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Nlp Collection And Social Tricks

by Danilo H. Gomes

Many people suffer from not having a good quality social life. In addition to this, they feel the need to evolve some mental abilities. We all want to evolve our capabilities and our resourcefulness in society....

Critical Thinking

by Christian Velt

Questioning, skepticism, reasoning... all these things have one thing in common: They are the traits of a true critical thinker, someone who doesn't just accept something because everyone else is screaming the...

Counselling with Caregivers: A Guide for Professionals

by Marjorie Silverman

It is likely a matter of when, not if, most people will become either the givers or receivers of care. As increasing numbers of families are confronted with caregiving obligations, there is a corresponding need...

The Valley

by Joan MacLeod

Eighteen-year-old Connor, an aspiring author whose fantastical stories foretell his growing struggle with depression, can’t wait to be free of his adverb-wielding, solve-it-all mother, Sharon. But six weeks...

Mediated Nostalgia

by Ryan Lizardi

Considering the current rash of film remakes, vintage video game downloads, and box sets of bygone television shows, media today is obsessed with nostalgia. Instead of presenting a past that functions as an...

The Arthurian Tradition

by John Matthews

The myths and legends of King Arthur and his knights, of the enchanter Merlin, and of their quests and adventures, form one of the greatest cycles of stories ever composed. In this book the most important tales...

Handbook of Interpersonal Psychology: Theory, Research, Assessment, and Therapeutic Interventions

by Leonard M. Horowitz & Stephen Strack

Modern interpersonal psychology is now at a point where recent advances need to be organized so that researchers, practitioners, and students can understand what is new, different, and state-of-the art. This...

The Wounded Woman

by Linda Schierse Leonard

This book is an invaluable key to self-understanding. Using examples from her own life and the lives of her clients, as well as from dreams, fairy tales, myths, films, and literature, Linda Schierse Leonard,...

Embracing Envy

by Josh Gressel

Envy is a universal emotion, yet people are very reluctant to confess their envy of another. In Embracing Envy, Josh Gressel suggests it is our shame at admitting we feel inferior to another person that keeps...

Let's All Hold Hands and Drop Dead

by Elaine J. Cooper

Quietly step into a group therapy meeting and listen to the members and the celebrated group therapist struggle to connect in true relationship. Witness the Russian Revolution and famine through the eyes of...

Disorders of Personality: Introducing a Dsm/ICD Spectrum from Normal to Abnormal

by Theodore Millon

Now in its Third Edition, this book clarifies the distinctions between the vast array of personality disorders and helps clinicians make accurate diagnoses. It has been thoroughly updated to incorporate the...

Erik Erikson’s Verbal Portraits

by Donald Capps

In Erik Erikson’s Verbal Portraits: Luther, Gandhi, Einstein, Jesus, Donald Capps contends that Erikson’s portraits of respective historical figures make a highly creative contribution to psychoanalytic...

The Passage from Youth to Adulthood

by Pierluca Birindelli

The Passage from Youth to Adulthood explores a society unanchored from culturally-endorsed rites of passage. Pierluca Birindelli analyzed self-narrations of Italian young adults still living with their parents...

Losing Tim

by Paul Gionfriddo

Paul Gionfriddo's son Tim is one of the "6 percent"—an American with serious mental illness. He is also one of the half million homeless people with serious mental illnesses in desperate need of help yet underserved...

Emotional Incest in Group Psychotherapy

by Robert S. Pepper

Emotional Incest in Group Psychotherapy: A Conspiracy of Silence is unique in the field of analytic group psychotherapy. Many books assume that the frame of therapy, the boundary between what is and isn’t...

Generation Stressed

by Michele Kambolis

Anxiety is rampant in society in general and among children in particular. Written by Registered Clinical Counselor and national parenting columnist Michele Kambolis, Generation Stressed explains the causes...

Consciousness and the Aconscious in Psychoanalytic Theory

by Ahmed Fayek

In Consciousness and the Aconscious in Psychoanalytic Theory, Ahmed Fayek summarizes current arguments and debates stemming from neurological and phenomenological perspectives. He presents the notion that consciousness...

Terra Incognita

by Joseph Isaac Abrahams

Terra Incognita provides an autobiographical account of Joseph Abrahams’ 75-year career as a psychoanalyst, with extensive scientific data, life-altering discoveries, and insightful conclusions. Each chapter...

Searching for Soul

by Bobbe Tyler & Lucia Capacchione

To dive deep into your inner life. To navigate its complexity and explore your story in depth. To discover who you are exactly—the courage you have when life breaks apart, how conscious you become in that...

Mastering the Core Teachings of the Buddha

by Daniel Ingram

The very idea that the teachings can be mastered will arouse controversy within Buddhist circles. Even so, Ingram insists that enlightenment is an attainable goal, once our fanciful notions of it are stripped...