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Urban Landscape Strategies

by Giuseppe Marinoni

The projects illustrated here exemplify the way contemporary urban planning is moving in practice, and how it is precisely in the effective transformation of cities and landscapes that it is finding the theoretical...

iStripper: Melena Maria Rya

by iStripper

This xxx picture book is designed for anyone who is a fan of beautiful women and photography! iStripper features only the sexiest and most sophisticated nude models in the industry. iStripper is an indispensable...

Charles Dickens: His Life and Work

by Stephen Butler Leacock

To say that this is Dickens bovrilised and peptonised—it is, as it were, all the biographies and Dickensiana subjected to some Chicagoan literary sausage-machine—is not to belittle Professor Leacock. The...

The Pat Hobby Stories

by Francis Scott Fitzgerald

Written between 1939 and 1940, when Francis Scott Fitzgerald was working for Universal Studios, "The Pat Hobby Stories" is a fascinating study in self-satire that brings to life the Hollywood years of the author....

Bohemians of the Latin Quarter

by Henri Murger

Based largely upon Henri Murger's own experiences and those of his fellow artists, "Bohemians of the Latin Quarter" was originally produced as a play in 1849 and first appeared in book form in 1851. It was an...


by Emil Ludwig

Was he not ugly? Squat, sturdy, broad-shouldered, with a short neck, a massive head, a snub nose; swarthy, with hairy hands and broad finger-nails. So he looked, standing and walking, always stooping a little;...


by Emil Ludwig

“She christened him Rembrandt; and as his father, in that desolating age of the world, had made a home for himself, they were now the founders of a little race, had taken the first step towards citizenship—and...


by Emil Ludwig

“What possessed the thirteen-year old boy—what possessed Michelangelo—to declare that he wanted to be a painter? There he sat, a reticent lad, gazing with serious eyes at anything that happened to stand...

The Life and Letters of William Sharp and "Fiona Macleod". Volume 2: 1895-1899

by William F. Halloran

What an achievement! It is a major work. The letters taken together with the excellent introductory sections - so balanced and judicious and informative - what emerges is an amazing picture of William Sharp...

Leonardo da Vinci

by Freud

When Sigmund Freud examined Leonardo da Vinci.

Sigmund Freud was the first to apply psychoanalysis to art. He choose for his subject the life and work of Leonardo da Vinci. Making bold claims about Leonardo's...

Louisa May Alcott : Her Life, Letters, and Journals

by Louisa May Alcott

This volume is an intimate portrait of one of America's most beloved writers. It was the work from editor Ednah Dow Cheney. Cheney was a family friend and provides here a biographical commentary, which complements...

Vogue on Ralph Lauren

by Kathleen Baird-Murray

Ralph Lauren’s designs vividly embody the American Dream, and he has risen to become one of the world’s foremost fashion designers. His genius lies in his innate skill for interpreting key cultural elements...

Vogue on Christian Dior

by Charlotte Sinclair

In 1947, Christian Dior stunned the fashion world with his first collection, the “New Look,” which transformed the way women dressed, and he continued to send shock waves with his later shows, significantly...

Sister Parish

by Susan Bartlett Crater, Apple Parish Bartlett, Albert Hadley & Bunny Williams

Sister—as she was always called by family and friends—was born Dorothy May Kinnicutt into a patrician New York family in 1910 and spent her privileged early life at the right schools, yacht clubs, and coming-out...

Becoming Andy Warhol

by Nick Bertozzi & Pierce Hargan

Celebrated during his lifetime as much for his personality as for his paintings, Andy Warhol (1928–87) is the most famous and influential of the Pop artists, who developed the notion of 15 minutes of fame,...

Romain Rolland

by Stefan Zweig

The life of Romain Rolland, one of the well respected European intellectuals of the first half of the twentieth century. Written by his student Stefan Zweig. The book describes many historic events of the time...

Victor Hugo: His Life and Works

by G. Barnett Smith

This book treats of the life and works of Victor Hugo, the great poet and writer.

The writings of Victor Hugo are so varied and multifarious, and many of them are so well known to English readers, that I have...

Injichaag: My Soul in Story

by Rene Meshake & Kim Anderson

This book shares the life story of Anishinaabe artist Rene Meshake in stories, poetry, and Anishinaabemowin ?word bundles? that serve as a dictionary of Ojibwe poetics. Meshake was born in the railway town of...

The First Man-Carrying Aeroplane Capable of Sustained Free Flight

by Albert Francis Zahm

Such a mischance, happening now, would be viewed as a passing accident; however around then it appeared to the vast majority to show the purposelessness of all flying examinations. The press overpowered the...

Alive Still

by Cathy Curtis

Among the women artists who came to prominence in the postwar era in New York, painter Nell Blaine had a uniquely hard-won career. In her mid-thirties, her horizons seemed limitless. Her shows received glowing...