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Storming the Old Boys' Citadel

by Carla Blank & Tania Martin

?Women? and ?architecture? were once mutually exclusive terms. In an 1891 address, Louise Blanchard Bethune declared, ?it is hardly safe to assert? that a connection even exists between the two words. Some women...

A study for the enhancement of the religious complex of the Orthodox church of the Annunciation in Nazareth

by Michele Culatti

The Study for the Enhancement of the Orthodox Church of the Annunciation in Nazareth comprises a development proposal for the Annunciation religious complex in Nazareth in Israel, which, with its indoor and...

A Graveyard Preservation Primer

by Lynette Strangstad

A Graveyard Preservation Primer has proven itself to be a time-tested resource for those who are seeking information regarding the protection and preservation of historic graveyards. It was first written to...

Preserving Neighborhoods

by Aaron Passell

Historic preservation is typically regarded as an elitist practice. In this view, designating a neighborhood as historic is a project by and for affluent residents concerned with aesthetics, not affordability....

Lahore: The Architectural Heritage

by Lucy Peck

This guide to Lahore narrates the history of the city and, with the help of maps, photographs, and line drawings, explores the background to numerous historic buildings from the Mughal, Sikh and Colonial eras....

Historic Real Estate

by Whitney Martinko

A detailed study of early historical preservation efforts between the 1780s and the 1850s

In Historic Real Estate, Whitney Martinko shows how Americans in the fledgling United States pointed to evidence of the...

London Vanished and Vanishing - Painted and Described

by Philip Norman

Originally published in 1905, this work contains a wealth of information on various aspects of the history of London and its buildings. Beautifully illustrated, the author takes the reader on a tour of the buildings...

Cities Made of Boundaries

by Benjamin N. Vis

Cities Made of Boundaries presents the theoretical foundation and concepts for a new social scientific urban morphological mapping method, Boundary Line Type (BLT) Mapping. Its vantage is a plea to establish...

Architecture and Fire

by Stamatis Zografos

Architecture and Fire develops a conceptual reassessment of architectural conservation through the study of the intimate relationship between architecture and fire. Stamatis Zografos expands on the general...

Sustaining a City's Culture and Character

by Charles R. Wolfe & Tigran Haas

Somewhere, between character and caricature, there exists an authentic—a truly unique—urban place, that blends global and local, old and new. Yet, in a dramatically changing world dominated by crises of...

The Venice Variations

by Sophia Psarra

From the myth of Arcadia through to the twenty-first century, ideas about sustainability ? how we imagine better urban environments ? remain persistently relevant, and raise recurring questions. How do cities...

The Art of the Stonemason

by Ian Cramb

Author Ian Cramb was a fifth-generation stonemason who relied on traditional methods to create and restore beautiful stone structures. In this do-it-yourself manual for homeowners, masonry contractors, and restoration...

Modest Hopes

by Don Loucks & Leslie Valpy

Celebrating Toronto’s built heritage of row houses, semis, and cottages and the people who lived in them.

Despite their value as urban property, Toronto’s workers’ cottages are often characterized as being...

Craigdarroch Castle in 21 Treasures

by Moira Dann

Told in 21 objects—including furnishings, artwork, and tools—this approachable museum guide takes readers into the family history, local lore, and oddities of one of Victoria's most famous landmarks.


Farmhouse Revival

by Susan Daley & Steve Gross

The American farmhouse represents integrity, ingenuity, self-reliance, and agricultural heritage. Today, the farmhouse is a rare survivor from another era that can be found sensitively reinterpreted by artists,...

Practical Heritage Management

by Scott F. Anfinson

Scott Anfinson’s Practical Heritage Management provides a comprehensive overview of American cultural resource management (CRM) and historic preservation. It is a textbook designed for all levels of students...

Creating Medieval Cairo

by Paula Sanders

This book argues that the historic city we know as Medieval Cairo was created in the nineteenth century by both Egyptians and Europeans against a background of four overlapping political and cultural contexts:...

Connecticut Architecture

by Christopher Wigren

Connecticut boasts some of the oldest and most distinctive architecture in New England, from Colonial churches and Modernist houses to refurbished nineteenth-century factories. The state's history includes landscapes...

Southern Splendor

by Marc R. Matrana, Robin S. Lattimore & Michael W. Kitchens

Few things evoke thoughts and memories of the past more than a house from a bygone era, and few places are identified and symbolized more by historic dwellings than the American South. Plantation houses built...

Architecture of Middle Georgia

by John Linley

The middle Georgia area—including Baldwin, Hancock, Jasper, Johnson, Putnam, Washington, and Wilkinson Counties—is a vast living museum of classic southern architecture. First published in 1972, this sweeping...