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War & Art

by Aa. Vv., Renato Miracco & Marco Pizzo

War and Art: The Preservation of Italian Treasures is the result of a joint effort by the Embassy of Italy in Washington, D.C., the Museo Centrale del Risorgimento in Rome, the National World War I Museum in...

Papi in Posa

by Paolo Appignanesi, Francesco Buranelli, Pietro Cannata & Isabella Colucci et al.

The exhibition entitled ?Papi in Posa,? i.e., ?Papal Portraiture,? with the highly refined and historically significant Braschi Palace ? home of the Museum of Rome ? in 2004, and now in Washington, The John...

Gaspar van Wittel: views of Italy

by Emanuela Tarizzo, Cesare Lampronti & Nicola Spinosa

28 June ? 28 July 2013 Gaspar van Wittel succeeded above all other artists in capturing the lights, mysteries and poetry of Rome, skilfully bringing together the painting technique of the Dutch School he had...

From New York to Nebo

by Martha R. Severens

A product of the industrialized New South, Eugene Healan Thomason (1895?1972) made the obligatory pilgrimage to New York to advance his art education and launch his career. Like so many other aspiring American...

DARS magazine n° 216

by Dars

D’ARS Magazine è una collana in formato ePub che dal 2014 offre al pubblico una raccolta di articoli tratti da D’ARS - periodico di arti e culture contemporanee in due lingue (italiano e inglese). Diretto...

DARS magazine n° 217

by Dars

D’ARS Magazine è una collana in formato ePub che dal 2014 offre al pubblico una raccolta di articoli tratti da D’ARS - periodico di arti e culture contemporanee in due lingue (italiano e inglese). Diretto...

Still Life

by Victoria Charles

Cézanne transformed a teacup into something alive, raising still-life to the point that it ceased to be inanimate. Wassily Kandinsky said about the French artist: ?He painted these things as human beings because...

In Contemporary

by Marcella Beccaria & Elena Volpato

A private art collection open to all: this is the ultimate aim of our Fondazione per l’Arte della Cassa di Risparmio di Torino. For ten years now, intense acquisition operations have made it possible to endow...

Movement, Manifesto, Melee

by Milton A. Cohen

The years before World War I were a fertile period for artists in Europe and the United States who were challenging aesthetic convention in music, writing, and the visual arts. These early pioneers of modernism...

Quick & Clever Watercolours

by Charles Evans

Accomplished artist, Charles Evans, will have you painting in no time with these cleverly-constructed art projects that can each be completed in a matter of minutes. Packed with simple techniques and top tips...

Félix Vallotton

by Eugène Müntz

Michelangelo, like Leonardo, was a man of many talents; sculptor, architect, painter and poet, he made the apotheosis of muscular movement, which to him was the physical manifestation of passion. He moulded...

Well-Read Women

by Samantha Hahn

A treasure of a gift for the well-read woman, this collection brings together 50 stirring portraits, in watercolor and in word, of literature's most well-read female characters. Anna Karenina, Clarissa Dalloway,...

Painting Indiana III

by Inc. Indiana Plein Air Painters Association, Indiana Landmarks & Rachel Berenson Perry

The work of T. C. Steele, William Forsyth, J. Ottis Adams, Otto Stark, and Richard Gruelle, known collectively as the Hoosier Group, established plein air ("in the open air") painting as a major art form in...


by Robert Dickerson

Here is 'plainspoken' poetry par excellence, accessible and apolitical. The poems in this collection continue to sound 'natural' note as in previous previous volumes. Poetry lovers may find additional interest...

Teach Yourself Etching - The Basics of Etching, Drypoint and Aquatint

by Various

Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. We are republishing these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern...

Summer in Provence

by Lucy Coleman

*The Top 10 Bestseller*

'Beautifully written, comforting and utterly uplifting, Lucy Coleman?s stories are the perfect tonic when life is a little grey.' Holly Martin

Is a change as good as a rest?

When married...

Austrian Went Yodeling

by Grace Madrid & Vincent Madrid

This fingerplay song was always a favorite in my preschool classrooms. Children wanted to sing it over and over again. We always had so much fun with the chorus, yodeling away:

with an avalanche?rumble, rumble...

Holy Light

by Yuchen Han

The beginning of Genesis in the Bible speaks of: God created all living beings and made light on the first day. At first, the earth was empty and chaotic, the abyss was dark, and the Spirit of God was running...

Public Art

by Charles Fitzgerald

This book is about how taxpayer money is spent on public art. Some art colleagues and I are questioning the jury process for selecting pieces used in public art. We are lifelong artists, and we have college...

Handbuilt, A Potter's Guide

by Melissa Weiss

In Handbuilt, A Potter's Guide, pottery expert Melissa Weiss shows you the basics of crafting without a wheel, how to harvest and work wild clay, and using natural glazes.

Handbuilt pottery is the perfect way...