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Molecular Photophysics and Spectroscopy (Second Edition)

by David L Andrews & Robert H Lipson

This new, expanded edition provides a fresh, photon-based description of modern molecular spectroscopy and photophysics, with applications that are drawn from across the breadth of chemistry, biology, physics,...

Designing Hybrid Nanoparticles (Second Edition)

by Maria Benelmekki

This research text provides a concise overview of the technical approaches to the synthesis and characterization of hybrid nanoparticles, with a focus on one of the most promising ‘bottom-up’ techniques...

Warm Dense Matter

by David Riley

This book provides an introductory overview of warm dense matter research for new postgraduate students entering the field. Author David Riley, based at the Centre for Plasma Physics at Queen?s University Belfast,...

Quantum Transport in Nanostructures and Molecules

by Colin John Lambert

This reference text presents a conceptual framework for understanding room-temperature electron and phonon transport through molecules and other quantum objects. The flow of electricity through molecules is...

Turbulence and Instabilities in Magnetised Plasmas, Volume 1

by Bruce Scott

Ever since the first observations of turbulent fluctuations in laboratory plasma experiments in the years around 1980, turbulence in magnetised plasmas has been a subject of vigorous interest in the field of...

Simple Atomic and Molecular Systems

by Eugene Oks

Simple atoms are atoms consisting of no more than three particles. They are the test-bench of atomic physics and quantum mechanics. This book presents these findings, bridging the gap between textbook descriptions...

Introduction to Simulation Methods for Gas Discharge Plasmas

by Ismail Rafatov & Anatoly Kudryavtsev

Gas discharge plasma is the most common type of low-temperature plasma, with a large number of practical applications covering almost all areas of modern science and technology. This book is an introduction...

The Bohr Atom

by Bruce Cameron Reed

All students of physics encounter the Bohr model of the atom. However, it is often covered quickly in order that curricula can progress to wave mechanics. This book gives students and instructors a fuller exploration...

The Girl in the Golden Atom

by Ray Cummings

First published in 1922, "The Girl in the Golden Atom" by Ray Cummings is a classic work of science fiction and one of the first to explore the world of the atom.

"The Girl in the Golden Atom" is the first and...

Magnetically Confined Fusion Plasma Physics, Volume 2

by Linjin Zheng

An essential reference for students and researchers in this field, this second volume presents a review of state-of-the-art theory and the application of magnetically confined plasma physics. The book covers...

Cold Atoms and Molecules

by Masatoshi Kajita

This book introduces the preparation, measurement and properties of ultra-cold atoms and molecules at a level accessible to advanced undergraduate students or for researchers approaching the subject from different...

Orbitals: With Applications In Atomic Spectra (Revised Edition)

by Charles Stuart Mccaw

'Without being an explicitly philosophical treatise Chas McCaw's book delves into some of the deepest and most difficult aspects of atomic physics and chemistry and its underlying quantum mechanical account...

Introduction to Cellular Biophysics, Volume 2

by Armin Kargol

All living matter is comprised of cells, which are small compartments isolated from the environment by a cell membrane and filled with concentrated solutions of various organic and inorganic compounds. Some...

Liquid Dielectrics in an Inhomogeneous Pulsed Electric Field (Second Edition)

by Mikhail N Shneider & Mikhail Pekker

Written by leading experts in the field, the first edition of this textbook was the first of its kind to address numerous potential applications such as the technology of high-voltage insulation in pulsed inhomogeneous...

Relativistic Quantum Field Theory, Volume 3

by Michael Strickland

Volume 3 of this three-part series presents more advanced topics and applications of relativistic quantum field theory. The application of quantum chromodynamics to high-energy particle scattering is discussed...

Relativistic Quantum Field Theory, Volume 2

by Michael Strickland

Volume 2 of this three-part series presents the quantization of classical field theory using the path integral formalism. For students who wish to learn about relativistic quantum field theory applied to particle...

Relativistic Quantum Field Theory, Volume 1

by Michael Strickland & Julia Velkovska

Volume 1 of this three-part series introduces the fundamental concepts of quantum field theory using the formalism of canonical quantization. This volume is intended for use as a text for an introductory quantum...

The Mystery of Carbon

by Manijeh Razeghi

Designed specifically for students of solid-state physics or engineering, this book introduces recent discoveries in carbon materials and demonstrates how these breakthroughs are useful to students? studies....

Atomic and Molecular Physics

by Luciano Colombo

This book introduces the fundamental quantum physics of atoms and molecules. Divided into three parts, the first provides a historical perspective, which leads to the contemporary view of atomic and molecular...


by Maria Benelmekki

Nanomaterials and nanostructures are the original product of nanotechnology, and they are the key building blocks for enabling technologies. In this context, this book presents a concise overview of the synthesis...