is the first collection of texts from the entirety of the philosopher?s work.

French Catholic (and then American) political philosopher Yves R. Simon was a student of Jacques Maritain...

The Tsar's Happy Occasion

by Russell E. Martin

The Tsar's Happy Occasion shows how the vast, ornate affairs that were royal weddings in early modern Russia were choreographed to broadcast powerful images of monarchy and dynasty. Processions and speeches...

Faiths in Green

by Lukas Szrot

Faiths in Green addresses the complex and fraught relationship between religious identity and environmental concern in the United States, particularly how that relationship has changed over time. Examining the...

Republicanism, Communism, Islam

by John T. Sidel

In Republicanism, Communism, Islam, John T. Sidel provides an alternate vantage point for understanding the variegated forms and trajectories of revolution across the Philippines, Indonesia, and Vietnam, a perspective...

The God Who Is Given

by Chris Dodson

Dietrich Bonhoeffer's notions of religionless Christianity have provoked a great deal of theological inquiry, much of which has hindered evangelical reception of Bonhoeffer's work. By setting religionless Christianity...

Christ, Creation, and the Fall

by Simon R. Watson

If the Christian God is creator of all things and revealed in Christ to be compassionate love, then how can divine agency in creation be understood considering the Darwinian assertion that biological warfare...

The Many and the One

by Yonghua Ge

How God relates to the world lies at the heart of the most intense debates in modern theological and philosophy. Movements of Nouvelle Théologie, process theology, radical orthodoxy, modern Trinitarian theology...

The Unenlightened Buddha

by Jamie Reygle

While many people consider Buddhism to be a religion, many others see the Buddha?s teachings as an excellent guide for living and appreciating life.

InStill Mindfulness executive director, Jamie Reygle, takes...

The Pursuit of God (AW Tozer Series Book 7)

by A.W. Tozer

"The Pursuit of God" by A. W. Tozer. Published by Good Press. Good Press publishes a wide range of titles that encompasses every genre. From well-known classics & literary fiction and non-fiction to forgotten?or...

Total Commitment to Christ (AW Tozer Series Book 8)

by A.W. Tozer

This is a short but inspiring book on how to follow Christ with your whole heart. We must put Christ at the center of our lives and live for him and through him alone. He was an iconoclast among Evangelicals....

How to be filled with the Holy Spirit (AW Tozer Series Book 6)

by A.W. Tozer

How to be Filled with the Holy Spirit will refresh and open the reader to the filling of the Holy Spirit. Since its publication, hundreds of thousands of copies of this practical yet deeply devotional guide...

Paths to Power: Living in the spirit's fullness (AW Tozer Series Book 5)

by A.W. Tozer

This volume urges Christians to compare their motives and methods with the plumb line of biblical truth. Each major idea may be a ?Path? leading to a life of abundant grace promised in the Sacred Word. Paths...

Delighting in God (AW Tozer Series Book 1)

by A.W. Tozer

Many people believe in God and believe that God is everywhere, but they have yet to experience his presence. Delighting in God is the message Tozer intended to be the follow-up to ?The Knowledge of the Holy?....

A Cloud by Day, a Fire by Night: Finding and following the God's will for you (AW Tozer Series Book 4)

by A.W. Tozer

An important theme in A.W. Tozer?s ministry was the subject of God?s will for each of our lives. He wrestled with it from the time he was a new Christian until the day he passed into eternity. Throughout A Cloud...

Man: What it Means to Have Christ Living in You (AW Tozer Series Book 3)

by A.W. Tozer

In Man: the Dwelling Place of God, A.W. Tozer reveals what it truly means to have Christ within us. It is such a private, intimate place that no one can intrude but Christ, and even He will enter only through...

The Knowledge of the Holy: The Attributes of God (AW Tozer Series Book 2)

by A.W. Tozer

The Knowledge of the Holy by A.W. Tozer illuminates God?s attributes?from wisdom, to grace, to mercy?and in doing so, attempts to restore the majesty and wonder of God in the hearts and minds of all Christians....

A Simple Life

by Kathryn Hermes

How do I put all the pieces of my life together? How can I keep my focus on God when novelty and consumerism constantly pull me in different directions? Saint Jane Frances de Chantal's steadfast pursuit of inner...

Beauty (and the Banana)

by Brian C. Nixon & Joseph M. Holden

What is it that makes something beautiful? Is beauty solely in the eye of the beholder, or something deeper, more significant? In Beauty (and the Banana), Nixon writes as an introductory book for Christian leaders,...