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Raging Against Cages From Pain to Peace Coraje en contra de las barreras del dolor a la paz

by Paloma de Pilar

This book is written for survivors of traumatic events.

It is written in a poetic format since the author could not stay in those psychological and emotional spaces for long. The book starts with poems dedicated...

The Small Guide to Depression

by Gary Small & Gigi Vorgan

From New York Times bestselling author and expert on neuroscience, memory, Alzheimer’s Disease, dementia, anxiety and human behavior, The Small Guide to Depression provides a comprehensive overview of depression,...

What Are the Chances?

by Barbara Blatchley

Most of us, no matter how rational we think we are, have a lucky charm, a good-luck ritual, or some other custom we follow in the hope that it will lead to a good result. Is the idea of luckiness just a way...

The Form of Love

by James Kuzner

Can poetry articulate something about love that philosophy cannot? The Form of Love argues that it can. In close readings of seven “metaphysical” poems, the book shows how poets of the early modern period...

The Theogony

by Hesiod

Samuel Pepys was an English naval administrator and Member of Parliament who is now most famous for the diary he kept for a decade while still a relatively young man. Although Pepys had no maritime experience,...

Amorous Imagination, The

by D. Andrew Yost

Building on Jean-Luc Marion's phenomenology of love this book takes up the "question of the Other" and argues that through the interpretive activities of the amorous imagination lovers come to experience one...

Groundwork of Phenomenological Marxism

by Ian H. Angus

In Groundwork of Phenomenological Marxism: Crisis, Body, World, Ian H. Angus investigates the crisis of reason in a contemporary context. Beginning with Edmund Husserl’s The Crisis of the European Sciences...

Decolonising Multilingualism in Africa

by Finex Ndhlovu & Leketi Makalela

This book interrogates and problematises African multilingualism as it is currently understood in language education and research. It challenges the enduring colonial matrices of power hidden within mainstream...

Deconstruction and the Work of Art

by Martta Heikkilä

The contemporary idea of the “work of art” is paradoxically both widely used and often unexamined. Therefore, we must re-evaluate the concept before we can understand what the deconstruction of aesthetics...

In Kierkegaard's Garden with the Poppy Blooms

by Chris Boesel

Chris Boesel invites readers into a Kierkegaardian style literary conceit, creating two pseudonymous voices—one philosophical and deconstructive, one theological and confessional—in order to stage an encounter...

MENTAL HEALTH: Fastest and Coolest Ways to Win the Battle

by Malone Laurel

Your mental health and emotional well-being are important aspects of your overall health. In fact, they are just as important as your physical health.

Your mental health can be affected by medical conditions...

A Practical Guide to Library of Congress Subject Headings

by Karen Snow

Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) is used by more libraries worldwide than any other controlled vocabulary system. Yet, many librarians and paraprofessional staff do not have any formal education or...

The Competitive Buddha

by Jerry Lynch & Steve Kerr

Buddha Can Improve Your Sports Performance and Life

“No other person has had more influence on my thirty-six years of coaching than Jerry Lynch.”—Missy Foote, Head women's lacrosse coach, Middlebury College...

Theory of Power

by Carlos Antonio Aguirre Rojas & Robin Myers

The subject of power (singular) and multiple social powers (plural) is unquestionably central to contemporary societies all over the globe. Growing stronger and expanding farther all the time, the world’s...

A Child of Destiny

by K. Ramakrishna Rao

About the Author

Prof. Koneru Ramakrishna Rao, PhD, DLitt, is currently Chancellor of GITAM (deemed to be) University. He has the rare distinction of being National Fellow of the Indian Council of Social Sciences...

Living the Life I Truly Desire

by Dr. Valerie Stipes Lyzmar Cordero Lnd

This is an artistic clinical workbook for those who are struggling with Anorexia, for parents with children that are struggling with an Eating Disorder or clinicians that work with Eating Disorders. The book...

My Father's House

by Stan Nelson

Written in 1964 England, then finished in Australia. “My Father’s House” is the prequel, if not the original book, to many written thereafter, on the origins of mankind. Not for the uninitiated in this...

Move Your Mind

by Nick Bracks

Learn how to create new daily habits that build happiness and reduce stress 

In Move Your Mind, acclaimed actor, entrepreneur, and mental health advocate Nick Bracks delivers the practical tools and lessons that...

The Disintegrating Student

by Jeannine Jannot

Jeannine Jannot, Ph.D. draws on twenty years of experience in this empowering must-read for every parent of a struggling child, complete with effective strategies and tools to help students reach their full...

Reading and Writing Korean

by Jieun Kiaer & Derek Driggs

The easy way to learn the Korean Hangeul writing system!

Fans of K-Pop and Korean dramas as well as beginning students of Korean will love this handy guide to the Korean Hangeul alphabet. Designed for both self-study...