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FLA Learning Centre

by Giuseppe Marinoni

Built after Giuseppe Marinoni’s design had won an international competition, the Learning Centre FLA (Lombardy Foundation for the Environment) at Seveso looks on the outside like a primary volume, divided...

Mobile Theater

by Fernando Quesada

This book traces the relation between architectural counterculture and some of the cultural seams explored by the alternative performing arts, thanks to an in-depth archival research and oral history of many...


by Foreign Office Architects

Through a series of competitions, speculative commissions, and built work, FOA's first monograph is structured to reflect the development of their specific attitude and as a compendium of the technical arsenal...

iGuzzini: Barcelona Corporate Building

by Adolfo Guzzini

Light and architecture lie at the base of the iGuzzini Illuminazione strategy. During the day, a "natural" organic form creates high-quality and highly-ergonomic workplaces. At night, the building is transformed...

Industrial Britain

by Hubert J. Pragnell

A fascinating insight into Britain’s industrial past as evidenced by its buildings, richly illustrated with intricate line drawings.

Industrial Britain goes far beyond the mills and machine houses of the Industrial...

Free and Public

by Ralph A. Griffiths

A study of the thirty-five Carnegie libraries built in towns and industrial communities in Wales before the First World War. The library system is in a transformative phase that attracts much attention; these...

Modern London

by Lukas Novotny & Christopher Beanland

From the art deco factories of the 1920s through to the skyscraper boom of the twenty-first century, Modern London takes you on an illustrated tour of the capital’s ever-changing landscape.


Shaped variously...

Blueprint for a Hack

by Susane Havelka, Vikram Bhatt, Dave Harlander & Jeff Cossette

Over five days, some 60 residents of a northern village teamed with designers from southern Quebec to conceive and build an outdoor community pavilion that activates a central recreational area.

?Blueprint for...

Time for Bias

by Christopher Yap S.H.

This book is about the need and importance of BIAS (building inspection, assessment, and surveillance), given the proliferation of buildings and infrastructure throughout the world, especially in developed cities...

J. Irwin Miller

by Nancy Kriplen

J. Irwin Miller:The Shaping of An American Town tells the life story of this remarkable man who led Cummins Engine Company from its roots as a small, family business to an international Fortune 500 company and...

Great American Hotel Architects

by Stanley Turkel Cmhs

The twelve architects featured in this book designed ninety-four hotels from 1878 to 1948. Many of them worked as apprentices in architect?s offices. Some were lucky enough to study in an architectural college,...

London's Underground

by Oliver Green & Benjamin Graham

It is impossible to imagine London without the Tube: the beating heart of the city, the Underground shuttles over a billion passengers each year below its busy streets and across its leafy suburbs. The distinctive...

The Don

by Lorna Poplak

An in-depth exploration of the Don Jail from its inception through jailbreaks and overcrowding to its eventual shuttering and rebirth.

Conceived as a “palace for prisoners,” the Don Jail never lived up to...

Cities Made of Boundaries

by Benjamin N. Vis

Cities Made of Boundaries presents the theoretical foundation and concepts for a new social scientific urban morphological mapping method, Boundary Line Type (BLT) Mapping. Its vantage is a plea to establish...

Defined by Design

by Kathryn H. Anthony & Eric Schmidt

This wide-ranging overview of design in everyday life demonstrates how design shapes our lives in ways most of us would never imagine. The author, a leading expert in social and psychological issues in design,...

Hidden Karoo

by Patricia Kramer & Alain Proust

The Karoo is big sky country; a land of vast open plains punctuated by flat-topped mountains, conical hills and secluded valleys, a land of scrubby bushes and hardy trees, where pioneers carved roads out of...

Chicago Architecture and Design (3rd edition)

by Jay Pridmore, George A. Larson & Hedrich Blessing

The birthplace of the skyscraper, Chicago is famous for an architectural tradition that has influenced building around the globe. It is the cradle of modern architecture. It gave rise to the urban office building...

The Third Teacher

by Owp/P Cannon Design, Inc.

Created by an international team of architects and designers concerned about our failing education system, The Third Teacher explores the critical link between the school environment and how children learn,...


by Victoria Charles

The lighthouse, an indefatigable watchman, ceaselessly guides boats to their ports.This beacon of maritime signalisation has guided sailors since antiquity.The first known lighthouse appeared on the island of...


by Victoria Charles

Born in the Industrial Revolution, the factory has long been considered like a monster of iron, subjugating the individual to the collective in an act of mass dehumanisation.Turning away from the pure functionality...