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Automated Vehicles and MaaS

by Bob Williams


A topical overview of the issues facing automated driving systems and Mobility as a Service, identifies the obstacles to implementation and offers potential solutions

Advances in cooperative...

High Performance Control of AC Drives with Matlab/Simulink

by Haitham Abu-Rub, Atif Iqbal & Jaroslaw Guzinski

High Performance Control of AC Drives with Matlab®/Simulink

Explore this indispensable update to a popular graduate text on electric drive techniques and the latest converters used in industry

The Second Edition...

Applications and Metrology at Nanometer-Scale 2

by Pierre-Richard Dahoo, Philippe Pougnet & Abdelkhalak El Hami

Nanoscience, nanotechnologies and the laws of quantum physics are sources of disruptive innovation that open up new fields of application. Quantum engineering enables the development of very sensitive materials,...

Embedded Digital Control with Microcontrollers

by Cem Unsalan, Duygun E. Barkana & H. Deniz Gurhan

Explore a concise and practical introduction to implementation methods and the theory of digital control systems on microcontrollers

Embedded Digital Control: Implementation on ARM Cortex-M Microcontrollers...

Computer Vision for Structural Dynamics and Health Monitoring

by Dongming Feng & Maria Q. Feng

Provides comprehensive coverage of theory and hands-on implementation of computer vision-based sensors for structural health monitoring

This book is the first to fill the gap between scientific research of computer...

From Fractals and Cellular Automata to Biology

by Alberto Strumia

The didactical level of exposition, together with many astonishing images and animations, accompanied by the related simple computer programming codes (in Python and POV-Ray languages) make this book an extremely...

PID Control System Design and Automatic Tuning using MATLAB/Simulink

by Liuping Wang

Covers PID control systems from the very basics to the advanced topics

This book covers the design, implementation and automatic tuning of PID control systems with operational constraints. It provides students,...

Disruptive Technology and Defence Innovation Ecosystems

by Pierre Barbaroux

Recent advances in the disciplines of computer science (e.g., quantum theory, artificial intelligence), biotechnology and nanotechnology have deeply modified the structures of knowledge from which military capabilities...

Shores of Vespucci

by Angelo Cattaneo & Francisco Contente Domingues

This volume aims to advance the analysis about Amerigo Vespucci by considering and connecting several fields of study such as literary history, philology, the history of science and cartography, economic history,...

Formation Control of Multiple Autonomous Vehicle Systems

by Hugh H. T. Liu & Bo Zhu

This text explores formation control of vehicle systems and introduces three representative systems: space systems, aerial systems and robotic systems

Formation Control of Multiple Autonomous Vehicle Systems...

The Green Marble

by David Turner

Humans have difficulty thinking at the global scale. Yet as we come to understand our planet as a single, interconnected, complex system and encounter compelling evidence of human impact on Earth’s climate...

Systems Theory and Family Therapy

by Raphael J. Becvar & Dorothy Stroh Becvar

This book provides an overview of the basic concepts of a systems theoretical perspective using families and family therapy as examples and illustrations of their application in professional practice. This meta-perspective...

Distributed Model Predictive Control for Plant-Wide Systems

by Shaoyuan Li & Yi Zheng

A comprehensive examination of DMPC theory and its technological applications

? A comprehensive examination of DMPC theory and its technological applications from basic through to advanced level

? A systematic...

Robust Adaptive Dynamic Programming

by Yu Jiang & Zhong-Ping Jiang

A comprehensive look at state-of-the-art ADP theory and real-world applications

This book fills a gap in the literature by providing a theoretical framework for integrating techniques from adaptive dynamic programming...

Distributed Cooperative Control

by Yi Guo

Examines new cooperative control methodologies tailored to real-world applications in various domains such as in communication systems, physics systems, and multi-robotic systems

  • Provides the fundamental mechanism...

Distributed Cooperative Control of Multi-agent Systems

by Wenwu Yu, Guanghui Wen, Guanrong Chen & Jinde Cao

A detailed and systematic introduction to the distributed cooperative control of multi-agent systems from a theoretical, network perspective

  • Features detailed analysis and discussions on the distributed cooperative...

Active Disturbance Rejection Control for Nonlinear Systems

by Bao-Zhu Guo & Zhi-Liang Zhao

A concise, in-depth introduction to active disturbance rejection control theory for nonlinear systems, with numerical simulations and clearly worked out equations

  • Provides the fundamental, theoretical foundation...

Automated Transit

by Rongfang Liu

A comprehensive discussion of automated transit

This book analyzes the successful implementations of automated transit in various international locations, such as Paris, Toronto, London, and Kuala Lumpur, and...

The Oxford Handbook of the Economics of Networks

Intelligent Testing, Control and Decision-making for Space Launch

by Yi Chai & Shangfu Li

A comprehensive exposition of the theory and techniques of fault identification and decision theory when applied to complex systems

  • shows how modern computer analysis and diagnostic methods might be applied...