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Dream Catchers

by Cath Oberholtzer

An investigation into the symbol of Native heritage.

In Ojibwe (or Chippewa in the United States) culture a dream catcher is a hand-crafted willow hoop with woven netting that is decorated with sacred and...

Trail of Tears

by Alexander Cooper

Trail of Tears

Thank you for purchasing “Trail of Tears: The Rise and The Fall of Cherokee Nation” !

This book is a historical review of one of the darkest and cruelest chapters in the history of the United...

Voices from the Skeena

by Robert Budd & Roy Henry Vickers

The Skeena, second longest river in the province, remains an icon of British Columbia’s northwest. Called Xsien (“water of the clouds”) by the Tsimshian and Gitksan, it has always played a vital role...

Klee Wyck

by Emily Carr

Klee Wyck is Canadian artist Emily Carr's memoir. Through short sketches, the artist tells of her experiences among First Nations people and cultures on British Columbia's west coast. The book won the...

Becoming Mary Sully

by Philip J. Deloria

Dakota Sioux artist Mary Sully was the great-granddaughter of respected nineteenth-century portraitist Thomas Sully, who captured the personalities of America?s first generation of celebrities (including the...

Shifting Grounds

by Kate Morris

A distinctly Indigenous form of landscape representation is emerging in the creations of contemporary Indigenous artists from North America. For centuries, landscape painting in European art typically used representational...

Portraits of the North

by Gerald Kuehl

The Manuela Dias book design and Illustration Awards - General illustrations category Alexander Kennedy Ishister Award for Non-Fiction Eileen McTavish Sykes Award for Best First Book McNally Robinson Book of...

My Tree of Life as an Appraiser of American Indian Art

by Leona M Zastrow

American Indian art has a long history and a vibrant and active modern-day community, something that has long interested collectors, historians, and anthropologists. In My Tree of Life as an Appraiser of American...

Odyssey of the Pueblo Indians

by William M. Eaton

William Eaton’s detailed guide to finding and interpreting Pueblo Indian petroglyphs, pictographs, and Kiva Art murals found in the states of Utah, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado is a treasure for...

Mythologizing Norval Morrisseau

by Carmen L. Robertson

"Mythologizing Norval Morrisseau" examines the complex identities assigned to Anishinaabe artist Norval Morrisseau. Was he an uneducated artist plagued by alcoholism and homelessness? Was Morrisseau a shaman...

Weaving Alliances with Other Women

by Daniel H. Usner

River-cane baskets woven by the Chitimachas of south Louisiana are universally admired for their beauty and workmanship. Recounting friendships that Chitimacha weaver Christine Paul (1874–1946) sustained with...

The Sound of Drums

by Lloyd Kiva New & Ryan S. Flahive

In a series of personal anecdotes, supplemented by photographs, essays, and manuscripts, The Sound of Drums is a memoir of celebrated Cherokee artist, fashion designer, and educator Lloyd Kiva New (1916?2002)....

North American Indians: A Very Short Introduction

by Theda Perdue & Michael D. Green

When Europeans first arrived in North America, between five and eight million indigenous people were already living there. But how did they come to be here? What were their agricultural, spiritual, and hunting...