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A Social View on the Chinese Language

by Jerome L. Packard

A Social View on the Chinese Language is intended to be a general linguistic introduction to the Chinese language for the general reader and can be used in beginning-level Chinese linguistics courses. It is...

Divine Action and Emergence

by Mariusz Tabaczek

Divine Action and Emergence puts the classical Aristotelian-Thomistic tradition in conversation with current philosophy and theology.

As a middle path between classical theism and pantheism, the panentheistic...

Literacy Experiences of Formerly Incarcerated Women

by Melanie N. Burdick

In Literacy Experiences of Formerly Incarcerated Women: Sentences and Sponsors, Melanie N. Burdick uses narrative research to elucidate the literacy experiences of formerly incarcerated women and how literacy...

Liberation and Authority

by Nicholas Thorne

Liberation and Authority: Plato's Gorgias, the First Book of the Republic, and Thucydides provides a comparative treatment of Plato’s Gorgias, the first book of the Republic, and Thucydides’ History, arguing...

Measuring the Immeasurable Mind

by Matthew Owen

In Measuring the Immeasurable Mind: Where Contemporary Neuroscience Meets the Aristotelian Tradition, Matthew Owen argues that despite its nonphysical character, it is possible to empirically detect and measure...

The Buddha Was a Psychologist

by Arnold Kozak

In The Buddha Was a Psychologist: A Rational Approach to Buddhist Teachings, Arnold Kozak argues for a secular and psychological interpretation of the Buddha’s wisdom, with a particular focus on his mind model...

Freedom, Progress, and Human Flourishing

by Winton Russell Bates

What does it mean to be a flourishing human in a Western liberal democracy in the twenty-first century? In Freedom, Progress, and Human Flourishing, Winton Bates aims to provide a better framework for thinking...

Forged in War

by R. David Lankes

Many of what we think of as Information Age tools and media --- computers, cell phones, the internet, encryption, and more --- evolved directly out of modern warfare. These tools started with World War I (which...

Understanding the Financial Industry Through Linguistics

by Richard C. Robinson

This book is an essential read for any professional dealing with data and information challenges.

Imagine a collection of villages all beset upon by monsters. One village defeats their monsters using silver bullets....

An Yves R. Simon Reader

by Yves R. Simon, John W. Carlson, Anthony O. Simon & Michael D. Torre

An Yves R. Simon Reader is the first collection of texts from the entirety of the philosopher?s work.

French Catholic (and then American) political philosopher Yves R. Simon was a student of Jacques Maritain...

Kidney to Share

by Martha Gershun & John D. Lantos

In Kidney to Share, Martha Gershun tells the story of her decision to donate a kidney to a stranger. She takes readers through the complex process by which such donors are vetted to ensure that they are physically...

The Future Conditional

by Eric S. Henry

In The Future Conditional, Eric S. Henry brings twelve-years of expertise and research to offer a nuanced discussion of the globalization of the English language and the widespread effects it has had on Shenyang,...

Knowledge Management

by Jennifer A. Bartlett

While librarians and information professional are experts at providing resources to users, managing their own internal working knowledge and information can be a challenge. As information environments continue...


by Martha Kauppi

Your favorite long-term client tells you they want to open up their relationship. Are you ready to help them?

This groundbreaking guide to consensual nonmonogamy offers a reading experience that feels like consulting...

Parasocial Romantic Relationships

by Riva Tukachinsky Forster

Parasocial Romantic Relationships: Falling in Love with Media Figures explores how, why, and to what effect individuals develop romantic feelings toward people they “know” from the media. These imaginary,...

The Many and the One

by Yonghua Ge

How God relates to the world lies at the heart of the most intense debates in modern theological and philosophy. Movements of Nouvelle Théologie, process theology, radical orthodoxy, modern Trinitarian theology...

Public Space and Political Experience

by David Antonini

Contemporary politics is dominated by discussions of rights and liberties as the proper subjects about which citizens should be concerned in the political sphere. In Public Space and Political Experience: An...


by Charles R. Chaffin

Discover how to manage this noisy world without it managing you.

In Numb, distinguished author Dr. Charles R. Chaffin delivers a fun and evidence-based exploration of how you can devote more attention on what...

The Unenlightened Buddha

by Jamie Reygle

While many people consider Buddhism to be a religion, many others see the Buddha?s teachings as an excellent guide for living and appreciating life.

InStill Mindfulness executive director, Jamie Reygle, takes...


by Robert M. Smith

Four million people in nearly 200 countries read The New York Times. Of these, many are opinion-leaders. Journalists everywhere read the paper to get a supposedly objective view of the news and to learn what...