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Bluebeard's First Wife

by Seong-nan Ha & Janet Hong

Disasters, accidents, and deaths abound in Bluebeard?s First Wife. A woman spends a night with her fiancé and his friends, and overhears a terrible secret that has bound them together since high school. A man...

Untold Night and Day

by Bae Suah

A seductive, disorienting novel that manipulates the fragile line between dreams and reality, unfolding over a day and a night in the sweltering heat of Seoul’s summer, by South Korea's leading contemporary...

Blood Sisters

by Kim Yideum & Ji yoon Lee

Blood Sisters tells the story of Jeong Yeoul, a young Korean college student in the 1980's, when the memory of President Chun Doohwan's violent suppression of student demonstrations against martial law was still...

Dust and Other Stories

by T'aejun Yi & Janet Poole

Yi T’aejun was one of twentieth-century Korea’s true masters of the short story—and a man who in 1946 stunned his contemporaries by moving to the Soviet-occupied northern zone of his country. In South...

North Station

by Suah Bae & Deborah Smith

"Bae dissolves conventional ¬linear narrative, as though it were impossible for cause and effect to exist concurrently with such repression." ?Joanna Walsh, The National

A writer struggles to come to terms with...


by Suah Bae & Deborah Smith

The meeting between a group of emigrants and a mysterious, wandering actress in an empty train station sets the stage for Bae Suah's fragmentary yet lyrical meditation on language, travel, and memory. As the...

A Greater Music

by Suah Bae & Deborah Smith

From the author nominated for the Best Translated Book Award and the PEN Translation Prize

"Bae Suah offers the chance to unknow?to see the everyday afresh and be defamiliarized with what we believe we know?which...

Vaseline Buddha

by Jung Young Moon & Jung Yewon

"If someone in the future asks in frustration, 'What has Korean literature been up to?' we can quietly hand them Vaseline Buddha."—Pak Mingyu

"One enters into a kind of serenity when we delve into this book....