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The Energy Switch

by Peter Kelly-Detwiler

The energy industry is changing, and it’s far more than just solar panels. Electric vehicles look to overtake gasoline-powered cars within our lifetimes, wind farms are popping up in unlikely places, traders...

Summary of The God Equation

by Alexander Cooper

Summary of The God Equation

Chapter 1: The same year Galileo Galilei died a broken man in his prison cell, another legend was born in London. For Kaku, Isaac Newton is the greatest scientist who has ever lived,...

Multiprobe Pressure Analysis and Interpretation

by Tao Lu, Minggao Zhou, Yuqing Yang & Yongren Feng et al.

A popular 1990s formation tester with a single "pumping" probe and one passive "observation port" displaced 180 deg away, designed to measure pressures at two locations for permeability prediction, encounters...

Supercharge, Invasion, and Mudcake Growth in Downhole Applications

by Wilson Chin, Tao Lu, Xiaofei Qin & Yongren Feng et al.

Mysterious "supercharge effects," encountered in formation testing pressure transient analysis, and reservoir invasion, mudcake growth, dynamic filtration, stuck-pipe remediation, and so on, are often discussed...

Vibration-based Condition Monitoring

by Robert Bond Randall

Vibration-based Condition Monitoring

Stay up to date on the newest developments in machine condition monitoring with this brand-new resource from an industry leader

The newly revised Second Edition of Vibration-based...

Modern Trends in Structural and Solid Mechanics 1

by Noël Challamel, Julius Kaplunov & Izuru Takewaki

This book - comprised of three separate volumes - presents the recent developments and research discoveries in structural and solid mechanics; it is dedicated to Professor Isaac Elishakoff.

This first volume...

Modern Trends in Structural and Solid Mechanics 2

by Noël Challamel, Julius Kaplunov & Izuru Takewaki

This book – comprised of three separate volumes – presents the recent developments and research discoveries in structural and solid mechanics; it is dedicated to Professor Isaac Elishakoff. This second volume...

Bridging the Gaps

by Randolph R. Davis

Bridging the Gaps: An Anthology on Nuclear Cold Fusion is written in scientific language that can be understood by first year college physics and engineering students, environmentalists and ecologists on the...

Physics of Electrons in Solids

by Jean-Claude Tolédano

Primarily aiming to give undergraduate students an introduction to solid state physics, Physics of Electrons in Solids explains the properties of solids through the study of non-interacting electrons in solids....

Fiber-Optic Communication Systems

by Govind P. Agrawal

Discover the latest developments in fiber-optic communications with the newest edition of this leading textbook 

In the newly revised fifth edition of Fiber-Optic Communication Systems, accomplished researcher and...

Physics of the Lorentz Group (Second Edition)

by Sibel Başkal, Young Kim & Marilyn Noz

This book explains the Lorentz group in a language familiar to physicists, namely in terms of two-by-two matrices. While the three-dimensional rotation group is one of the standard mathematical tools in physics,...

Vibrations of Linear Piezostructures

by Andrew J. Kurdila & Pablo A. Tarazaga

A thorough guide to the fundamental development of linear piezoelectricity for vibrations 

Vibrations of Linear Piezostructures is an introductory text that offers a concise examination of the general theory...

Optical Radiation and Matter

by Robert Brecha & J Michael O’Hare

Optical Radiation and Matter provides a deeper look at electricity and magnetism and the interaction of optical radiation with molecules and solid materials. The focus is on developing an understanding of the...

Nanoscale Standards by Metrological AFM and Other Instruments

by Ichiko Misumi

The purpose of this book is to help semiconductor inspection equipment users and manufacturers understand what nano dimensional standards are used to calibrate their equipment and how to employ them effectively....

Conversations About Physics, Volume 2

by Howard Burton

Conversations About Physics, Volume 2, includes the following 5 carefully-edited Ideas Roadshow Conversations featuring leading physicists. This collection includes a detailed preface highlighting the connections...

Automated Vehicles and MaaS

by Bob Williams


A topical overview of the issues facing automated driving systems and Mobility as a Service, identifies the obstacles to implementation and offers potential solutions

Advances in cooperative...

Semiconductor Integrated Optics for Switching Light (Second Edition)

by Charlie Ironside

Semiconductor Integrated Optics for Switching Light (Second Edition) provides concise description of the physics and engineering of semiconductor optical waveguides for photonic and electronic switching with...

High Performance Control of AC Drives with Matlab/Simulink

by Haitham Abu-Rub, Atif Iqbal & Jaroslaw Guzinski

High Performance Control of AC Drives with Matlab®/Simulink

Explore this indispensable update to a popular graduate text on electric drive techniques and the latest converters used in industry

The Second Edition...

Liquid Biofuels

by Krushna Prasad Shadangi

Compiled by a well-known expert in the field, Liquid Biofuels provides a profound knowledge to researchers about biofuel technologies, selection of raw materials, conversion of various biomass to biofuel pathways,...

Designing Hybrid Nanoparticles (Second Edition)

by Maria Benelmekki

This research text provides a concise overview of the technical approaches to the synthesis and characterization of hybrid nanoparticles, with a focus on one of the most promising ‘bottom-up’ techniques...