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Your Best Golf Begins After 50

by Tammy Gibson & Barry Gibson

Your Best Golf Begins After 50 helps middle aged golfers continue to play their best golf and stay healthy as they age.

Your Best Golf Begins After 50 offers a unique approach for golfers who feel their technique...

Shanghai Acrobat

by Jinging Xue & Bo Ai

An artfully-wrought memoir of an orphan boy who became a world-famous acrobat under the thumb of China’s Communist regime.

In 1949, when much of China’s population was starving under the reign of Communist...

The Open Question

by Peter May

Golfing legend Ben Hogan went to his grave believing he had won a record five US Open titles. The USGA says otherwise, and the controversy has endured for over 75 years.

In 1942, the United States Golf Association...

Church on the Golf Course

by Tennison Hubbard

Do you ever wish you could strengthen your faith and biblical understanding while playing the great sport of golf? Church on the Golf Course masterfully accomplishes just that. In a simple yet profound way,...

Good Walks

by Lee Pace

This book celebrates the beauty, tradition, and variety of golf across the Carolinas, featuring eighteen beloved courses as experienced by the walking golfer. One of golf's earliest appeals was its health-giving...

Gitca Golf

by Peter,Kelley

Most golfers have been set up to fail.  Trying to follow protocols that statistically stack the odds against them has led to an enormous amount of frustration and angst for most of the recreational golfers...

7 Strokes in 7 Days

by Dawn Grant & Brian Shull

Dawn Grant knows what you want. As a professional mental trainer and hypnotist who has had a successful private practice since 2001; she has a profound understanding of the human psyche, altered states of consciousness,...

The Horror on The Links

by Seabury Quinn

The first short story in the classic tale of Jules de Grandin, the supernatural detective who investigated cases involving monsters, devil worshippers, serial killers, and spirits.

Fifty Questions Asked of a Pebble Beach Caddie

by Hudgeon,James

Fifty Questions Asked of a Pebble Beach Caddie is a look into what a caddie has gone through on and off the course. ?What was it like caddying at Pebble Beach?? is just the start and only one question. ?Who...

The New Easy Magic Moves to Master The Monster Golf Swing - In 7 Days Guaranteed

by Robbin Harris

Th?? b??k uniquely explains HOW t? TRAIN ?nd most ??gn?f???ntl? TRUST your technical ?k?ll?. 


L??rn?ng HOW to k??? ??ur ?tt?nt??n locked ?n t?rg?t (?n?bl?ng ?n ?xt?rn?l f??u?), wh?l?t looking at th? ball and...

The Murder of Marion Miley

by Beverly Bell

Today, the name Marion Miley is largely unrecognizable, but in the fall of 1941, she was an internationally renowned golf champion, winning every leading women's tournament except the elusive national title....

Get Your Golf On!  Your Guide for Getting In the Game

by Debbie Waitkus

"In this easy to read guide for beginning golfers, Debbie Waitkus of Golf for Cause shares her enthusiasm for the game and encouragement for all those women [and men] who want to play golf but are perhaps too...

“Fore!” Seasons

by Dennis R. Floyd

Golfers will love this book. The stories will remind them of similar personal experiences with the game and their fellow golfers. All readers will relate to this dive into the human experiences that abound in...

Golf: How I Brought Back the Fun

by James Peltier

These tips/techniques will help those golfers that have the basic rudiments of the game. The grip, stance, and consistent swing that come with practice on the driving range. Of course, the more consistent a...

The Golf Guy

by Bobby Restivo

This book will hopefully help you enjoy the history of a game that has been in experimental stages for centuries. Dating back, a rock was used in place of a golf ball and soon followed by a wooden ball, and...

The Miami Times and the Fight for Equality

by Yanela G. McLeod

This book helps inject the Miami Times into the historical narrative of the Civil Rights Movement in Florida by highlighting its role in Rice v Arnold, a 1949 lawsuit filed by black recreational golfers in Miami...

BungyGof the new frontier in golf training

by Adelio Debenedetti

The golfer is  an athlete, he needs a teacher and / or a trainer who follows him in his physical and psychological training. The coach, in his professional functions, prepares training programs to improve the...

Born on the Links

by John Williamson

Golf has been around for over 600 years, its origins tracing back to the links in Scotland in the fifteenth century. Since then, the game has spread worldwide, with millions of fans and players from all walks...

Understanding And Enjoying Golf

by Jeannine Hill


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Golf Gift Ideas

by Jeannine Hill

Are you wondering what gift you can give to a golfing enthusiast? The eBook titled “Golf Gift Ideas” is a great resource book for you. Explore its pages for some excellent, unique ideas and tips on giving...