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Mobile Education

by Kieran McCartney

Now that remote education has become mainstream, how can we best use mobile technology to promote learning? How can we personalize our assessment of learning remotely?

This book explores these questions and more,...

McLuhan in Reverse

by Robert K. Logan

McLuhan in Reverse proposes two new and startling theses about Marshall McLuhan’s body of work. The first argues that despite McLuhan’s claim that he did not work from a theory, his body of work in fact...


by Jonathan Gray

Explains why audiences dislike certain media and what happens when they do

The study and discussion of media is replete with talk of fans, loves, stans, likes, and favorites, but what of dislikes, distastes,...

Visibility and Control

by Jeff Heydon

Visibility and Control: Cameras and Certainty in Governing addresses the ways in which camera-produced images are used to support governmental authority. The text begins by examining some of the basic levels...

Media Is Us

by Elizaveta Friesem

Media is usually seen as a feature of the modern world enabled by the latest technologies. Scholars, educators, parents, and politicians often talk about media as something people should be wary of due to its...

Border Optics

by Camilla Fojas

Examines how the US-Mexico border is seen through visual codes of surveillance

When Donald Trump promised to “build a wall” on the U.S.-Mexico border, both supporters and opponents visualized a snaking barrier...

Technology, Media Literacy, and the Human Subject

by Richard S. Lewis

Media literacy is often focused on evaluating the message rather than reflecting on the medium. Bringing together postphenomenology, media ecology, posthumanism, and complexity theory, Richard Lewis’s book...

Uncertainty of Communication Interpreting Global Social Media Communication in a Way of Philosophy of Science

by Dong Chao

This paper attempts to jump out of the original interpretation framework of social science and to explain new communication phenomena in a novel way of philosophy of science. The paper believes that the development...

You and Your Profile

by Hans-Georg Moeller & Paul J. D'Ambrosio

More and more, we present ourselves and encounter others through profiles. A profile shows us not as we are seen directly but how we are perceived by a broader public. As we observe how others observe us, we...

Misogynoir Transformed

by Moya Bailey

Where racism and sexism meet—an understanding of anti-Black misogyny

When Moya Bailey first coined the term misogynoir, she defined it as the ways anti-Black and misogynistic representation shape broader ideas...

Bitches Unleashed

by Raquel Moreira

This book challenges white and Western feminist approaches to embodied politics, or the use of the body in everyday enactments of resistance, while mapping transgressive performances of femininities by the funkeiras,...

Conversations About Language & Culture

by Howard Burton

Conversations About Language & Culture includes the following 5 carefully-edited Ideas Roadshow Conversations featuring leading researchers. This collection includes a detailed preface highlighting the connections...

Pain Generation

by L. Ayu Saraswati

Explores the perils and promise of feminist social media activism

Social media has become the front-and-center arena for feminist activism. Responding to and enacting the political potential of pain inflicted...

Yesterdays News

by Marco Braghieri

Digital news production has gained increasing relevance in the last two decades. This book focuses on the affordances of contemporary, accelerated digital news production, proposing a new conception and connection...

Gramsci and Media Literacy

by Erika Engstrom & Ralph Beliveau

Gramsci and Media Literacy: Critically Thinking about TV and the Movies offers a series of contemporary media analyses that use Antonio Gramsci’s theory of hegemony to explore how dominant ideologies in media...

Essays in Celebrity Culture

by Pramod K. Nayar

The collection of essays in the book moves from the largest domain of celebrity culture in India ? Bollywood ? through celebrity life writing and biopics and, finally, to the politics of and by celebrity culture....

Material Media-Making in the Digital Age

by Daniel Binns

There is now no shortage of media for us to consume, from streaming services and video-on-demand to social media and everything else besides. This has changed the way media scholars think about the production...

Ageing with Smartphones in Urban Italy

by Shireen Walton

?Who am I at this (st)age? Where am I and where should I be, and how and where should I live?? These questions, which individuals ask themselves throughout their lives, are among the central themes of this book,...

Ageing with Smartphones in Ireland

by Pauline Garvey & Daniel Miller

There are not many books about how people get younger. It doesn?t happen very often. But Ageing with Smartphones in Ireland documents a radical change in the experience of ageing.

Based on two ethnographies,...

The Global Smartphone

by Daniel Miller, Shireen Walton, Xinyuan Wang & Laila Abed Rabho et al.

The smartphone is often literally right in front of our nose, so you would think we would know what it is. But do we? To find out, 11 anthropologists each spent 16 months living in communities in Africa, Asia,...