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Pearls and Pearling Life

by Edwin W. Streeter

Pearls are glistening, solid object created within the tissue of a living mollusc or other shelled animals. Pearls of the highest quality are categorised as gemstones and considered to be objects of beauty in...


by Arthur Hassall

It seems inevitable that Mazarin will always suffer by comparison with Richelieu. The latter, who has been described as the greatest political genius which France has ever produced, appeals to the imagination...

Fun Facts About Jewelry

by Farideh Dormishian

This book contains beautiful pictures of handmade jewelry created by the author of the book and a description and history of the materials used in each items. This book can be used by anyone who wants to learn...

Time to Change

by Luana Carcano & Carlo Ceppi

An insight into fine watchmaking that combines scientific rigor with industry expertise. Time to change is the first book to explore in depth the world of fine watchmaking from a 360? perspective. The book will...

Shirley by Charlotte Bronte (1974-04-25)

by Charlotte Brontë

Set in Yorkshire during the time of the Luddite unrest—a labor movement that began in 1811-1812 in an effort to protect the interests of the working class—the novel consists of two narrative strands woven...

Creative Beaded Jewelry

by Schulz,Carolyn

Craft colorful and unique jewelry with this Asian-inspired craft book.

Bracelets embellished with Chinese floral and butterfly motifs, a gold-and-pearl lariat inspired by the fridges of a Persian carpet, and...