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Mantle Convection and Surface Expressions

by Hauke Marquardt, Maxim Ballmer, Sanne Cottaar & Jasper Konter

A multidisciplinary perspective on the dynamic processes occurring in Earth's mantle

The convective motion of material in Earth's mantle, powered by heat from the deep interior of our planet, drives plate tectonics...

Seismic Reservoir Modeling

by Dario Grana, Tapan Mukerji & Philippe Doyen

Seismic reservoir characterization aims to build 3-dimensional models of rock and fluid properties, including elastic and petrophysical variables, to describe and monitor the state of the subsurface for...

Water, Climate Change, and Sustainability

by Vishnu Prasad Pandey, Sangam Shrestha & David Wiberg

An in-depth review of sustainable concepts in water resources management under climate change 

Climate change continues to intensify existing pressures in water resources management, such as rapid...

Coastal Ecosystems in Transition

by Thomas C. Malone, Alenka Malej & Jadran Faganeli

Explores how two coastal ecosystems are responding to the pressures of human expansion

The Northern Adriatic Sea, a continental shelf ecosystem in the Northeast Mediterranean Sea, and the Chesapeake Bay, a major...

Dynamic Magma Evolution

by Francesco Vetere

Explores the complex physico-chemical processes involved in active volcanism and dynamic magmatism

Understanding the magmatic processes responsible for the chemical and textural signatures of volcanic products...

Indiana Steinhardt and the Quest for Quasicrystals - A Conversation with Paul Steinhardt

by Howard Burton

This book is based on an in-depth filmed conversation between Howard Burton and Paul Steinhardt, the Albert Einstein Professor of Science and Director of the Center for Theoretical Science at Princeton University....

Waves and Rays in Elastic Continua

by Michael A Slawinski

Seismology, as a branch of mathematical physics, is an active subject of both research and development. Its reliance on computational and technological advances continuously motivates the developments of its...

Submarine Landslides

by Kei Ogata, Andrea Festa & Gian Andrea Pini

An examination of ancient and contemporary submarine landslides and their impact

Landslides are common in every subaqueous geodynamic context, from passive and active continental margins to oceanic and continental...

Sonic Thunder

by W R Matson

Since the earliest days of human existence, the clash of thunder has struck fear into the hearts of seasoned warriors and tribal villagers alike. Great gods, demi-gods and heroes were created to explain the...

The Possibility of Earthquake Forecasting

by Sergey Pulinets & Dimitar Ouzounov

The Possibility of Earthquake Forecasting uses a holistic approach to address the problems of earthquake forecasting, demonstrating the earthquake preparation process as a complex system that relies on the interaction...

The Physics of Destructive Earthquakes

by Frédérick Thomas, Robert Chaney & Richard Tseng

This book is a concise introduction to the interactions between earthquakes and human-built structures (buildings, dams, bridges, power plants, pipelines and more). It focuses on the ways in which these interactions...

An Introduction to Planetary Nebulae

by Jason J Nishiyama

In this book we will look at what planetary nebulae are, where they come from and where they go. We will discuss what mechanisms cause these beautiful markers of stellar demise as well as what causes them to...

Quantifying Uncertainty in Subsurface Systems

by Céline Scheidt, Lewis Li & Jef Caers

Under the Earth's surface is a rich array of geological resources, many with potential use to humankind. However, extracting and harnessing them comes with enormous uncertainties, high costs, and considerable...

Geophysics: A Very Short Introduction

by William Lowrie

Geophysics is the physics of the Earth. Central to the Earth Sciences today, it encompasses areas such as seismology, volcanism, plate tectonics, gravitational anomalies, and the Earth's magnetic field (present...

Origins of Life

by Douglas Whittet

Origins of Life: A cosmic perspective presents an overview of the concepts, methods, and theories of astrobiology and origins of life research while presenting a summary of the latest findings. The book provides...

Bioenergy and Land Use Change

by Zhangcai Qin, Umakant Mishra & Astley Hastings

Although bioenergy is a renewable energy source, it is not without impact on the environment. Both the cultivation of crops specifically for use as biofuels and the use of agricultural byproducts to generate...

Ionospheric Space Weather

by Timothy Fuller-Rowell, Endawoke Yizengaw, Patricia H. Doherty & Sunanda Basu

This monograph is the outcome of an American Geophysical Union Chapman Conference on longitude and hemispheric dependence of ionospheric space weather, including the impact of waves propagating from the lower...

New Wine Revelations

by George W. Chivers

The earth and moon were created before the starry system. Once, a cocoon of water was above and around the earth. All kinds of species were created at once. The universe and solar system are limitless. Seeing...

Integrated Imaging of the Earth

by Max Moorkamp, Peter G. Lelièvre, Niklas Linde & Amir Khan

Reliable and detailed information about the Earth?s subsurface is of crucial importance throughout the geosciences. Quantitative integration of all available geophysical and geological data helps to make Earth...

Geophysics, Realism, and Industry: How Commercial Interests Shaped Geophysical Conceptions, 1900-1960

by Aitor Anduaga

Did industry and commerce affect the concepts, values and epistemic foundations of different sciences? If so, how and to what extent? This book suggests that the most significant influence of industry on science...