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Love Made Visible

by Jean Gibran, Katherine French & Charles Giuliano

Jean Gibran’s Love Made Visible is the moving story of a marriage, of Boston’s South End, and the Boston Expressionist art scene that first flourished there in the 1930s and ‘40s. A teacher in the Boston...

Young Winstone

by Ray Winstone

Ray Winstone's amazing talent for bringing out the humanity buried inside his often brutal screen characters - violent offender in Scum, wife-beater in Nil by Mouth, retired blagger in Sexy Beast - has made...

Complicated Shadows: The Life And Music Of Elvis Costello

by Graham Thomson

Complicated Shadows paints a detailed and accurate portrait of an intensely private and complex individual. It draws on nearly 50 exclusive interviews with schoolmates, pre-fame friends, early band members,...

The Incredible William Bowles

by Joseph J. Millard

William Augustus Bowles -- a British Loyalist during, and for a quarter century after, the American Revolutionary War. Part soldier, part dreamer, and part adventurer, he went from service in the British Army...

A Search for Meaning in Victorian Religion

by Jeffrey D. Lavoie

The purpose of this project is to contextualize the teachings of Charles Carleton Massey’s writings into history and modernity through a two-fold approach: to provide a biography of this fascinating mystic...

Mark Twain

by Harold H. Kolb

Mark Twain is America’s—perhaps the world’s—best known humorous writer. Yet many commentators in his time and our own have thought of humor as merely an attractive surface feature rather than a crucial...

Harry Hopkins

by Christopher D. O'Sullivan

One of the most controversial figures of the New Deal Era, Harry Hopkins elicited few neutral responses from his contemporaries. Analyzing Hopkins’s role in wartime diplomacy and his personal relationships...

Maya Deren

by Sarah Keller

Maya Deren (1917–1961) was a Russian-born American filmmaker, theorist, poet, and photographer working at the forefront of the American avant-garde in the 1940s and 1950s. Influenced by Jean Cocteau and Marcel...

The R.D. Lawrence Library

by R.D. Lawrence & Max Finkelstein

This special 3-book bundle collects three of the works of master nature writer R.D. Lawrence. In The North Runner, he tells the true and moving story of the building of trust between a man and an exceptional...

The Passionate Economist

by Sally Sheard

Brian Abel-Smith was one of the most influential expert advisers of the 20th century in shaping social welfare. He was a modern-day Thomas Paine, driven by a strong socialist mission to improve the lives of...

Transformations, Ideology, and the Real in Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe and Other Narratives

by Maximillian E. Novak

By 1719, the year in which Daniel Defoe published The Life and Strange Surprizing Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, he had been writing for three decades on England’s political, social, and economic problems....

The Black Horn

by Robert Lee Watt

The Black Horn: The Story of Classical French Hornist Robert Lee Watt tells the story of the first African American French hornist hired by a major symphony in these United States. Today, the number of African...

The Unfinished Song of Francisco Urondo

by Hernan Fontanet

The Unfinished Song of Francisco Urondo: When Poetry is Not Enough is a comprehensive, well-written, documented, and carefully developed study of the literary work and life of Francisco Urondo, an Argentine...

Marilyn Monroe Day by Day

by Carl Rollyson

From hefty biographies and fact-based novels to photograph collections and memoirs, more books have been written about Marilyn Monroe than any other female over the past century. However, no biography—regardless...

That Went By Fast

by Frank White

Ex-logger and gas station owner Frank White says living to the age of one hundred is not all it’s cracked up to be but it has some plusses. When he trundles down to the local shopping centre in Pender Harbour...

Dream Big

by Lorena Ochoa

This is the story of what happens when you dream big. A book that will inspire you and show you how you can achieve the goals you have in your life.

"When I arrived to the golf course that morning, I felt that...

Who We Are

by Elizabeth May

In this marriage of memoir and manifesto, Elizabeth May reflects on her extraordinary life and the people and experiences that have formed her and informed her beliefs about democracy, climate change, and other...

Daring to Dream

by Sam Bailey

In this wonderful and honest book, The X Factor winner and bona fide pop star Sam Bailey tells her unique story and reveals what happens when you have the courage to follow your dreams. Born in south-east London,...

Love is Stronger than Death

by Cynthia Bourgeault & David Steindl-Rast

"Ablaze with passion for the one essential task of the monk: total inner transformation". —Brother David Stendl-Rast

"Libraries offering titles on mysticism, inner transformation, or dealing with grief will...

How to Think Like Muhammad Ali

by Kevin Mitchell

Consider the question - why does anyone buy sports books, or books about or by sports stars? For sure there is a souvenir and nostalgia element. But people also buy sports books to see if our heroes give any...